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This was a cute and steamy MM trans romance. I loved the communication and the characters were really sweet! Looking forward to reading more in this series.
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This was a fbuddies, sisters roommate to lovers all set with the symphony/music world. This was a whirlwind love affair and so hot but his sister told him not to mess around with her new roommate but when feelings get involved will their hearts get broken.
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Ah this was a wonderful story. It was a short romantic story that will make you smile. Colby visits his sister regularly and she has a new roommate Chance, whose trans, and she doesn’t want them to date for her own reasons. Of course they do behind her back. Colby was a fantastic partner who asked questions, did his research, and made sure Chance was comfortable. I wish I knew more about Chance and why he decided to make a move on Colby since it seemed sudden to me. The ending was adorable! Overall, if you are looking for a cute and short M/M romance this is for you! 
I received this ARC from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Thank you for NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

A nice and quick read. There's not layers of trauma to wade through, it's just sweet and easy and the sex is fairly steamy too, which is always a plus. I'm also a sucker for a friends with benefits to lovers trope 👏.

The sex is great. There's a lot of discussion and negotiation while still keeping the momentum of being fun and hot. I really appreciated the instances where one gets caught up in the moment and the other remembers to pull back and respect previously set boundaries.

Some of the scenes are a little unrealistic and you have to suspend disbelief. The writing is also lacking in subtly for my liking in parts—conversations being a bit heavy handed, with declarations that feel a little out of place/forced—but this is a romance after all, and if we're going gooey and soft and verbose, then this is the place for it I suppose. 

I think if this was longer, and more time was given to showing the developing connection pre-relationship, rather than us being told, this probably would have gone up a star. But, I'd definitely still recommend it as it is.
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Acoustics is the first book in the Portland Symphony series by London Price. My sister told me to stay away from her roommate. I promised I would. But I didn’t. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I mean, yeah, maybe it was predictable when I started asking about his AI research and finding reasons to hang out, even when my sister wasn’t home. Looking back, we never should've slow danced alone like that. But with Chance, goofing around melted into messing around easier than butter on hot bread. It’s not fair to keep our relationship a secret, but how can I tell my sister I betrayed her trust? And when the truth comes out, how can I keep both the people I care about most?

Acoustics is a trans romance series set in Oregon. It contains robot talk, found family, and a happily ever after. It’s not intended for readers who don’t want to read explicit LGBTQ sex scenes. CW for the death of a fish. I really loved the characters in this book, including the main and secondary characters. Colby knows better than to date his sister's roommate. He does not want to hurt her, but cannot seem to stop himself. Chance is a fantastic character, and I love the balance of shy tech guy and dominant nature in the bedroom. My favorite part of the book is the frank and honest discussions Chance and Colby have. They  talk about everything I think most people should before getting intimate- covering what they are comfortable with, hard limits, and so on- even holding themselves to that when other choices could have been made. I loved the caring and thoughtful nature of their relationship, even when they were trying to 'just be friends'. The support and honest caring between all of the characters made me want to be part of this circle of friends and family. I cannot wait to see what comes next in the series so I can see them all again. My only big complaint was that it ended too soon.

Acoustics is a wonderful romance with well written characters, I look forward to the next book in the series.
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I received an ARC via NetGalley for my honest review.

I just gobbled this up - read it in one go, and I'm not a speed-reader! This is the first of a series and I already can't wait for the other books to be published. I'm already wondering who might be the MCs in future books because all of the secondary characters are so well developed I think any of them could have their own book. In fact, I get the sense that they already have! i.e. even though this is the first in the series, it feels like I've stepped into a well established world. 

The sex is steamy. The romance is a little under played. It's a smidge "insta" - I could have with a bit more pre-amble and belly-aching by the MC. That bedroom slow-dance scene kinda came out of nowhere and didn't feel as believable as everything that happened before or afterwards. 

But the dialogue was perfect - between all of the characters. Seriously, these people exist and I can't wait for the next instalment. And the opening scene, extolling the virtues of rain - beautiful writing. And now I need to visit Portland!
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Disclaimer : I received an ARC of this book my thoughts are my own

While this is unfortunately not a "NEW ALL TIME FAV" it is high up there and one of the most enjoyable reads I have had in a while.
This MM romance with a trans main character was cute and gave me a fuckbuddies to lovers which was mixed with "fuck this is my sister's roommate"  which made for a fun and quick read. 
Though do not be fooled by the cover this is STEAMY... 
There was everything for a great time, communication and main characters that had palpable chemistry and balanced each other out. This romance while a bit predictable is cute and the writing style super easy to read through. 
I loved both Chance and Colby and their romance together, in my opinion their romance progressed in a good pace and I felt like I knew them, they felt real. 
I will totally read more books from this author in the future, a beautifully crafter romance novel, that leaves you wanting for more while still satisfied at the same time.
In the end while the predictability of certain "problems" they encountered was not too much of an hindrance to my enjoyment. 
4/5 stars
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'Nobody sees themselves as they really are, I don't think.' / I stare at him. 'No, that's why people need friends.'

When Colby meets his sister's new roommate, the mutual attraction is all but instant. But Hillary knows her brother's track record, and makes him swear to keep Chance off-limits. Naturally, that doesn't last long ...

What I loved most about this novel was the relationship between Colby and Chance. Colby is basically a big himbo Labrador, while Chance is sweetly anxious and introverted, but also intensely dominant. I loved that mix - it was as much of a lovely surprise to me reading the novel as it was to the characters, and I thought the chemistry between the MCs was wonderful. I also have huge respect for the author for how they explored the intimate scenes between Colby and Chance. Not only were they written beautifully, but the delicate and respectful nods to Chance's experiences as a trans man were explored seamlessly. 

Acoustics is surprisingly short, and I think it would have been even stronger if it had been longer. I think it would have been worth developing some of the other characters in more depth, such as Hillary, Evan, Leah, and Tony, for example, as well as to spend a bit more time with Colby and Chance at the beginning of their relationship. With that said, I am very much looking forward to reading more from this author.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a free eARC of Acoustics. These opinions are my own.
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Looking for a romance book with sexy steamy scenes, a trans love interest, and side-splitting humor? ACOUSTICS is the piece for you! This short romance pulls you in and leaves you fully in love with these eccentric personalities. I am in awe of the way London Price created such an authentic love story in so few pages! The trans rep was superb!! My only two qualms: I do not like third-act breakups (but I will make an exception for this novel) and I wish there were characters of color. As a trans POC, I always wish to see intersectionality in diverse books. All in all, this book was a fun escape that I would recommend to anyone. It’s the perfect thing to add to your end-of-the-year TBR lists to ensure you meet your yearly reading goals! ACOUSTICS is currently available to read on NetGalley, so hurry and download your copy whilst it’s still available!

TWs/CWs: on-page sex
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I enjoyed every page of this book. 

There was steam, there was goofiness, it was so cute, and made me feel so cosy. 

The reason I gave it 4/5 was mostly due to the conflict. It felt like the story’s conflict was just written in because of the ‘books need drama’ idea? It’s not that it was bad because it was a brilliant plot line, but I really felt a disconnect between that section and the rest. 

But the rest of it was adorable. Even the side characters (minus the Boss!) were great, and I would love to read their stories too! It was just a fluffy book, and I definitely enjoyed reading it!

Also, I have to mention how much I appreciated the top trans man representation!! It’s a thing we so rarely see, and I just loved that Chance was shown to be comfortable as a dominant top because we need that rep. 

In summary: adorable m/m romance, great trans rep, warm fuzzy feeling inside!
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I really enjoyed this! I don’t often see adult novels with trans characters so it was really refreshing. The characters were enjoyable and the plot was easy to follow.
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This had so much potential! It is a trans MM romance and it's totally my favorite genre of contemporary adult romance, but this one is just too short to really give you any sort of character development. It kind of just throws you into the deep end and expects you to know all these people are except you don't.

Now our main character, Colby, is super extroverted and flirty and fun and he has a bad habit of sleeping with his sisters friends and roommates and so when his sister gets a new roommate, she makes him promise that he won't try and flirt with him. Except her new roommate is just too intriguing for Colby. Chance is quiet and introverted and super nerdy yet also very dominant when it comes to physical and sexual encounters. It was a great dichotomy for a character and I really loved him. I wish we had more of Colby and Chance's interactions before they jumped into sex. We kind of lose the part where they get to know each other because instead of actually allowing the reader to experience that, the author does a time jump where all of a sudden now they know each other better and are friends.

Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoy this one and I'll probably be the next one in the series. I was extra pleasantly surprised that the trans character was the dominant one in the sexual aspect of the relationship because a lot of the time and trans adult romance, the trans character is either shy or insecure or just generally submissive. There is nothing inherently better about either one of those traits, it is just more uncommon to have dominant trans characters and it was great.

Bi/pan MC, trans gay MC
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This was a short little forbidden romance between two college-aged characters, one of whom is transgender, that was very sweet but could’ve been longer. The characters were well-developed in the sense of understanding their personalities, but I think if the book had been longer there would be an opportunity to develop them in a more complex way, and I was interested enough in the characters that I would’ve liked to see that. I appreciated the way the characters modeled respect for one another and expectations of consent throughout their interactions. Several of the chapters started with “two weeks later….,” and just gave a brief synopsis of what we missed but I didn’t like the skipping ahead so much. I DID like that the two main characters weren’t just instantly in love and unable to live without one another in a short, weeklong timetable as is frequently used in romances, so I appreciated that. While there were some explicit sex scenes, they still managed to be pretty sweet and innocent. I found the drama generated between the characters of that age believable. It was a quick, enjoyable read and I would read and recommend this title and others in the series.
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Rating: 3.5 Stars

I really do seize the opportunity to pick up mm transgender romance novels that aren’t exploitative, and while “Acoustics” isn’t the best-written example of the genre I’ve read in the last couple of months, it definitely tries very hard to be as soft, sweet, and sexy as possible without exploitation of any kind, and that makes it endearing, no matter what. 

I’ll fully admit the characters are distinct, well-drawn, and engaging. The issue is they are also written a little immature and overdramatic for their age without any explanation given for their behavior. Their reactions and behavior is sometimes erratic, as if the author hadn’t quite nailed their voices completely before calling the novel done. 

I also thought the plot moved a little fast and everything was just a little too convenient at times. It became very predictable. 

Overall, the book is charming, sweet, has soft boys, and gets steamy (though not as steamy as I prefer in my romance novels). We’ll see what Price has in mind for the rest of this series.
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Delightful. Poignant. Cheerful. Worth the time and pages. An exciting and strong read that offers much enjoyment. Fast-paced and edgy. The transgender theme is brilliant and done quite well. A caring and supportive book that is socially right for our times. A sweet and enjoyable love story with a few fun twists and turns. Remarkable dialogue. Strong setting. A promising build-up with an enchanting ending. A suitable read for all. Highly memorable and recommended.
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Let me just start by saying… this book isn’t even officially out yet, and I already can’t wait for the rest of the series. 

Colby’s sister Hilary has a new roommate, and he’s specifically promised her that he would not make a move on him. But it’s not breaking the promise if Chance makes the first move…right?

Acoustics is less than 200 pages, but it's stuffed full of so much sweetness. Colby and Chance have an instant connection and their new relationship is sneaky, sexy, and fun. Chance is shy, nerdy, and sweet—and he’s surpassingly confident and dominant in bed, which was so enjoyable to read. Colby is outgoing, energetic, and incredibly considerate. He cares so much for Chance and puts thought and consideration into educating himself about transgender people so that he doesn’t make Chance uncomfortable. The connection and heat between them is passionate and undeniable, and the sex scenes are incredibly well written and very hot. They both really bring out the best in each other, and it’s impossible to not be fall in love with them and the way they love each other. 
The entire story is short and sweet. All of the supporting characters are well written and the dialogue flows nicely. This book is flirty, fun, sexy, and has well written LGBTQ+ representation in the main and supporting characters. It’s a relatively low drama, high love, high heat book that I’d reread any day.
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ACOUSTICS was the perfect combination of cute and sexy and it was a fantastic debut romance! Colby promised he wouldn't sleep with his sister's new roommate, but how is he supposed to resist the cute and nerdy Chance? With his shy personality and his nerdy talk of AI and robots, Chance captures Colby's eye and maybe even his heart.

I read ACOUSTICS in one sitting because I was enjoying it so much, the writing and story flowed really well and I was immediately sucked in. Chance and Colby were great together and I loved their banter and the friendship they formed outside of the relationship. I also really liked how confident Chance was in contrast to his quieter personality; he might be an introvert but that doesn't mean he doesn't know what he wants, especially when it comes to getting Colby in bed. These two were very steamy and I loved how they communicated their desires.

This was low-angst, joyful, and so much fun! I'm really looking forward to reading more by this author.
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Acoustics is a trans M/M romance and the start of the Portland Symphony series. It may also be London Price’s debut book but I’m not 100% sure on that. I believe that this may be the first trans-masc romance that I’ve read, or at least the first one I’ve read in a very long time, and I was blown away. The book itself is short (about 100ish pages) and therefore the story moves quickly and kept things engaging.

Colby and Chance are our two heroes. Colby is bi or pan and his sister is roommates with Colby who is trans masculine. Colby’s sister makes him promise not to get involved with Chance which means they have to hide their relationship. I really really really liked both Colby and Chance. I felt like Chance’s character as a trans man was treated with a lot of dignity and respect. I liked that he actually got to masculine. I especially loved that Chance was the more dominant person in the relationship. Their relationship was super steamy and also deeply emotional.

I really enjoyed the book as a whole and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Thank you to NetGalley and Joyful Trans Romance for the ARC.
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“My sweet, dominant, anxious love.” 
“My resonance. My matching wave.”

~ Tropes ~
- Sister’s roommate 
- Single POV 
- Trans love-interest 
- HEA guarantee 
- Low-angst 
- Secret relationship 
- bi/pan MC 
- Insta-lust 
- Himbo x Nerd 

A delightful story of a young queer man who falls in love with his sister’s roommate. 
I really enjoyed this book. I couldn’t put it down. The romance was very sweet and the sex scene were quite hot; I really liked that Chance — very unique name, by the way — was both the top and dominant in the relationship. He’s very relatable too: he’s shy, a computer nerd and a bookworm, but in bed he becomes this very confident and sexy person, and I loved that. Whenever I read a book with a trans MC/love-interest, they are always portrayed as very submissive and not knowing what they what — not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I wanted to read something new and fresh — but Chance is totally different from that. And yes, he still has insecurities and is very shy, but who isn’t. 
Then there’s Colby, the nicest and most confident person ever; he’s also a flirt who is afraid of robots… yeah, robots. I loved how he did research on trans people because he wasn’t very educated about it and  didn’t want to make Chance uncomfortable, i also loved how he would always ask Chance about certain things so he wouldn’t say something hurtful or make him feel uncomfortable or undesired. 

I also liked the found family that formed between Chance and Colby’s friends/housemates, although I would have liked the author to expand more on that. Also the author implied that Hillary - Colby’s sister - has a bad relationship with her parents, even Colby  mentioned it a bit, but the author never expanded on that. I hope the author do so in the next books in the series. Another thing I didn’t like was the use of parenthesis in the book because  they make me feel disjointed from the story, but that’s just a personal preference. Besides the book is very well-written and the pacing is great, so you won’t even notice it. 

Overall, great book and I can’t wait to read the other books in the series.
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A short quick read

At first the fact the love interest was trans didnt click with me, it wasn’t super well communicated till later.  So many characters were thrown in without and explanation on who they are which was confusing.  Scenes would change very quickly with little to no transition which got me confused about what was going on very frequently.

Also Im sorry, but calling your genitals Rex in the bedroom is. uh. cringy.
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