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Getting Good with Money

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I used to be a self help books junkie but nowadays, I am really picky with the books as most of them are becoming very conventional and stereotype.

Then this book.

Why, it seems nothing is new but I just found myself highlighting, annotating, taking notes and setting up my vision board while reading this? 

One of the great teachers in life is our experience and the author used that to write this book. I hate that, currently, im on all fours of the $$$ struggles here but she made it easy to feel one can get out of that rut. Now I just need to start applying all the things Ive learned in this book.

Looking forward to read more from this author
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I loved learning about everything there is to do with finances. This book covered a wide range of topics and was very helpful.
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I am sorry i really wanted to like this book it's synopsis sounded promising, the cover drew me in.

However, I don't like in the US so having long chapters about Roth IRAs, country specific apps and every different type of mortgages available in the US was irrelevant to me and not applicable in Australia.

Another huge disappointment was the abundance of bible verses and Christian faith in the book. I have no problem reading books with religion mentioned in them but it should be in the synopsis, this book is basic financial advice given through the lens of the christian belief. The readers should know before getting the book that bible verses will be in every chapter.

Thank you to Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I found Jessi through another author and began following her on IG. I love how relatable she is. This book is a breath of fresh air; it is presented as though you are having a conversation with a friend. 

Jessi doesn’t tell you what you to doc, instead she walks you through what worked for her family and provides you with the foundation to implement what will work best for you. Seeing a “normal” family achieve freedom is a great motivator!

Thank you to @netgalley and @nelsonbooks for the ARC!
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This book contains many common-sense tips for getting out of debt and building an emergency nest egg—all on a small salary. I was not familiar with the author, who apparently has a blog. A lot of the advice is geared to a younger reader than I am, and the author’s faith came through a little too strongly for my taste, but there is good, solid advice contained here that young people just starting out should know. I’d hoped for more investment advice, but this is not that book. #GettingGoodwithMoney #NetGalley
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I am absolutely terrible at budgeting. Why? I don’t have the foggiest. I call it luck. I had a frugal dad and a spender mother but I can attribute it to just lack of knowledge. This book answers questions I didn’t get answered in Dave Ramsey’s or Suze Orwans.  This book is written in layman’s terms and gives you the extra you need to really see how to pay off debt. Maybe it’s because I’m older. Kudos to the author for helping others. I’m going to start with next months budget. Wish me luck. 

   Thanks to Netgalley for a complimentary copy to read… I voluntarily left this review!
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I would love to have had this guide as a teenager, so I'd have been better prepared financially at a young age. Financial literacy is crucial to life success, as financial coach and mom Jessi Fearon explains in GETTING GOOD WITH MONEY. 

She shares her journey of living in debt and not being able to pay the bills, and the steps her family used to become debt-free -- even paying off their mortgage in six years.

An important, inspiring guide that should be in every school, public and home library. Highly recommended. Out now. 

Thanks to the author, Nelson Books, Thomas Nelson, and NetGalley for the ARC; opinions are mine. 

#gettinggoodwithmoney #netgalley
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