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I did not know the author, Dominique Sachse, before I read the book. I found out, however, that she is well known at social media. In this book, she talks about life from her own experiences. She talks about positive as well as negative parts of her life and some of the experiences she has had, and what she does to be more happy and live a better life. 

In this book, Dominique Sachse, gives tips and advice for you to have a better life as well. Small changes can mak a huge difference. 

This is a very personal book with lots of personal stories. Dominique Sachse talks about her own life, which makes it a more exciting book. 

If you feel like you need a change in your life, "Life Makeover" might be a help to direct you in the right direction.
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I expected so much more from this book. As someone who follows the author on social media and had been for a long time, this book has nothing to offer anyone who follows her. This is recycled content from many videos and chats on social media. Nothing new. She has some relatively big life changes that could have been added before the book was published and chose not to those might have been more helpful to people than the recycle content that was in here.
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While I don't remember requesting this one, it was an interesting read and having not know of Dominique Sachse i certainly learnt more about her in this book.

Found some parts useful.
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This was a good book, with a lot of personal story about the author, which I loved, because I always love reading personal stories. She almost lost me in the beginning since I thought it was a book about making over your life, but then with the beginning I thought it was all about making over your outer self. This is definitely an author that feels like your outer self needs to be changed before your inner self does (I disagree) but a lot of great info here.  It is interesting and has a lot of inspiration. I appreciate Netgalley, the author, and the publisher for allowing em to read and review.
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10/10 - totally understand woman and wants women to strive to be their best. It's not about perfection, it's about working to be the best version of you!
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Great book if your looking to reevaluate and change your life.
I loved reading all of Dominique’s techniques and plan
To incorporate them as much as I can 

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by responsibilities or other people’s needs that you forgot to make time for yourself? They say beauty is only skin-deep, but there is power in embracing your outward beauty as the first step in living with internal boldness, confidence, and renewed joy.

An outside-in approach to beauty isn’t for other people’s perception of you, but for your interpretation of yourself and how much you’re willing to explore. Sachse has confirmed the unmistakable link between external appearance and self-confidence, and she wants to show you how to rekindle both.  

In the pages of this book, Sachse offers a vulnerable look into her own mistakes and imperfections and explains how making over her outward appearance resulted in a happier and healthier version of herself—emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Filled with confidence-boosting wisdom about cultivating rest and lifegiving hobbies, Sachse shows you:

how making small changes to your outward appearance can be a pathway to building confidence and making other new transformations in your lifepractical tips about hair, makeup, and fashion from an expertthe benefits of taking bold risks – your life is too valuable to be left on autopilot how to analyze your past and see where you self-sabotaged, and look for traits that served you well and can serve you in the future
Sachse knows no amount of makeup can compare to the look of a confident, classy, and kind woman, and that there’s nothing like the glow that comes from inner beauty. It’s time to discover—or rediscover—who you really are and live
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Beauty, fashion and lifestyle guru Dominique Sachse is one of my favorite personalities on YouTube. She started her channel in 2014 with the tagline, “Be Bold and Be Blessed,” and at last count, she has 1.74 million subscribers. I subscribed after seeing a video on how to style a bob. I later learned this poised and engaging woman also was an Emmy Award-winning journalist and news anchor at KPRC in Houston, Texas.
Women can lose balance in their lives as they respond to ever-increasing responsibilities and the demands of others. They can lose sight of the path they were on to become the person they once dreamed of becoming. Dominique's book is that life preserver.
She took an "outside first, then inside" approach to beauty since the first thing people see is how we look. Feeling better about how we present ourselves to the world can become that confidence booster we need to make other changes.
Then, Dominique wanted readers to reconnect with their younger selves and remember what brought us joy as children. The image of a bridge at the beginning and end of her book anchored her content, giving the reader a place to dream and plan before taking next steps toward life changes.
The bridge also applied to how Dominique viewed her part in the journey: a mentor or coach on the sidelines cheering on her reader. She has a breadth of life experience. She’s been married and divorced, walked through fertility struggles and single parenthood, moved from radio to broadcast journalism to a thriving YouTube channel. Now in her 50s, she’s helping women navigate the seasons of our lives with class and dignity. 
I will say I did wonder if I was the right audience for this book. Dominique talked about making vision boards: one for passions to pursue, the other for cataloguing talents. I’ll be honest. I said, "Nope. Not doing it."
But she did get me thinking about those dreams I had as a kid. I still become absorbed by my hobbies that cause me to lose track of time.
Her personal stories kept me reading. She is just as engaging, honest and open in print as she is on her channel. I enjoyed learning more about her career in Houston from her early days as a DJ, a traffic reporter, and then a news anchor. (She recently ended her 28-year career with the station.) She shared the hard moments in her relationships, losses and gains as a parent, her own self-reflections in therapy, and the bold moves in her career. Her faith in God led her to places that served as an oasis of peace many times as she let go of past hurts and experience renewed joy.
My biggest takeaway: be grateful for the life God gave you and continue dreaming and planning your next bold move. Be gracious, classy, and kind to everyone, and shine brightly in the darkness of this world to light the path for others. Thank you Netgalley and Thomas Nelson publishing for allowing me to read and review this ARC.
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I absolutely love Dominique and so excited she wrote this book. It’s lovely to have a bit more inside of her life. Thank you!
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