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All I Want for Christmas is the Girl in Charge

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This one has to be my favorite of all the books in this series (I didn’t read them all in order, but this was the one I finished with). I loved every second of it! This one had some gripping moments towards the end. I found it very hard to put this one down. The smooshy gooey moments in this one totally melted my heart. I found myself laughing and smiling to myself as well as shedding some tears. Chelsea Bobulski has definitely found her calling as an author! She really knows how to write a good book that will keep her audience captivated from start to finish. I loved all the characters and how I felt like I was in Christmas myself, along with them. It sounds like such a perfect little place to live. If you haven’t read any of the books in this series and are looking for a wonderful heartfelt series, this series is an absolute must! 
Thank you Chelsea Bobulski, Netgalley and Wise Wolf Books for the opportunity to read and review this book. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

⚠️ Trigger warning: drug abuse/addiction are talked about as well as mention of child abuse
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I loved this entire series! Downloaded prior to having Chelsea as a guest on my podcast. These are the perfect Christmas reads filled with all the Christmas magic! Can't wait to read more from Chelsea!
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I enjoyed this book as much as I did the first one! I look forward to reading the next in the series. I would definitely recommend this book!
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Book 2 in an interconnected series of contemporary young adult romance novels with a Christmas theme. Each novel highlights the importance of understanding yourself when entering a relationship, having a supportive circle of people in your life, and that true love is bringing out the best in each partner.

Evelyn is the classic high school overachiever, full of energy and extreme organization skills. To stand out in her college applications, she has adapted Pride and Prejudice into a school Christmas play, in which she will star and direct. When her leading man breaks his leg, she asks the newly arrived Beckett to step in. Beckett is certainly no Mr. Darcy - he's a juvenile delinquent doing community service on his uncle's farm while escaping his toxic family. But like Darcy, Beckett believes the worst of most people is determined to hold them at arms length. At least until a certain girl works her way into his heart. Highly recommended for ages 12 and up.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of All I Want for Christmas is the Girl in Charge in exchange for an honest review! 

What can I say other than I love this series? This is the second book in the All I Want For Christmas series, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first. I think this is a great continuation of the series and overall it's just a really solid read. I love the chemistry between the two main characters Evelyn and Beckett, with the enemies to lovers trope very prominent in this book. I think the author has done such a great job creating likeable characters that really resonate with the readers. I also really enjoy how each of the books include storylines and characters from the previous books in the series, which is enjoyable if you have read the others, but is not a requirement in order to enjoy this story. This series gives me a Gilmore Girls vibe, which is one of my favourite shows and really translates well into novels. I loved the choice of Pride and Prejudice for the school's play. I think both of these characters were perfect for these roles, and I really enjoyed the romance in this book. I also love the idea of working on a Christmas tree farm. These books are the perfect kind to pick up during the holiday season and enjoy with a mug of hot chocolate and a warm blanket. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the second installment in this series, and I would highly recommend!
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I really love Christmas romcoms and this one definitely did not disappoint. I am looking forward to reading more Chelsea Bobulski!
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All I Want for Christmas is the Girl in Charge is part of a series, although they can be read alone. It is an opposites attract Christmas themed romance. The main characters are teenagers and have a Pride and Prejudice vibe. Pride and Prejudice also plays a major role as they are both part of a play that is written around this theme. So, while there are things to like about the book, I found the use of cursing to be jarring for a Christmas romance.  It is written from a dual perspective and has a Hallmark feel to it.
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I am a sucker anything Christmas themed and romance. The description made me really want to read this book. I just couldn't get into this book. It is written great from the chapters I've read but just not my cup of tea. Thanks so much to NetGalley and Wise Wolf Books for the ARC!
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All I Want For Christmas is the Girl in Charge caught my attention with its synopsis and mention of Pride and Prejudice, and it sort of delivered. It's a sweet, Hallmark-esque YA story. The pacing felt a little fast for me. It's got a little bit of a grumpy one falls for the sunshine one. While I was able to enjoy some of the different aspects of this book, it's not for me, It's something I would purchase for my niece who's in high school.
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Cute and satisfying.  I could picture this on Disney plus.   Devoured the series and want more.  Love these characters
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I was happy to find that this one was immensely better than Bobulski's first book in this series.

All I Want for Christmas is the Girl in Charge is quite charming, focusing on a Christmas play based on "Pride and Prejudice." These characters were actually nuanced and likable, and the appearances of the characters I disliked so much from the first book were minimal, so that was fine.

The characters developed well, as did all the relationships between friends and lovers and family. It was nice to see the characters learn and change from their pasts.

Also, the ending was actually exciting in this one, so stay tuned for that, if nothing else.
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When I first received this book I was not aware that this was a sequel so I am curious to see what happens on the first one. What attracted me to this book was the fact that during the holidays i want to be immerse in anything and everything that has to do with Christmas and this gave me all the Christmas that i needed. I will say that as an almost 30 year old women it was a bit hard for me to relate to the characters since they are in high school but even then I was able to enjoy the story itself. I suppose in a way it does remind me a bit of Pride and Prejudice, aside from the fact that the characters are putting a play about it. I enjoyed the way that both characters developed as well as the interactions that they had with each other, considering how different they are. Also i enjoyed that the Christmas portion of the book and how it was added to the story line without being out of place. Even though it is past the holidays the book itself could probably be read at any time of the year and not feel too weird about it. Thank you Netgalley and Wise Wolf Books.
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This was a nice young adult book for Christmas so it was a nice title to request won’t. It did have a Hallmark type feel to it, but during the Holidays why not? Completely opposites in almost every way, Evelyn the class president and Beckett with a hard upbringing. I enjoyed how they came to understand each other and what they have to offer each other.

I received this ARC through #netgalley and I am voluntarily reviewing this book
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This book was a fun, feel-good romance. Even though the book takes place during the holiday season, it isn't centered around the holidays so I feel like it could be a nice anytime read. We have Evelyn, the classic overachiever, who has written a Christmas-themed production of Pride and Prejudice, her favorite book. When the lead actor has to drop out due to injury, Evelyn begins to panic, thinking she will never find her perfect Mr. Darcy. 
Beckett is your classic troubled youth, dropped in this small town to live with his great aunt and uncle. While working off community service hours at the family Christmas tree lot, Beckett happens to show up just in time for auditions. His surly attitude is enough to convince Evelyn that he would be the perfect Mr. Darcy.
Following the usual formula for a romance, Evelyn and Beckett begin to spend more and more time together, quickly realizing that their attraction is too strong to deny. Of course, we must have the "3rd act misunderstanding" which leads to them questioning their relationship, followed by the dramatic conclusion to tie everything together.
Overall, this book was a fun read. Fans of Pride and Prejudice will enjoy the many references to the classic novel. Beckett and Evelyn are both likable characters that do well carrying the story. The side characters don't get a lot of screen time in this story so it's hard to form an opinion on them. Aunt Bee and Uncle Bill were probably the most dominant, reminding me of Hope and Doc from Virgin River. I was definitely hooked on this story until about the 80% mark when we reach the classic misunderstanding. For me, it didn't feel like as big of a drama as it was made out to be. I felt like it was just kind of dropped in for effect because that's what the romance story formula calls for. Honestly, I think the story would have been much stronger without that whole arc and it really wasn't necessary. 
I gave this book 3 stars for its entertainment value and content. Being a major P&P fan, I could see some of the more subtle tie-ins included in the book where a casual reader may not notice them. It was a fun, cute winter read that I would possibly read again next year. I do wish we had seen more from some of the side characters like Isla, Savannah, and the cast and crew of the play. I know this book is part of a series so I may check out the other books to see if they are featured there as well.
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This was really cute and felt like a big departure plot wise from the first book in the series despite taking place in the same town 


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Another super cute Christmas romance. So far my favorite in the series! Never knew how much I needed a pride and prejudice retelling till now. I’m obsessed, highly recommend!!
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This book was full of twists and turns, I really enjoyed watching Beckett and Evelyn’s relationship blossom! 

Both were very misunderstood in the beginning of the book, but as you read you learn more about each of them and see why they belong together! They become a modern day Elizabeth and Mr Darcy!
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I enjoyed this one more that other Chelsea Bobulski books I have read previously. Beckett wasn't very likable in the beginning but he has good growth throughout the story and he can grow on you. If you like enemies to lovers, grumpy/sunshine, and the bad boy falling for the good girl - all wrapped up in Christmas, you will probably enjoy this!
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All I Want for Christmas is the Girl in Charge brings the next installment in the series, and it is written in dual POV alternating between Beckett and Evelyn. Oddly enough, I didn’t connect as well with Evelyn as I would’ve hoped. I understand with her type A personality and how much her college applications relied on the success of the play she’d written that she would be absolutely anal about everything. But that’s not really my style and it was a little stressful reading just how stressed SHE was.

Beckett, on the other hand, I liked well enough. He’s your typical misunderstood bad boy with a gooey inside. We don’t know too much about why he needs to serve some community hours – obviously something bad happened that required such punishment – but he ends up stuck with the play in the lead role of Mr. Darcy. I didn’t emotionally connect with him much better than Evelyn, but I loved seeing his interactions with his Aunt Bee and Uncle Bill (who were a big enough part of the first book).

Graham and friends make cameos in this book too, set during Christmas time the following year after Graham’s story. There’s a little less focus on Christmas than book 1 but it’s in the little pieces, like Beckett working at the Christmas tree farm.

I wish I could’ve invested more in the relationship to have made this a more enjoyable Christmas read, but it was a light read either way for this time of year.
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“They fight sometimes, but they also still cuddle on the couch every night after dinner, so I think that’s become my definition of happily ever after. Not finding this imaginary romance where you never fight and things are always perfect but finding someone you never want to be too far away from. Someone you want to cuddle with every night, even twenty years in.”

This is a young adult contemporary romance that is short, only 244 pages. But I devoured it. What an absolutely adorable Christmas-ish love story. The broken boy. The overachieving straight A girl. I just loved Beckett and Evelyn. Their story is one you root for. This book is book two of the All I Want For Christmas series and I can’t wait to dive into book three! Although I did not read the first in this series I still felt sucked right in. 

“More. More. More. That’s all I want. More of her. More of me. More of us and whatever it is we’re becoming when we’re together.”

I always highlight quotes and passages that I love throughout a story. Sometimes I get nearly to the end and realize that nothing much has jumped out at me. This one though? I had to scroll I highlighted so much. 😂😂 There are a lot of great messages tied into this sweet story of love and redemption and being more than what you were born into. 

Thank you to Netgalley, Wise Wolf Books, and the author for this complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
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