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All I Want For Christmas is the Boy I Can't Have

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Graham, a high school student in Christmas, VA, is in love with the girl next door Sarah. Unfortunately, she's been dating his best friend. Making a wish one night on a shooting star, he wakes up the next day with the last two years completely changed.

While the overall message behind the book was good and I really wanted to get behind the premise of this book, it sounded sweet, cozy, and the perfect tone for Christmas. While it did have some very sweet moments, I couldn't get behind the main character. Unfortunately because I disliked the main character so much it overshadowed the whole book for me.

I think this book would be perfect for those who love Teen/YA Romance books. Also it reminded me of 'It's a Wonderful Life.'
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Isla is a girl in love with love. August is a boy wanting to be himself without disappointing his family. They have the best meet cute ever!

These two bring out the best in each other and it was great to see how not only their relationship with each other grew but also how their other relationships changed as well. 

I also love seeing others from previous books pop up in this one!
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Thank NetGalley for providing me with an electronic arc for me to review.
First things first, I do not usually read romcoms but when I read the synopsis I was intrigued. Also, I have not read the other works but I feel it can perfectly be read as a stand-alone. Unfortunately, it wasn't my cup of tea, I really wanted to enjoy it and I was really in the mood of reading a romantic story but I felt the story was just very blank. I didn't love the main couple, the banter was nice but I was just waiting for August to break up with his current girlfriend which was, in my opinion, the whole problem with the relationship. Like, the synopsis made it out to be star-crossed lovers/forbidden romance, can't be together, etc, but their entire family just looks at them and be like 'oh well they like each other, nice'. Also, I hate when they do like 'oh just go and follow your dreams f*ck everything else when there are real consequences and he's given no real way on how to deal with them. 
Despite all that, it's not a bad book, it was just average, it did nothing particularly great, the story is faced-paced and entertaining.
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Winter is my favorite season, I love the cold, I love Christmas lights, but Christmas isn’t usually my favorite holiday. However, This book was so CUTE! I loved every minute of it and it actually has me looking forward to Christmas this year.

I loved the characters, the town, the wedding planning business aspect, all of it! 

This is a light, sweet, and even funny read. Usually I go for murder/mystery/thriller and that can get heavy after a while so this was the perfect pick me up book! Now I’m going to go read the other books by this author! 

I truly enjoyed this book, it was a great read. 

*A special thank you to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review*
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This must be the favourite of the bunch, but All I Want for Christmas is the Boy I Can’t Have was the perfect amount of romantic angst, miscommunication and unrequited love.

August Harker was the perfect kind of guy for a girl who’s as in love with love as Isla Riddle. We’ve already been introduced to Isla from book 2 and I definitely liked her outlook on love. Full of references to the best romantic comedies of the last few decades, this was an ode to love and the stories that bring people together.

I love the idea of a Christmas wedding, and what’s more romantic of a backdrop to set this story to? Isla and her mother have a wedding planning business and it was so much fun seeing their plans for August’s sister’s wedding.

But more importantly, the romance was cute even though it frustrated me at the same time. August was kind, considerate and a great friend. The instant love feel at first was a bit unrealistic as Isla just fell for him immediately, but their interactions over time sold me on their connection and by the end I just wanted the happily ever after for them.

If you want a cute winter read, with admittedly less focus on Christmas than just a winter romance, this is the one!
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Absolutely loved this book!! I really enjoyed the characters and the sweet story line!! I was up all night reading and couldn't put the book down! I highly recommend!!.
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I had mixed feelings about this book, but I mostly liked it? Isla's kind of a man stealer (mind you, she's not stealing men from anyone that serious, but still), August's girlfriend is kind of awful, and August himself really needs to grow a backbone. However, as far as Christmas stories go, it's... not half bad? I don't know. Maybe I just wanted more likeable characters.
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Another delightful title in the All I Want for Christmas series.
This one takes the character of Isla from the previous title and has her falling for rich boy, August Harker.
They meet when August accompanies his sister to her meeting with Isla and her mom for wedding planning services.

Definitely a fun romance title for the holidays. While you can read it as a stand-alone, it is nice to have already met some of the characters in the previous title.
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Thank you to Wise Wolf Books and NetGalley for the e-ARC!

I did enjoy this book, but there were a few things I wasn’t expecting going into the third instalment of this series, most notably that it is much less Christmasy as the first two books in the series, which was all right but not what I was expecting. We also had two new main characters for this book, Isla and August. Like the previous two instalments, I enjoyed the relationship between the two and I liked how they were brought together by planning for his older sisters wedding (I love weddings). I liked how she pushed him to be who he really wanted to be and not just go along with the life that others had planned for him. I like romances where the two people bring out the best in each other. Overall, i think this was a good romance but not a holiday centred one.
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Isla Riddle has been obsessed with True Love for as long as she can remember. Books, TV, movies-if it's a story about star-crossed lovers, ill-fated love, or love conquering all, Isla has read it, seen it, and talked nonstop about it. She spend her life helping her mom build up Riddle's Bridal Boutique and Wedding Planning. They started it together after her dad left town and they've just received their biggest break yet: a high society bride with a million-dollar budget.

August Harker doesn't have to think much about his life as it's been planned for him. He has the parent-approved heiress girlfriend, the 4.0 GPA at an elite college preparatory school, and over a dozen lacrosse and debate team trophies. He has no reason to think his life won't turn out just like his dad's. He finds himself tagging along as his older sister prepares to walk down the aisle.

This is the third book in the series. I hate to say it but I didn't love it like the other two. The second book was the strongest for sure. This one didn't have the Christmasy feel that the previous books had. We see some of the characters from the last 2 books but only on the phone. 

It had some good banter. I loved that they watched RomComs together while talking on the phone. That was very cute. Other than those times in the book I didn't feel a huge connection between the two. It also felt icky to me because it was definitely cheating. To me the relationship felt very rushed. The end of the book could have had a lot more to it. The other books I struggled to put down and this one I put down a few times. I liked it. I don't regret reading it. I will definitely read the fourth book.

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC! ❤
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the arc of All I Want For Christmas is the Boy I Can't Have by Chelsea Bobulski.

This third installment in Bobulski's "All I Want for Christmas" series follows Isla and August. Continuing from the friends in "All I Want for Christmas is the Girl in Charge" we get to see Evelyn, Beckett, and Savannah again though it is a year later and they are not a large part of the book but it is nice to have that continuity of characters and already have been introduced to romantic Isla in the previous book.

Isla and her mother run a wedding planning company in Christmas, Virginia and when Kathleen Harker comes in with her mother, father, and younger brother, August, looking to plan a wedding for Christmas which is six weeks away they are the only ones who say it can be done. Instead of begging off of any wedding planning duties August keeps showing up to these appointments making Isla fall deeper in love with him each time.

I enjoyed the way that this book read as well, more like a Nora Roberts than the previous book but again it felt like it fit the storyline since Isla and August are obsessed with romantic comedies. I felt like the story progressed both as expected but also in a way that was enjoyable to read about. The happily ever after ending is what it is all about.

Overall 3.5 stars.
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I enjoyed this one and liked the characters and the drama that Bobulski created. A fun read for anyone who loves a little holiday romance.
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This is the third book in the holiday romance series. I'm finding that these books just are not for me. The MC have an instant connection while one is still dating someone else which I am not a fan. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in return for an honest review.
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This is a sweet series of books that all have the Christmas theme and read like a Hallmark Movie which I love. Isla is not familiar with true love even though she helps her mother run the best wedding shop in the small town of Christmas. As they struggle to keep the small business afloat, they take on the wedding planning for a wealthy bride. Along with this bride though, comes a brother that takes Isla's breath away. Will Isla find her true love with a boy who isn't available and has family problems he needs to deal with. or will her heart break for the boy that she can't have? Thank you to the author, NetGalley and the publisher for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I don’t hate this but I didn’t like it either. I found a lot of it awkward. There was a bit of emotional cheating going on, and I’m really not into reading that. I also don’t get much Christmas vibe. I was mostly left with a well that’s that. Nothing remarkable.
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This book was quite interesting. I read the whole series out of order (2, 4, 1, 3) but did not feel that I missed anything and recommend that the reader choose the order as well. This book happens during the same time as the fourth without giving away any spoilers.
I have only ever seen the theme of wedding planning in a handful of YA novels so the setting felt unique. I do wish that I could have seen a bit more of the actual planning though.
August and Isla did a very good job of challenging each other to follow their dreams. I really enjoyed seeing August as he worked in the kitchen.
This may be a small spoiler, but I cannot believe that everyone acted as if August's father's behavior was normal. I was like...umm...something is wrong here.
Besides for that, this was a solid read that I would recommend to teens.

4 Stars

Content: occasional language (d***, a**), verbal abuse, emotionally involved with someone else while in a relationship, kissing

*I received a copy of this novel from the publisher. All thoughts are my own and a positive review was not required.
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Another cute Christmas love story by Chelsea! I’m scared to state that I relate to this story because I know others were shunning the blooming love idea while the male MC had a GF, but I’ve been there. I was there at 13, and he was 15.

So yeah, I relate. 

This captured all the feelings, thoughts, and struggles of a young girl who is falling for an unavailable boy only to have *spoiler* happen. It was written to a YA audience and definitely succeeded at showing the state of love at that age. 

This song playing through my head the entire read? August by Taylor Swift. 

If you are triggered by emotional cheating (even if the girlfriend is kinda awful), then you may want to think hard before reading this. If you understand how that can just happen…then proceed ahead.
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All I want for Christmas is the boy I can't have 
by Chelsea Bobulski 
3 stars

This is another good one by Chelsea, another quick cute read. Definitely captures how the teenagers and even adults can be the awkwardness of when you really like someone how you don't know sometimes how to speak. Unfortunately, I was really hoping this would have the dialog like the other books had and was kind of disappointed that this one didn't have much of it. This book shows how one kid could struggle to try to please his parents and find his way into his dream profession. It shows that sometimes as adults we don't realize the pressure the kids have these days and sometimes how we can add more pressure to that. These characters overcome so much in a relationship and keep working at it is amazing. I just love these books. On to the next.
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This third installment to the All I Want For Christmas series was such an enjoyable read. A fiction loving girl obsessed with true love and a rich boy who hasn't thought much of love even come into each others lives, and what blooms between them is something special.

As the story goes on August finds new dreams for himself and his life that don't mesh well at all with the life that his father has had planned and mapped out for him. Some things are worth fighting for and the more time that Isla and August spend together the more they realize that. But even being a fighter the world around them, especially August, has potential to suffocate and smother the new dreams he has discovered that he hopes he can follow.

I really enjoyed reading the journey that these characters take throughout the novel. The slow burn romance was so worth it and the friendships were so great. Thank you NetGalley for an arc of this novel.
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“I was fine before I met you, you know. A little too in love with love, maybe—a hopeless romantic who couldn’t wait to find someone—but I wouldn’t have been in such a rush to fall in love if I’d known that finding someone would turn my whole world upside down.”

As Isla’s mom jumps into planning August’s sister’s wedding, Isla realizes that the swoon worthy little brother is going to be a bigger part of the planning than is typical of a brother of the bride. Despite the difference in Isla’s single parent loving home and August’s wealthy, love lacking family, the two form a connection over a shared love of romantic comedies. August sweeps Isla off her feet, despite having a self-centered girlfriend he keeps around because his father approves. As Isla challenges August to break from the cycle of seeking his Dad’s approval to following his heart, the two find each other and make space for love in their lives. 

I enjoyed the lighthearted banter, cute romcom scenarios and the emotions of two high schoolers falling in love. A fluff-filled holiday read 🎄

Check this one out if you are looking for: 

🎄 a lighthearted, Hallmark love story 
🎄 YA romance 
🎄 Christmas wedding planning 
🎄 A high school boy proclaiming, “I could start a rom-com revolution—tear down the walls of toxic masculinity and make it okay for men to feel.”

Thanks to @netgalley and @wisewolfbooks for the ARC!
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