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This was fun! I love a good magic/superstitious story and this filled that need in a nice way. High school is such a stressful setting and I think that is something everyone can relate to (despite not having magic kisses!) and I think this is a great read for someone who is looking for something a little more light hearted!
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I have to preface my review with saying I do not think I am the target audience of this more YA leaning book. The main character seemed very immature to me, and the plot line was juvenile. That being said I would have probably enjoyed this if I were in middle school, so perhaps this review is just a result of being removed from the target audience. Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for a copy of this book for an honest review.
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It wasn't my favorite book.  I give it 3 stars. It just wasn't my type of books I read. I didn't connect with anything in the book. I thought it was slow in some parts. Maybe i will try to read this book again n the future when i'm not in a reading slump.
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This is a lighthearted story about Remy and her family's ability to offer good fortune to anybody they kiss during their kissing season. Remy's kissing season, however, began badly when she cursed her crush, Isaac. She then swore she'd never kiss anybody else, but Tobin, the new boy, is making it tough for her.

I'm not going to lie, I had a hard time reading this book since I didn't always like the main character. She can be obnoxious and dramatic, which is fair given that she is a teen with issues. The plot is intriguing in and of itself because it is set in a realistic setting with mystical aspects. It reminds me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The book had a lot of draggy parts that I had to push through in order to finish it. The dinner scene between the Holloways and their new neighbors is my favorite part. It was both chaotic and funny.
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A good YA book with a unique plot. I really liked Remy as a character and found her story very well written.
I would recommend!
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ARC provided by #NetGalley

I desperately need a whoopie pie now. And maybe a kiss. This book was adorable ADORABLE!!! That is the best word to describe it. A family lineage of girls who are blessed with giving good luck with a kiss the year they turn sixteen. What kind of fabulous storyline is that?! Of course the plot can't go that well, otherwise there would be no conflict. Susan Bishop Crispell has crafted an ADORABLE story about figuring out who you are, what it means to carry on the family heritage, and realizing what it means to be broken. Beautiful. 

But seriously, is someone going to get me a whoopie pie?
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I thought that this book was really good! It had a really nice plot, amazing character development and was easy to read and visualise. It was an amazing concept for the plot that i don’t think anybody has done before. Remy is the second daughter in her family, in her family every girl has one season in which she will bestow good luck onto anybody she kisses, however after Remy kisses her long-time crush, he only receives bad luck and she’s shunned by the whole town. I thought that some parts of the story went a bit quickly and the plot was easily resolved at the start, but I LOVED the LGBT representation and the happy ending. I was waiting for it all along. and I was not disappointed! It was a sweet teen romance, with a bit of magic thrown in too!
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THE playlist for this book is 10/10!

I would have loved this story when I was a teenager. Now let's say it wasn't to my liking.

A tender and dramatic story was made for me, very dramatic, the protagonist is a drama queen. I think this was the least I liked. His attitude... was not to my liking.

Everything else, the plot, the speed with which it is read and the idea itself. I found it quite interesting.
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Safe to say I have never read something like this before.

I really liked this, and I felt a bit bad for all the guilt that Remy and abuse she went through when I’m sorry but it wasn’t her fault at all. I don’t know how no one blamed him at least once. 

This was a little predictable I did guess how it was going to go and it did annoy me how she blamed her sister the entire way through all but was annoyed when her sister didn’t check up on her ect… like make up your mind… 

But overall I really did like this. I like Tobin and how it all came around perfectly and she accepted who she was. 

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this arc in exchange of an honest review!
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This was a fun YA romance book that I had a good time reading. I liked the main character and the main character's journey to find herself and find real love.
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Such a fun read loved the magic of the Holloway kiss. 

We watched remy go from a fun loving teen to a teen full of stress and doubt. Following her journey to finding her carefree self was a fun read. 

All of the things remy was going thru the doubt, the loss of friendship, all the changes are things that every teen goes thru minus the magic and even though I am far from a teen I would have loved to read something like this when I was that age.
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Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for this Arc!!

Remy is a Holloway girl.  And, this comes with a strange sort of responsibility for a girl at age 16.  A Holloway girl's kiss supposedly brings bad luck during her season.  However, when it's Remy's turn, she discovers that even something as simple as a lucky kiss can turn bad.  She kisses her crush and he falls under a spell of bad luck! But, is this really Remy's fault?

I mostly enjoyed this story.  My favorite piece to this tale is Tobin's character and how Remy seems to grow stronger and more confident by the end of the book.  The magic is really low-key and not discussed in great detail but that didn't take away from this fun, fast-paced read. 

Out June 7th!
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Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read The Holloway Girls before its release date! This book really had me torn. I enjoyed it but wasn't as gripped as I usually am by an ongoing read.

It was fun, and I can immediately tell that for others, this will be an absolute 5 star book; but for didn't quite live up to what I wanted from it. I loved the idea of the good luck kisses and the magic behind it, and I really enjoy books with magic that are set in current times; which this 100% is. I enjoyed the music references throughout, especially as a big BMTH fan myself - though I'm always wary of them as they do tend to very quickly date a book. I did have an issue though, unless I've just misunderstood, of it only being girls - though did like the easy, no fuss lgbtq+ rep that was in the book.

Mostly though, I just wanted more from the book. More drama, more worrying, more magic and mystery. I found myself so annoyed at the miscommunication; because that's a huge part of the story, though I don't want to spoil it here.
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I recieved the arc through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, all opinions following are based on my own experience reading the book.

As much as I did enjoy reading it, I can not deny it also was not exactly what I was expecting by reading the synopsis. We meet the Holloway sisters who on their 16th birthday get magical powers and whoever they kiss gets good luck. THE POTENTIAL it had was mindblowing but I must admit that since it's way more focus in the characters inner world, the pacing becomes rather slow. Also, the magic world was sadly barely explained.

I just wish we could had at least seen a lot more of the dynamic between the sisters and how the magic affected them in their own way. 

I can see how many people will like it though, it was a fun YA read overall. I do wonder, however, if it's really YA or more on the middle grader side.

Thank you netgalley and sourcevooks for the chance once again.
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This book was a fun and light, quick read. There was a lot of juicy drama. I picked it up thinking there would be lots of magic in it. But there was VERY little magic in the story but It did give me practical magic vibes. I was hooked from the start, I really like Remy's character and how dark she can be, she's really badass and has good taste in music. I really enjoyed all the characters. Can't forget how beautiful the cover is, I absolutely love it. I wish there was more to the story tho, maybe more backstories/magic. This will be a perfect book for the YA section. I really enjoyed it.

Thank you @netgalley and @sourcebooksfire for giving me the chance to read and review this book.
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The Holloway Girls by Susan Bishop Crispell was a book I was looking forward to reading and found myself disappointed with the book itself. The blurb of the book was confusing to understand and wasn't the premise of the actual book which is why I was disappointed when I completed the novel. The story follows Remy who is now in her kissing season, but kisses Issac who likes somebody else, leading to bad luck for him throughout the season. Remmy vows not to kiss anybody else until the kiss on Issac is lifted. The kissing season could be compared to a season like Brigerton the only difference is that the Holloways have magic. There are more family dynamics, especially between the sisters than romance, so adjust your expectations in advance. The plot wasn't there for me and I just felt like the book was missing the spark. Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The Holloway Girls is a book that I think will appeal to young readers, especially young girls. It is a very entertaining book with wonderful characters..
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3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars. 

Special thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks for sharing this digital ARC with me in exchange for my honest review. 

Every girls dreams about their Sweet 16. Remy is especially ecstatic because instead of a party full of gowns and glammer, it's her "kissing season"; just as every Holloway girl has had before her. When someone gets kissed during the season, they are gifted with good luck. 

The difference between Remy and those before her is, she doesn't want to just kiss anyone. She has her sights set on Isaac and hopes he will finally notice her. 

As always when magic is involved, mishaps occur, century set rules were broken. Someone gets injured and the town blames Remy and shuns her thinking she set this curse in motion. 

I enjoyed this read. It was fast-paced and kept me engaged. There were just times I felt I was reading a soap opera instead of an emotional teen’s journey in finding herself and shedding family secrets. There could have been a little more grit to it. 

I did like how the characters evolved. From beginning to end I felt like they each were much more interesting to read about and I loved the relationships formed. 

I would read another book by this author and am even hoping maybe this story will continue.
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wasnt too sure on this book when i first started as it was felt aimed lower then i am use to reading but as soon as i got to about 50 pages in, i was hooked by it. 

the characters are good with interesting development and make you want to hug and protect them for some reason. the story line itself is different and had great up ands downs.

defo one for the weekend easier read but over all a solid 4 stars
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Genuinely one of the best 'forbidden' romance books I've read. The tension was toe-curling, and I just loved it!! Sometimes a book is just meant to be a duology, and I think The Holloway Girls is one of them. I would have loved to watch the character development stretch into a whole other book because I felt like the main storyline got in the way of it; they were off doing magic research or ripping books apart right when they were about to make a life turning decision. Also, I love Maggie and would have loved to see her appear way more than she did (considering she appeared 3/4 of the book). I can't wait to recommend this book to everyone!!!
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