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The premise of the story is fantastic (kisses that can give luck to life, but if you break a rule there are disastrous consequences), and it could have been very good, but the execution left to be desired.

Early on it really troubled me how two people made a mistake, knowing that there would be consequences, and only one of them was to blame. This was so little explored, it was only thrown into the book to cause conflict and nothing more.

Then came the change of mind of Remy, the protagonist. Which is totally understandable, considering what she went through and was going through, but I think it was very abrupt and poorly developed. Besides being extremely repetitive, her speech talking about how her previous version no longer exists, and now she no longer has friends and was closed to love. Literally in every single chapter until the end.

The events throughout the book are kind of disconnected and pointless, many could have been taken down or improved to make the story less tiresome.

Remy's relationship with her older sister Maggie was very strange to read. In one paragraph they seemed to be well and interacting normal, and in the other they talked about not being able to forgive one another and how they were hurt.

Another point that was very uncomfortable was the way her older sister and her father kept repeating and insisting on her needing to kiss other boys and move on, even when she wasn't comfortable with it and felt very bad.

The dynamic of the protagonist with her romantic partner was very chaotic. His insistence on winning over Remy, and how even her family meddled in it, was very boring and tiresome to read. She just wanted to protect him, and no one could respect that, even when she was right all along.

The family magic system could have been more in-depth. Its origin, how it works, why only her family has it and why there are no other magical things in the world. Or, if they exist, why don't they show up.

Finally, I found the conclusion dull, even though it makes sense. I could have had an explanation of why that resolution wasn't written in the rules of the Book of Luck and why it was so easy. The book dragged on a lot for nothing. 

It was kind of fun, but tiring.
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In the Holloway family, when girls turn 16, they acquire a sort "kissing magic". During their year-long season, the Holloway girls gift good luck to anyone they kiss. There are only two rules:  You must not have given your heart away to anyone else, or the luck will be bad luck instead. You can't take a kiss, either - it has to be freely given.  There is a book that has been passed down through the generations to record the names of those who each girl has kissed.  On the first night of Remy's season, Remy knows exactly who she wants to kiss.  But when they kiss, and it turns out that his heart was still with his former girlfriend, he begins to have bad luck, and everyone including Remy is convinced she is cursed.  Now a new boy has moved next door, and he is making it really hard for her to keep her promise to herself not to kiss anyone. Especially because he seems to really want to get to know her, and isn't just using her for the Holloway luck. But before she can even think about kissing someone else, she'll have to find a way to fix the curse, or else her family's legacy will be tainted forever.
This was such a fun book. I read a previous book from this author - "The Secret Ingredient of Wishes" and loved it, so even though this was classified as a Teen/YA  book, I wanted to check it out.  This book was just as fun and magical.  It had a fresh storyline, likeable characters, and you really wanted to root for Remy.  I highly recommend this!
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2.5 stars
I was totally hooked by the synopsis and feel misled. I was expecting magic, family, maybe something Charmed-esque… instead I got a meh CW show-like-book that I suffered to get through. I think the concept was great, but this seriously fell flat for me unfortunately.
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for sending a copy of this book in exchange of my honest opinion. This was very light-hearted!! We follow a girl named Remy, who is a Holloway, meaning a kiss from her brings good luck. However, when her kissing season begins, it’s quite the opposite. Instead of good luck, she brings bad luck. 
I enjoyed discovering the main character, and even if I didn’t loved her sometimes, she felt very real, and true. Her interactions with Maggie, Tobin and Juliet were genuine, and it felt right. 
Overall, the story was cute and it’s definitely something I recommend reading during summer.
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There is so much to love about this book, the plot is really unique and interesting and it lends to some good circumstances and plot potential. The thought of a kiss causing good or bad luck opens up a lot of insecure feelings for Remy.

I did find that the middle simmered out to a slower pace whilst we deal with Remys feelings and development as a character, I feel her though process fits the YA genre its written for well but as an adult reading this, I did find her little repetitive and wanted her to snap out of her self loathing and sulking. Remy is a character who feels deeply but this effects a lot of the relationships around her and she pushes people away and doesn't talk openly to people to help solve her problems, which stunts the development of her own and others characters at times.

I really enjoyed that setting, the town, the trailer and the falls were all described and used well in the story, giving a good feel for the world and town Remy lives in. 
The dynamic between Remy and the other school friends is an interesting one as Remy finds out about herself she also battles with popularity and sorting the genuine friends from those who only want to use her for a lucky kiss.

A really lovely YA Book, would highly recommend for readers between 12 and 16 who are on the look out for a book boyfriend...
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Thank you Net Galley for this ARC!

"During the kissing season, one kiss from Remy or her older sister Maggie will give the boy—or girl—good luck. Or so it has been for all the Holloway girls before. But this year, Remy's first season, she doesn't follow the rules, dooming the boy she kisses to bad luck that almost kills him and leaving Remy with a cursed kissing season."

It's hard to enjoy a book when you don't really like the main character, and that was my problem with Remy. Half of the book is about Remy being a moody teenager and pushing people away and it went on for far too long in my opinion. It was the secondary characters that made this worth reading for me. I kept reading through the chapters hoping for some plot development, but every chapter read the same. It wasn't until the end when things finally picked up speed, but everything happened really quickly and then it was all over! '

The premise was promising but I don't think it was executed as well as it could have been. Remy spent most of the story being mean and distant to everything who tries to approach her and it literally was the same thing over and over again. It got tiresome. 

Very cliché but would be a nice summer read for a lovestruck teen.
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I think this was a really fun concept, and a unique twist on a magical "curse". I do think it also came off a little creepy at times. The Holloway girls from 16-17 depending on their birthday and when summer lands are able to kiss anyone they choose, and it will give that person good luck. I think it would have been more fun if no one knew about the "kissing season" for the girls. Everyone knew and would try to get them to give them a kiss, adults talked about it, kids talked about it, parents talked about it. It was all about "how many people are you going to kiss", "will you consider kissing my grandson", etc. So honestly this whole town was obsessed with these girls kissing people so it seemed  a little creepy. Then the new neighbors arrive and really insert themselves in their lives very very fast, and that didn't seem to flow well for me. I feel like we needed more build up for that part. One thing I did like was toward the end, the mom was very supportive and offered to move or whatever she needed to do for her daughter, I thought that was lovely. Overall not a bad read, maybe just not my personal favorite. It again was a unique idea I hadn't read before which I enjoyed reading something different.
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This was fun! I love a good magic/superstitious story and this filled that need in a nice way. High school is such a stressful setting and I think that is something everyone can relate to (despite not having magic kisses!) and I think this is a great read for someone who is looking for something a little more light hearted!
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I have to preface my review with saying I do not think I am the target audience of this more YA leaning book. The main character seemed very immature to me, and the plot line was juvenile. That being said I would have probably enjoyed this if I were in middle school, so perhaps this review is just a result of being removed from the target audience. Thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire for a copy of this book for an honest review.
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It wasn't my favorite book.  I give it 3 stars. It just wasn't my type of books I read. I didn't connect with anything in the book. I thought it was slow in some parts. Maybe i will try to read this book again n the future when i'm not in a reading slump.
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This is a lighthearted story about Remy and her family's ability to offer good fortune to anybody they kiss during their kissing season. Remy's kissing season, however, began badly when she cursed her crush, Isaac. She then swore she'd never kiss anybody else, but Tobin, the new boy, is making it tough for her.

I'm not going to lie, I had a hard time reading this book since I didn't always like the main character. She can be obnoxious and dramatic, which is fair given that she is a teen with issues. The plot is intriguing in and of itself because it is set in a realistic setting with mystical aspects. It reminds me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. The book had a lot of draggy parts that I had to push through in order to finish it. The dinner scene between the Holloways and their new neighbors is my favorite part. It was both chaotic and funny.
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A good YA book with a unique plot. I really liked Remy as a character and found her story very well written.
I would recommend!
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ARC provided by #NetGalley

I desperately need a whoopie pie now. And maybe a kiss. This book was adorable ADORABLE!!! That is the best word to describe it. A family lineage of girls who are blessed with giving good luck with a kiss the year they turn sixteen. What kind of fabulous storyline is that?! Of course the plot can't go that well, otherwise there would be no conflict. Susan Bishop Crispell has crafted an ADORABLE story about figuring out who you are, what it means to carry on the family heritage, and realizing what it means to be broken. Beautiful. 

But seriously, is someone going to get me a whoopie pie?
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I thought that this book was really good! It had a really nice plot, amazing character development and was easy to read and visualise. It was an amazing concept for the plot that i don’t think anybody has done before. Remy is the second daughter in her family, in her family every girl has one season in which she will bestow good luck onto anybody she kisses, however after Remy kisses her long-time crush, he only receives bad luck and she’s shunned by the whole town. I thought that some parts of the story went a bit quickly and the plot was easily resolved at the start, but I LOVED the LGBT representation and the happy ending. I was waiting for it all along. and I was not disappointed! It was a sweet teen romance, with a bit of magic thrown in too!
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THE playlist for this book is 10/10!

I would have loved this story when I was a teenager. Now let's say it wasn't to my liking.

A tender and dramatic story was made for me, very dramatic, the protagonist is a drama queen. I think this was the least I liked. His attitude... was not to my liking.

Everything else, the plot, the speed with which it is read and the idea itself. I found it quite interesting.
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Safe to say I have never read something like this before.

I really liked this, and I felt a bit bad for all the guilt that Remy and abuse she went through when I’m sorry but it wasn’t her fault at all. I don’t know how no one blamed him at least once. 

This was a little predictable I did guess how it was going to go and it did annoy me how she blamed her sister the entire way through all but was annoyed when her sister didn’t check up on her ect… like make up your mind… 

But overall I really did like this. I like Tobin and how it all came around perfectly and she accepted who she was. 

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to read this arc in exchange of an honest review!
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This was a fun YA romance book that I had a good time reading. I liked the main character and the main character's journey to find herself and find real love.
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Such a fun read loved the magic of the Holloway kiss. 

We watched remy go from a fun loving teen to a teen full of stress and doubt. Following her journey to finding her carefree self was a fun read. 

All of the things remy was going thru the doubt, the loss of friendship, all the changes are things that every teen goes thru minus the magic and even though I am far from a teen I would have loved to read something like this when I was that age.
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Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for this Arc!!

Remy is a Holloway girl.  And, this comes with a strange sort of responsibility for a girl at age 16.  A Holloway girl's kiss supposedly brings bad luck during her season.  However, when it's Remy's turn, she discovers that even something as simple as a lucky kiss can turn bad.  She kisses her crush and he falls under a spell of bad luck! But, is this really Remy's fault?

I mostly enjoyed this story.  My favorite piece to this tale is Tobin's character and how Remy seems to grow stronger and more confident by the end of the book.  The magic is really low-key and not discussed in great detail but that didn't take away from this fun, fast-paced read. 

Out June 7th!
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Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read The Holloway Girls before its release date! This book really had me torn. I enjoyed it but wasn't as gripped as I usually am by an ongoing read.

It was fun, and I can immediately tell that for others, this will be an absolute 5 star book; but for didn't quite live up to what I wanted from it. I loved the idea of the good luck kisses and the magic behind it, and I really enjoy books with magic that are set in current times; which this 100% is. I enjoyed the music references throughout, especially as a big BMTH fan myself - though I'm always wary of them as they do tend to very quickly date a book. I did have an issue though, unless I've just misunderstood, of it only being girls - though did like the easy, no fuss lgbtq+ rep that was in the book.

Mostly though, I just wanted more from the book. More drama, more worrying, more magic and mystery. I found myself so annoyed at the miscommunication; because that's a huge part of the story, though I don't want to spoil it here.
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