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Information Design Workbook, Revised and Updated

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As a UX Designer, a field related to the subject of the book, I was interested when I read the title.

Information Design Workbook, is a non-fiction book about information design, methods, interviews, and case studies in the broad and interesting field of information design.

It begins with a brief introduction to the field and its similar fields, such as UX Design (of which I am a part). In between, there are interviews, which show special paths one can take in the design field and how they apply design in their work.

The other chapters I found very informative to read, explaining different phases in the design process. Like the discovery phase, in which research is very important. In these chapters, a lot of information is shared with the reader, with (a variety of) examples, visuals, and methods.

The book ends with many interesting case studies with examples of design in the real world and how it is implemented. There is a lot to learn from this.

I recommend this book for people who are studying information design (or any other path in the UX design umbrella). Or for people like me, who are working in the field, and want to learn more.
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The Information Design Workbook is a useful resource book for anyone that works with Data or any other creative field that has to create, design, make, organize, information for others, whether others are customers or employers, the public, or clients.  The case studies were so detailed and every chapter is filled with all the useful information you can need in order to be successful in your design.
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A simple guide to Information design and its many uses. "Information Design Workbook" provides tips for organizing information, as well as real life examples showing how good design will clarify and aid understanding.  I'm already incorporating some of the tips in this book for libguides and websites in my work.
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