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The Queen on Our Corner

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Everyone walks by the woman who sits alone, except for her dog, in the abandoned lot on the corner. They don't realize that there is a queen in their neighbourhood. Every day the residents walk by caught up in their daily lives, except for one little girl. That child has figured out that everyone, including this woman, has a past. That past could have included all manner of deeds and heroic adventures. Once she brings attention to her, the neighbors become concerned and want her to move on. But, one night something happens and quick thinking actions save the community. It is only then that the neighbors catch on and begin to support her.

This is a nice and sensitive story for young children dealing with the topic of homelessness. It is a nice reminder for kids and adults that the homeless weren't always without a place, and that with a little help, they might once again become kings and queens. So often we ignore individuals or things that make us feel uncomfortable or seem out of place. Books like this one that depict homelessness help to foster empathy and raise awareness in children. Often children who live in the suburbs don't encounter homeless people and when they do, it is nice that they are somewhat prepared and can act with empathy and understanding. The illustrations by Nia Tudor are well done in mixed media and go a long way in showing emotion, both when she is sad, tired and alone as well as her pride and grace when her life is being imagined. They add much to the story and promote discussion. This is a great book for family, school and public libraries.
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A little girl notices the “queen” who lives in a nearby corner with her “royal hound.” Like most, the little girl didn’t notices her at first. The girls mother is scared of her at first, but realizes that she might have been through a lot of battles and maybe had a palace once upon a time. They start to bring her food and tea. It isn’t until the queen alerted the neighbors one night to a fire, they change their minds. In the end, the neighbors build her a house on the corner. 

 This books shows homelessness is a different light. It makes you think and want to help the kings and queens of the world. The ones that have fought many battles and just need a helping hand.
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I really liked this story. It's sweet and simple, like a child's imagination, and reminds us that everyone has something to give, even those that we all ignore as we hurry on our way.
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The Queen on Our Corner tells the story of the neighborhood homeless woman and how changing your own perspective can change the way you treat others.
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The neighbors don't know that there is a queen in their midst. Every day she sits dejectedly on an abandoned lot as the residents walk by caught up in their daily lives. But one little girl has figured out that this woman has a past . . . a past that could have included all manner of deeds and heroic adventures. However, it takes a crisis, AND an act of heroism for the rest of the neighborhood to catch on.

A nice reminder for kids and adults that the homeless weren't always without a "palace," and that with a little help, they might once again become kings and queens.

The book features lovely illustrations by Nia Tudor.
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Children's books that tackle topics like homelessness are rare, and this is a great one. It doesn't explore the causes of homelessness, and the solution is a little too easy, but I love that the main character approaches the homeless woman in her neighbourhood with empathy and an open mind.

The main character (who is Black) sees a homeless woman on her block and imagines her as a queen who is weary from battle. She is frustrated that no one else seems to pay attention to the Queen, but gets a chance to draw attention to her heroics and help the Queen be accepted by her neighbours.

The fairy-tale-like illustrations are perfection for this story, full of fun details for kids to pore over.

Overall, a great introduction to the concept of homelessness and empathy for kids.
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I received an e-copy from NetGalley for an honest review.

This was an amazing  book that I read with my daughter and son about a girl wanting to help a homeless person.  She sees this women as “The Queen on our block”  and some days the girl  and her mom stops by this women to offer her a some food and in return “the queen” tells all these amazing stories she has experienced in her life. One night while everyone was sleeping, something tragic happens and the queen shouts and wakes everyone up. She helped save all these people and in return everyone came together and all helped the queen on the block.  
My kids loved the bright and beautiful illustrations. And I loved that there was a lesson for readers to learn.
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Oh god, this book is so good! It's got an excellent message about the respect (and even honor) owed unhoused people, and it focuses on the power of one little Black girl to make everyone acknowledge and change the biases society has allowed them to maintain. It's got absolutely GORGEOUS art, and the premise of the woman on the corner being a 'queen' who's fought many battles and undergone many adventures was a simply genius way to connect with young readers (and older readers, frankly). And while it might traffic in respectability politics a bit (since the woman has to help the community in the face of an emergency to get recognition), the overall message is great for kids (and the overly simplistic/reductive ideas are more than excusable in a picture book of this sort). And the ending is so sweet--I WISH we lived in a world like this. Can't wait to read it to the little ones in my life.
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A very gentle book that teaches about homelessness, and seeing people for what they are, rather than trying to ignore them.

A woman appears in the village that the little girl, the narrator lives on. She thinks the woman is a queen who has lost her kingdom, and although she is scared of her at first, she and her mother take her food, and listen to her tell stories of other places.

And the little girl says that the queen is protecting the village, which proves true when the woman notices a house fire, and alerts people to it.

For that, the village rewards her by building her a house.

If only life were as easy as it is in picture books.

Good story to teach children that homeless, the unhoused are just like them.

<em>Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.</em>
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This is such a sweet, gentle story with a wonderful message.    A young girl notices a woman experiencing homelessness in her neighborhood and sees her through the eyes of a child, noticing her essential humanity and recognizing her stories and contributions.    Together with her mother, they help the rest of the neighbors take  an interest and act as a community to help.   

This is told in very simple, kid-friendly language and the tone is positive and hopeful.  Younger kids might not quite understand the nuances of the text, but can still benefit from a nice story about respect and compassion.   It should be possible to delve a little deeper with mid-elementary kids.   The illustrations are lively and detailed and work well to bring the story to life.

This would be a great addition to school, classroom, and community libraries!

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
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