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A very touching story of friendship and heartbreak. For fans of Eleanor and Park, this story will tug at the heartstrings and fill you with joy and hope.
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I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

I really enjoyed the structure of this book and how it jumped forward one year at a time. The building of the relationship was very sweet and I thought generally pretty well handled. Not gonna lie though, the book/Will lost major major major points in my mind when he wasn't there for Cat after her mom died. There were a couple parts where it dragged a little bit, but I found it to be an enjoyable read over all.
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This book was sooo good, I loved basically every tiny bit of it, and it both gave me butterflies and made me cry. I love the slow romance trope and friends to lovers trope. It sparked so much joy to read and I couldn’t put it down, so I read it in two days, which is a sign of a good book.

I really liked the long period it spread around, and how it jumped from summer to summer, and how we followed both Cat and Will throughout the years and see them mature and go through a lot of stages of life. I could identify with a lot of Cat’s thoughts and how everything feels chaotic and that she couldn’t let go of neither him nor the marina. 

The love they have for each other is both pure and a little toxic, but in a way that can be identified with. I really loved the ‘meant to be’ theme and how neither of them could let go of each other. Sometimes there just is a spark that don’t die out and I love how this book build upon that.  

Even though it mainly was about Cat and Will’s relationship, there was so much more going on in this book, it was filled with funny and different characters, that all meant something different for the story. It was about finding yourself without being hold down of expectations. The story would have been medium without the minor characters, that constantly threat Cat and Will’s relationship and therefore also makes it deeper, it makes them to who they are. The family in this book is just as it is in real life; messy, controlling and loving. I simply fell in love with the book and all it characters (expect Steven).
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What a cute read! I love a good summer romance story, and spreading it out over this many summers made my heart happy! 
Was it a slower moving book? Absolutely. Thats what I loved about it. It didn't rush anything and we had to painstakingly wait, just like Cat and Will.
I would read this over and over!
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For The Summer was a fun book that throws you into all the summer feels. It took me a bit to get into it but it was a great book. The author did an awesome job describing young teenage years - it's super nostalgic!
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A sweet story and fun quick read.  I definitely liked the characters in the story and was rooting for them throughout the entire novel.  There may be similar love stories but this was a unique take on it.
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Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review. This book has such a cute premise on the surface, but it just wasn't a book for me. This fluffy coming of age rom-com is cute, but the chapters are super long and nothing really connected for me. I was not a fan of the characters at all. However, I really liked the setting and the way that the author painted a picture of where we were in the story which was nice.
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I was skeptical about the set up of this book but oh man! I fell in love with Cat and Will from the very beginning. Cat lives in a river town and Will comes to stay for the summer with his dad. They became fast friends and grow up together. My heart broke when Will had to leave every summer. I loved watching them grow up almost as much as I loved watching Jay, Margot and Lauren grow up. I cannot recommend enough.
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For the Summer by Camille Harte is a sweet story providing a snapshot of Cat, who’s father owns a Marina on the Colorado River and Will, a vacationer and the summers they spend together at the Marina from 1983 to 1999. At times the characters acted pretty immaturely but it was great to see them grow up together and watch the story of their friendship unfold. 

Thank you to NetGalley and IBPA for an eARC of the novel in exchange for an honest review.
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What a sweet feel good read. For The Summer reminded me of my own childhood going to our family’s friends house on the lake, swimming, eating ice cream and playing games.  

It’s the summer of 1983 and 12 year old Cat lives at her Dads Marina on the Colorado River in Arizona. 12 year old Will and his father are vacationers from San Francisco and have come to stay at the marina for the summer. A beautiful friendship ensues between Will and Cat but sadly at the end of the summer Will and his father must return home. But Will promises he will return the following summer. And he does and every summer for the next 16 years. For 17 summers the reader has the privilege to witness the relationship unfold between Cat and Will. It is a beautiful, complicated, sweet and messy relationship all rolled into one. Reminiscent of one’s first love! 

I enjoyed how Camille Harte writes in such a detailed way that you feel like you are watching the story unfold in front of your eyes. Like watching a movie. It was fascinating to experience how Cat and Will mature over the years. The author really captured what it is  like to go through those awkward teenage and young adult years. I absolutely loved this book and will definitely buy a copy for my shelves when it comes out January 22, 2022. 

Thank you NetGalley, Camille Harte and IBPA for my advanced electronic copy of For The Summer, in exchange for my honest review.
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I received a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

The cover of this book is what initially drew my eye and then the synopsis intrigued me more. This is not my usual Romance or Fantasy genre, it does not create worlds and send you on out of this world adventures. What it does is hit you in the feels and make you flashback to when you were a child, learning about what life is and could be. When the most stressful decisions revolved around what kind of snack you wanted to eat and what you and your friend would do for that day. It's a story of growth, self discovery and a love that grew and changed over a decade.

One of my favorite things about this book was the way it was set up. Each chapter was a year with a title of something that happened that summer between Cat and Will. Along with the title were three tidbits about what was going on that year. It was such a unique idea that I found myself excited to look back and see what was big during that year. I would get anxious waiting to see the title of the chapter, hoping to get a hint of what was to come through each milestone summer.

Cat and Will's relationship is so beautifully portrayed in this book. From the very first moment Will pulls Cat's bathing suit strap, I knew it would be something special. The stubbornness that held Cat back for years from taking the plunge and just admitting that Will was her everything made my heart ache while simultaneously wanting to shake them both. The fact that Cat and Will were a cornerstone for one another is what made this book such an amazing read and made me feel every single struggle right along with them.

There is a happily ever after, that in true Cat and Will style is perfect for them. It brings their journey full circle and left me feeling whole once again.

"It all started with a snap, a shove, a snotty attitude that was meant to push him away but pulled him right in."

Will and his Catherine the Great will hold a special place in my heart. I cannot recommend this book enough, Camille Harte knocked it out of the park with her debut novel and I love her so much for blessing us with this book.
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'For the Summer' had a cute premise but was not executed well. It starts in the summer of 1983, when Cat meets Will at her dad's marina. They continue to meet every summer for the next several years. There is a cute summer romance that blooms between the two, but it is hard for them to be together as they live so far apart. After a few chapters, I found the book quite tedious and the characters were far too stubborn. It became a bit frustrating. There were also some strange messaging about sex and consent. I did enjoy the inclusion at the start of every chapter of some fun facts about the year the chapter is set in. 

I was given a free e-book from NetGalley in exchange for a review.
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This book felt like a summer vacation. I really enjoyed following along with how Cat and Will's story developed over a decade of summers. But just because it's a summer romance doesn't mean everything is easy – it's a sloooooowwww burn. Almost too slow. It was frustrating at times to see Cat and Will face the same obstacles over and over with slight variation. I really enjoyed how the maturity of the writing shifts as Cat, our narrator, gets older. It starts off so simple and gets heavier as we watch Cat experience more life. The writing of the book itself mimics Cat's character development and how long she must've longed for everything to finally align, which I appreciated.
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It’s 1983 and eleven-year old Cat Rossi watches the launch ramp at her father’s marina where dozens of trucks patiently wait to back their toys into the shallow water. They're out-of-towners, Paychecks, her brother likes to call them, because they bring the money, all of them attracted to the hot, dry climate of the Arizona desert and the venue for water sports that the Colorado River provides.

Cat’s used to the carousel of single summer friends, until she meets Will Henderson, the only son of a wealthy doctor. They bond over ice cream, boat rides, and pinky promises, and when August ends, Will vows to come back next year. Over the next decade, Cat spends the off-season waiting for Will to return for the summer, and every year their connection is tested as they wade the awkward waters of adolescence into adulthood in the 80’s and 90’s. Torn between family obligation and her desire to forge her own path, Cat must decide how much she's willing to risk for the greatest love of her life.
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I couldn't get into the story and ended up dnf-ing it. Wasn't bad, the writing was good, it just not for me. I couldn't connect with the characters so I didn't finish it
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This book made me relive my first summer as a teen. Slow burn, awkwardness that's unspoken, crushed, beach trips. It's like a live action version of Teen Beach Movie from Disney. Love
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I received an advanced reader copy of For the Summer in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for this opportunity.

For The Summer was a wonderful book. I found myself engrossed in the lives of Cat and Will from their early teen years through adulthood. I love how the author really brought the marina to life with her descriptions. The characters were well-rounded and not one note. I did feel that Cat had more character development than Will but that may have been due to the story being told from her perspective. 

As much as I did love the characters, there were times where I wanted to smack either of them for the way they acted towards each other. Maybe that is a good thing because it shows that the characters are human and make a connection with the reader.  Cat let Will walk over her too much and it was like he expected her to do all the work to keep in touch. Other than that, I enjoyed their ending and found it to be very sweet. 

For The Summer is a great read.
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For The Summer is a fun summer read (even though I read this book in the dead of winter). In the summer of 1983, Cat, the daughter of the owner of a marina, meets Will. This one tender meeting sparks a life-long friendship between "Paycheck" and Cat. Both characters struggle with internal family issues: Will's dad wants him to be a doctor, and Cat's dad needs her to run the marina after her brother moves away. Cat and Will also have to deal with the fact that every summer Will leaves for a whole year, complicating their blossoming romance. Overall, this novel was equal parts heartbreaking, comical, and realistic. 

Thank you Camille Harte and Netgalley for providing an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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The story 
It’s 1983. Cat lives on the marina that her dad owns on a rural river spot. She’s 11 when she first meets Will, a summer visitor from the Bay Area. Will’s mom has recently died from cancer and his doctor father brings him and the wicked stepmother to the marina on holiday. Each year, Dr Henderson and Will return. Soon there is a new stepmother and her two daughters, sometimes it’s their friends and later his girlfriend. Over the years, their friendship and shared bond of motherlessness and duty to their fathers and family grows into a deep love. Things are complicated by the absences the rest of the year and the real life that happens outside of the summers. Can the timing ever work for Cat and Will? 

My thoughts 
This is such a beautiful coming of age story. Set over a period from 1983 to 1999, we walk through the shared moments of Cat and Will’s lives year by year. I loved the three facts of each year at the start of each chapter that put you right back into the time period. I was a few years younger than Cat and Will at these times but they struck a chord in my memories. The details of clothing, listening to cassette tapes, getting cellphones and CD players felt familiar. I loved how the relationship between Cat and Will isn’t simple, the love is always there but there is anger, embarrassment, sadness, and so much joy. A beautiful read!
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Plot ✍ 
It's 1983 and eleven-year old Cat Rossi watches the launch ramp at her father's marina where dozens of trucks patiently wait to back their boats into the shallow water. They're out-of-towners, Paychecks, her brother likes to call them because they bring the money. But just for the summer.

Cat's used to the carousel of part-time friends until she meets Will Henderson, the only son of a wealthy doctor. They bond over ice cream and pinky promises, and when August ends, Will vows he'll be back. Cat's not counting on it; things change, people do too, but when Will eventually returns to the marina, they quickly fall back into their easy friendship.
Every year, Cat waits for Will to return to the marina for the summer, and every year their connection is tested as they wade the awkward waters of adolescence into adulthood.

Thoughts 💭 
This book is so good. It's cute and sweet. We start with Cat and Will being kids. Each chapter is a year and tells you what happened in that year.  They show the Summer that they've had together. Each Summer they grow closer, or further apart. Their friendship is tested quite a few times. I love the characters. The character development was so good. You really felt the pull of her wanting to be with Will but not dosappoint her dad. It really encompassed the feel of Summer. If you're looking for a sweet feel good read then this is definitely the one for you.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and IBPA for the eARC!
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