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Oh my gosh, what a read! Could not put it down it’s just that good! When Whitney returns from the dead, she begins searching for 6 months of her life that are missing. The only thing she has is some corrupted notes and flashes of memory that take her back to a bar and him. Ramsey!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own
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In Don’t Play With Odin, the heroine’s best friend was nearly killed by a serial killer. She’d been left for dead in the Gulf of Mexico. Whitney didn’t die, but once she was found, the past six months or so were gone from her memory. This is Whitney’s book.

Whitney knows she’s missing something big from her life, even though she doesn’t quite know what. To an extent, that’s to be expected with amnesia, but this is more than that. It’s a feeling that while her friends and family, and even her job have all embraced her as if no time has passed. They missed her and they are so happy she’s alive, that she’s okay, that she’s back. But…she’s not really okay. She’s missing a huge piece of her life. She hires Trouble For Hire, Odin specifically, since he’s her best friend’s man. And while he knows what’s going on, she tells him something that he doesn’t know. She’s pregnant. The baby was conceived before she was dumped in the ocean and nearly drowned. This means that only one person can be the father, and that one person, wants nothing to do with her.

Ramsey has left Whitney alone, knowing that she doesn’t need his kind of trouble in her life. He’s a criminal. Or at least he was. He runs a shady bar in a sketchy part of town, and lots of people are afraid of him. She’s a professor at the local university, she’s respected and well-liked…and she’s too good for Ramsey. When he went to see her in the hospital, she didn’t remember him, and he felt that was his chance to leave her life for the better. But it wasn’t better. She knew she was missing something, and that something was him.

Whitney , in the mean time, has had some roses delivered to her house and to her work, and thinks they’re from Ramsey. Spoiler alert: they aren’t. The main reason Ramsey felt her life would be better with a fresh start, without him, is because he has a lot of enemies who would love to hurt him. If they hurt Whitney, they would truly hurt him. So by staying away, he is protecting her. She just doesn’t know it.

But as they progress, so does the danger. And when the danger becomes something Whitney can’t ignore, or mentally explain away, it’s a good thing Ramsey is there. Little does he know, though, that he’s not alone. He has a team of guys, friends, who want to help. I think my favorite scene was where all the guys are gathered and in the same room, and it’s really touching and sweet. I loved this book, and I loved Ramsey and Whitney (especially after Ramsey got his head on straight and fought for Whitney). This author is always a win for me, and this book was an extra big giant win. I will always read a Cynthia Eden book.

This book may be an amnesia book (not typically my fave), but I feel it was handled really well. I loved how Whitney’s memories came in bits and pieces, or just a hard knowledge of something, even if the memory itself wasn’t there. This felt right for the heroine and right for the story. Cynthia Eden’s books are always well-researched, well-thought out, and well-written. This book is an excellent example of that. I am really looking forward to the next book in the Trouble For Hire series.

***ARC courtesy of the author via Netgalley
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I will read anything Cynthia writes. This book showcases why! I loved Whitney and Ramsey so much. Ramsey was unexpectedly swoony to me. I can’t wait to read what Cynthia writes next!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for an opportunity to read and review this book - all thoughts are my own.  Cynthia Eden is a favorite author of mine and this book does not disappoint.  Ramsey is not always a nice guy - tough and feared - except he falls to his knees for Whitney - who has resurfaced after being missing for six months and has amnesia and doesn't remember him or the time that spent together.  When Whitney shows up with a surprise pregnancy all bets are off and Ramsey will stop at nothing to be in Whitney and the baby's life. The parts where he falls in love with the baby - swoon.  I loved this true bad guy melt for the woman he loves....what a great book.
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A Spectacular Suspense Romance .
I volunteered to read and review an advanced readers copy of Remembering Ramsey through Netgalley . This is another sensational suspense romance from Author . It kept me captivated from start to finish . Ramsey is a hard hearted criminal but he lost his heart to Dr. Whitney Augustine then she went missing . She was attacked and left for dead . Whitney was lucky to survive but unfortunately she lost the last six months of her memory . Ramsey has most of the answers . Ramsey feels he doesn't deserve Whitney and refuses to give her the true answers . Whitney is in danger and soon Ramsey realizes he must protect her . But the danger is closer than they both realize . This story is full of suspense and intrigue . All out amazing romance . I highly recommend reading this action packed story .
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This is the first book I have read in the series Trouble For Hire and I will definitely be getting the others now after reading this one.
Whitney and Ramsey are two of the most intense heart stopping characters I have read in a long long time! This story caught me by surprise with each page that I turned. I thought I had it all figured out until the next page had me again wondering what was going to happen next.
Whitney and Ramsey are meant to be together but there are so many hurdles and issues and tears and mystery and questions that need  answers before the happiness can be there for them.
Thank you NetGalley, Cynthia Eden and Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc. for this book. This is my personal review.
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I am a  big fan of Romance books and I found this one to be a very enjoyable read.  I will be looking for more books from this author.
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Cynthia Eden knows how to bring the suspense, action, and romance and this book has all that in spades. Scary tough guy Ramsey is trying to do the right thing by leaving Whitney alone after she suffers trauma at the hands of a madman. He has a lot of enemies and she is his weak spot. But Whitney can't remember the last 6 months due to her ordeal and knows Ramsey has the answers she needs. I really enjoyed this second chance at love romantic suspense novel. Highly recommended.
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He knows he should stay away. He knows that he is no good for her. She deserves someone kind, someone without his dark past. Ramsey Hyde had to grow up tough and work for everything he has. His bar is filled with those that need a place to go, a place of darkness. When Whitney Augustine showed up at his bar, he should have sent her away, but she brought lightness into his world. For awhile she was his, then she was gone and he felt broken. Now she is back after surviving what should have killed her. He tries to force her away, until he learns her secret, a secret that brings him hope and another chance to be hers. When her home is attacked, he knows that someone is after him and that if they harm her, they destroy him. He will not let that happen and will take down anyone who gets in his way. An electrifying romantic suspense by Ms. Eden that will keep you engaged until the final, thrilling conclusion. I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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Oh I knew Ramsey's story was going to be great but it's better than that. By far my favorite of the series. Ramsey is more than meets the eye. Whitney is everything you hope she will be after all she endured. This one is action packed. The suspense is intense. The romance sexy, steamy and just the right amount of sweet. I guessed the bad guy really early but it didn't take anything away from the story. Honestly it added to the tension. Cynthia Eden has outdone herself with this book.
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So if you've been reading the Trouble for Hire Series and you've come this far, you're probably like me and couldn't wait to read Ramsey's story and let me say, it did not disappoint!  I know Ramsey was written as a scary, dangerous character, but I fell in love with him when I found out he was Jinx's brother and all he went through.  This story moves and never stops!  If you've enjoyed the previous 3 books, you're going to love Remember Ramsey.  Ms. Eden has given us everything we've been anticipating and more.  She does an awesome job of writing her heroines with spunk and sass and bravery and Whitney's character is no exception -- I loved this girl!  There's always a twist or two, lots of drama and mystery and combustible chemistry between the two main characters.  And I'm a sucker for the amnesia trope!  Another excellent romantic suspense from Cynthia Eden.  I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC for NetGalley.
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Anyone who has been reading this series as [probably been waiting like me for Ramsey and Whitney's story and boy was it worth the wait

Ramsey isn't a good guy but he is also a product of his upbringing willing to do whatever he needs to to keep those he loves safe and that includes Whitney He is determined to push her away thinking she would be better without him. But Whitney has a secret and isn't going to leave him no matter what he does Can they have a future You will have to read to see. This book is the perfect mix of suspense dram and romance and like all Cynthia's books the villain is always well hidden and not discovered in the first few chapters keeping you engaged until the end
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Remember Ramsey Cynthia Eden’s fourth book in the Trouble for Hire Series is one of second chances when you don’t believe you deserve it story. Sometimes a person is wrong in believing that they are not worthy of another chance, Ramsey Hyde is such a person. It seems like a coincidence too good to be true when Dr. Whitney Augustine comes to Trouble for Hire Private Investigations for help. She doesn’t remember Ramsey but he never forgot her.

It has been a long while since I have read a story dealing with amnesia so this was a treat. Ramsey may seem like an anti-hero since he has a past that is the opposite of what we think of in a hero yet he wears the title well in this story. He is determined to protect Whitney no matter what.  I enjoyed the characters and the whole plot from beginning to the very end making him a hero in her eyes and mine too. 

An ARC of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Good Girl & Bad Boy!!

Kissing her had been a colossal mistake. He’d been weak, and he’d given in to the rough lust he felt for her. Whitney had always been able to break his control.

If Ramsey hadn’t got his HEA there would have been a riot. What can I say he is my favorite so far. I love when a bad guy can be the hero.

His fingers closed around hers. A surge of heat flew from her fingertips all the way through her body. One of those electric jolts that people wrote about in books but that had never happened to Whitney before in her entire life.

He gave me a rose today. It was random, and I just… I love that stupid rose. And why am I including this in my notes? Irrelevant. Completely irrelevant.

Whitney doesn’t remember what happened between them but she is drawn to him. He’s wants to do the right thing and leave her alone but not happening. He realizes that she’s in danger and it’s on!!

When I’m with Ramsey, I feel safer than I’ve ever been at any other point in my life.

He said the tattoo was to remind him that beautiful things had to be held carefully. Treasured.

This story was amazing from start to finish. The ending was a shocker. All our favorites are back to help and some new characters I want to know more about show up.
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Ramsey finally gets his happily ever after. He and  Whitney have a road filled with drama, emotion, twists and pure sweetness. 

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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Finally we get Ramsey's story. I was not disappointed. Remember Ramsey, was perfect. I loved how Whitney's memory started coming back at the perfect time.  And the ending is awesome.
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