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A breathtakingly beautiful educational book about ocean life. This book features tons of stunning photographs of different creatures and brief information about each. A fascinating feast for the senses! 

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Ocean Planet: Animals of the Sea and Shore by Ben Rothery explores ocean life.  Pacific walrus, king penguin, narwhal, great white shark, squid, seahorse, moray eel, humpback whale, manta ray, orca, and many more are rendered in great detail on the pages of the book. It includes shore dwellers who depend on the sea: Polar bears and otters of course, but also ring-tailed lemurs, Bengal tigers, and British Columbia wolves. It also explores extreme ocean environments: Tropical reefs and polar seas, islands and open oceans, surface waters and the ocean abyss, kelp forests and mangroves.

Ocean Planet is a visually fascinating book that had me looking closer at many images to be certain they were not photographs. The illustrations are highly detailed and of wonderful quality. The artistry, skill, and attention to detail is evident on every single page, regardless of the general size or popularity of the subject. It is well structured and organized, helping to make the book engaging and accessible to readers.  I liked the information that was given about the included subjects, and the clear message that the ocean and it's health is key to our planet. I think this book is wonderful for library, school, and personal collections. Nature and animal lovers will want a copy, and artists and art lovers might want a copy to study and enjoy as well.
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What a fantastic enrichment book!   Broadly divided by themes (region, animal family, record-breakers, etc.) this is a fascinating exploration of the wondrous diversity of life in and around our oceans.    There is also a very interesting section about the oceans themselves that adds context to the animal articles.

The photos featured are breathtaking!   They're wonderfully detailed and really showcase the amazing variety of life and how it adapts to any far-flung environment.   This will definitely hold the attention of elementary and middle school students and would be a great addition to school and classroom libraries.

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