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Redirecting the Baron's Greed

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I found this book incredibly hard to follow. If it wasn't intended for a standalone book within a series, I feel like that should have been mentioned - I hadn't read any of the other books in this series, or anything else by the author, and spent at least the first quarter of the book being confused about who was who, why these cousins are identical, how anyone knows each other, and why I should be interested in any of it. I just didn't find much compelling to draw me in and interest me in figuring out what was going on, and the writing didn't really make this information readily available to me.
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Redirecting the Baron's Greed by C H Amirand is a decent read wherein a man's focus on money changes when he falls in love. It is part of the continuing story of the Duke of Wyndmere and is security issues. When his cousin, Baron Marcus Summerfield shows up looking for a way to access some money, the duke offers his London townhouse as lodging. That would solve most, but not all, of Marcus' problems. But sadly, Marcus had been targeted his first night there, at White's, by tow men, Lord Hughes and Lord Stillman, who got him so drunk her could barely stand. They took him home and let the butler know they had been invited to stay. By the next morning, with a severe hangover, Marcus discovered his "guests" and a room full of harlots. This would not due, and he didn't remember inviting them. Thankfully the duke's security and his man of business recognized what had happened and made short work of removing the guilty parties, and the women. They recognized it as the beginning of another assault on the duke and his family and were particularly worried as Lady Phoebe, the duke's sister was in residence with his mother-in-law, Lady Farnsworth for the season. Plenty happens in the next few weeks including an attempt to ruin Lady Phoebe, several fights, several kidnappings, and more. 

Marcus started off an immature, self-centered man interested only in his pleasure. From the first time he saw Phoebe he was attracted but nothing more. As the season wore on and he spent more time with him he fell in love. The trials the family went through matured him and everyone began to see him in a different light. The duke was forced to leave his wife and newborn twins to come to town to deal with some of the things going on, and even he was impressed. This was a very complicated plot with several sets of "bad guys," although some were not as dangerous as others, at least physically. It was well plotted and exciting to read. It flowed well and felt good. This has been a terrific series and this book was a welcome addition. 

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of Redirecting the Baron's Greed by Dragonblade, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #netgalley #dragonblade #chamirand #redirectinghtebaronsgreed
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Marcus goes to see his cousin, the Duke of Wyndmere, to see if the Duke will provide him funds to live the way Marcus would like to live in London.  Lady Phoebe sees him and assumes he is his cousin and launches herself in his arms.  Realizing her mistake, she is still intrigued by Marcus.
The Duke offers Marcus the use of his London home.  The Duke's goal has been to improve the family name and thus he has been happy to help his cousins.  
C.H. Admirand does an outstanding job of throwing in a few twists, turns, and a surprise or two along the way.  We again see the Duke's Irish guard guarding the Duke of Wyndmere and his growing family.
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I had a hard time getting into to this book, because Baron Marcus Summerfield is so vain and self-serving. A totally unpleasant man who worships money over integrity. His saving grace is Lady Phoebe. Not my idea of  a respectable hero, but that is the point of this book. Kidnapping and murder are the background. It is a more interesting story about the last third of the book. Love changed a Baron. 
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.
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An intriguing story that takes a journey to get to a happy ever after!

She is still a little cautious since her debut season which left her traumatized. She’d had unwanted attention from a madman and had not truly gone back out into society.

He needed help from the Duke, but upon meeting the Duke’s sister, he was having a hard time focusing on much else.

Once she runs into danger again he is determined to keep her safe. But can he?

Great addition to this series!
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Baron Marcus Summerfield is determined that he needs to live the high life and just because he isn't the fist born doesn't mean he can't have it.
Lady Phoebe Lippincott is well known for her temper but after last years happenings her sense of self was lost.  She has finally started to be herself again.
Mistaking the Baron for his Cousin the Earl, her brother, she flings herself at him as her greeting.
The Baron pushes his agenda to the Duke and succeeds.  However, he plans are soon thwarted.   As he is taken advantage of by Pinks of the ton.  He soon swallows the pill  of humiliation and accepts his faults.  But will he become the man he needs to be to become a great husband? 
I love the way she writes including several couples into the story but focuses on just one couple.  It keeps my attention.
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Fun book to read, though Marcus does not make a good first impression. Like his cousin Edward <I>(Tempering the Viscount's Envy), </i>Marcus shows up at the home of Jared, Duke of Wyndemere, looking for a handout. He doesn't have the money to live the way he thinks he's entitled and hopes some financial assistance will let him do so. Their meeting gets off to a rough start thanks to a miscommunication about their appointment and an unexpected encounter with the duke's sister Phoebe. The duke is also somewhat the worse for wear, thanks to the recent birth of his twin children. After a brief conversation, Jared offers Marcus the use of his London townhouse, later giving him a list of rules and expectations. Marcus's encounter with Phoebe stirs up unexpected and unwelcome feelings, so he departs for London quickly.

Phoebe's excitement at seeing her cousin William turned to embarrassment when she realized her mistake. After a terrifying experience at her first ball the previous year, Phoebe spent the ensuing months back at her brother's estate, recovering from the trauma. Marcus is the first man to stir her interest since then, but following up proves difficult. I loved the scene where she convinces Jared to let her go, though she has some reservations about how well she'll get along with her chaperon.

Throughout the series, the Duke of Wyndemere's goal has been to restore his family's name after the depredations of his older brother. Jared protects his family, including his cousins, and expects their cooperation in return. Marcus falls prey to two "gentlemen" who have ulterior motives on his first night in London. I felt Marcus's horror when he discovered what happened, and he pleasantly surprised me when he stood up to them. It's an eye-opening experience, and Marcus quickly realizes that his attitude needs to change. Learning of Phoebe's arrival and his inclusion in the efforts to keep her safe gives him the chance to make amends for his mistakes.

I enjoyed seeing the relationship develop between Marcus and Phoebe. The sparks between them were evident from the moment they met, but there were obstacles, especially the disparity in their finances. Marcus has little money and a crumbling estate, and Phoebe has a substantial dowry. I loved Marcus's determination to keep her safe, even from herself. Because despite her withdrawal of the past year, Phoebe might be a tad naïve, but she is neither shy nor retiring. Her outspokenness and stubbornness become more evident as the book goes on, especially when it comes to Marcus, for she is as protective of him as he is of her. When the trouble stirred up at the beginning of the book escalates into kidnapping and murder, the entire family gets involved in ending the threat. Several nail-biting encounters kept me glued to the pages as either Marcus or Phoebe ended up in danger. I loved the ending and seeing the difference loving Phoebe made in Marcus.

I enjoyed seeing more of the duke's Irish guards. Their loyalty to Jared and his family creates some interesting situations. I liked seeing them interact with each other, sometimes with great, umm, exuberance. They did have some trouble with striking first, then asking questions. I would love to know more about what happens to them. I remember the name Garahan from the Secret Life of Cowboys series and that there were other family members mentioned.
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An exuberant greeting and a mistaken identity set sparks flying between Lady Phoebe Lippincott and Baron Marcus Summerfield. The baron braces himself to catch the beautiful hoyden rushing down the staircase—either that or land tangled together on the floor! Not the impression he hoped to make when meeting the Duke of Wyndmere for the first time. Summerfield is seeking monetary assistance from the Duke & is surprised when the duke him by offering his London town house for the baron to use in his search for a bride among this Season’s new crop of debutantes. Marcus is the victim of a plot that begins with smuggled French brandy and ends with a massive headache, two Pinks of the ton, and a bevy of demireps staying at the duke’s townhouse. Phoebe and Marcus cannot take their eyes off one another every time they meet. The pair who seek to discredit the baron and plan to kidnap Phoebe are thwarted in their attempts by the duke’s guard. When it is the baron who is kidnapped, Phoebe’s the one to receive the ransom note and rushes to the rescue armed with a brass paperweight and a handful of ribbon-wrapped hat pins!
This is the fourth book in the series & is easily read on its own. I really struggled with the first half of the book & found myself reading a little then putting it aside & going back later, however I did start to enjoy the book & the last third I read in a sitting as it finally concentrated on Marcus & Phoebe. I’d felt lukewarm towards the couple at the beginning but grew to like them by the end of the book. I felt that there were almost three books incorporated into one & would have preferred a shorter book concentrating on Marcus & Phoebe. Not my favourite in the series
 My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read
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If one is prepared to push through this book up until about three-quarters of the way through, the last 25% makes it worth the read.  Up until then, I was hard-pressed to figure out whether this was a romance between Baron Marcus Summerfield and Lady Phoebe Lippencott, or of the life and times of Seamus Flaherty and his extended family, all given to violence, or the plot against the Duke of Wyndmere. Ultimately the novel does come to a good conclusion and justice is served, but I did wish that it had more focus on the main characters and their relationship in the first stages.  I received a copy of this romance as a gift through Dragonblade Publishing and NetGalley and this is my honest and voluntary review.
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