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'Out of the Bliss' by Alison Bliss is a decent book that offers an okay reading experience. It has its moments but also some drawbacks.

The story is centered around the relationship between the two main characters, and it's clear that the author knows how to create chemistry between them. The romantic tension and banter are enjoyable, and you'll find yourself rooting for the couple.

The writing style is straightforward and modern, making the book easy to follow. It doesn't get overly complicated or flowery, which can be a plus for readers looking for a straightforward romance.

However, the plot can feel a bit formulaic and predictable. It doesn't offer much in terms of surprises or unique twists, which may leave some readers wanting more excitement or depth.

The characters are likable but somewhat one-dimensional. They lack the complexity that can make fictional characters feel more relatable and real. A bit more depth in character development would have added depth to the story.

In conclusion, 'Out of the Bliss' is a decent romance novel that delivers on some aspects but falls short on others. If you're in the mood for a simple, easygoing romance without too many surprises, it might be worth a read. However, if you're looking for a more intricate or memorable story, you might want to explore other options.

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What a wonderful book that shines a light on perseverance and the importance of self care. If I could have crawled into the pages to see what could happen next I absolutely would.

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I just finished reading Out of the Blue preview & cannot wait until the entire book comes out! Preslee is a character that almost all of us can relate to—whether it be her clumsiness at the gym (and in front of cute Adam!) or her self consciousness about her appearance or worrying about her aging father, it’s easy to see yourself in her. This book is a very fun, easy read! Now I just need to know how it ends (and if it’s the way I think & hope it will!!)

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A bread-and-butter romance: girl is insecure, girl meets boy, sparks fly, girl (presumably) gains some self-confidence and a new beau.

I'm taking myself on a short tour through some romance previews to see what's likely to hit the spot, and "Out of the Blue" feels about as classic as they come, from the insta-attraction to clumsiness as a fatal flaw to the dynamic between Preslee and Adam. It gets off to a quick start (honestly, it felt like I flew through the preview—wish I knew how many chapters are in the full book!), and I'm glad to see that in this book about a plus-sized heroine starting on a fitness journey, the author is clear from the beginning that the focus is meant to be on health rather than on size. (Fingers crossed that that holds true throughout the book, but I see no reason that it shouldn't.) Adam's bet also feels classically romance novel, though on the more cringe-worthy side of romance, and...well, fingers crossed again, this time that he genuinely learns the error of his ways.

Not sure this is quite the book I'm looking for at the moment, but I think this will resonate well with 1) lovers of straightforward romance novels and 2) people who have felt like misfits in the gym. I can't speak for the novel at large but can definitely recommend reading a preview to see if it speaks to you.

Thanks to the author and publisher for providing a free sample through NetGalley.

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I loved this 4 chapters preview. I can’t wait to buy this book to read the whole thing. It was a great dusk POV within the chapters. I loved that she accident prone since I am too.

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I received a copy of this sneak peek through Netgalley. This is my honest review.

Y'all, I can relate to Preslee so hard. A year and a half ago I joined a gym for the first time ever because I wanted to get healthier just like Preslee does (and I had concerns of gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with both of my children which means I'm more likely to develop type 2 diabetes if I don't keep an eye on my health). I was right there in her shoes looking at the equipment and not knowing what to do with most of it. And all of that is why I was yelling at Preslee to just accept the personal training offer. Although I'm no longer working with a personal trainer myself, because I did for several months, I now have some idea of what I'm doing in a gym (I'd have better results with a personal trainer, but I at least know how to use the various equipment). If I had someone offering me FREE personal training, I would accept in a heartbeat.

Since I only had a brief glimpse into this story, I don't really have any idea how the relationship between Preslee and Adam builds, but I can make some pretty educated guesses. The way things start out between them definitely leaves a lot of room for plenty of bumps in their road. Things can get even more complicated when you add the bet into the mix. Preslee could absolutely go full She's All That on Adam when Kurt accidentally drops the bomb about the bet they'd made.

This little peek into the story has definitely whetted my appetite and I see a ton of potential for the romance. I imagine it's a book I could probably fly through, anxious to keep reading in spite of other responsibilities, so it is a book I will be looking into finishing at some point in the future.

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Preslee’s introduction is honest and personal. She is an instantly likeable character. I love her POV and getting to watch her grow through out this first post of the book. I was cheering for her as she decided to tackle her fitness goals. However, as much as I enjoyed getting to read from her perspective - she uses the phrase “well” way too much, and it was distracting. (She says it three times on page 2 alone.)

I also loved the Adam/Preslee meet cute! The banter was fun, and I enjoyed that Adam helped Preslee feel comfortable at the gym without trying to mansplain anything to her. I loved the instant - but not forced- attraction between the two of them. I appreciated Adam wanting to set healthy boundaries between dating and work (and that was such a great way to give the plot q “Will they, won’t they?”.)

BUT EW FOR BETS ABOUT GIRLS. ugh. I love Adam, but the bet was by far the biggest turn off from the book. Honestly, Kurt and most of the conversations with Kurt were annoying. (Ex: Kurt should’ve known Adam’s brother went to medical school? Because that’s something a friend would know?)

Overall, I thought this was a sweet book with lots of potential! I just wish Adam’s motivation to be Preslee’s trainer was solely his romantic interest in her disguised as “wanting to help the gym” with no bet subplot.

(Also side note: I get that the gym is called Body Shop because of the pun - but it’s kind of an awful name for a gym.)

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This book was so cute! The characters felt so like like and had an amazing chemistry that made me insanely curious to find out what happens next! The chapters are the perfect length and easy to digest.

I didn’t like the spacing and I felt like the pacing could use a little work. But I understand that it is a preview and not the actual formatting.

I cannot wait to read this once it’s out!

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Awww, this was a cute start! I like that this book seems like it will have a simultaneous focus on body positivity and healthiness. I enjoyed the characters, and the entire premise of Preslee trying to get healthier to reverse a prediabetic diagnosis. As someone who gets anxious in gyms, I related a lot to her first experience of entering a gym.

Not sure if I'll read the full book because I think it will end up being spicier than my tastes, but I think this will be an enjoyable read for those who like that level of spice.

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This is simply not something I'm interested in anymore. I love that people are getting representation in books now but I personally do not want to read about it at this time due to personal reasons. I thank netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this but it just isn't for me right now.

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After reading the first four chapters, I desperately need the rest of this book! I love the storyline about a plus size woman starting to work out to improve her health and the sexy trainer/gym owner who offers to help her reach her goals. I adore their chemistry, love how he stands up for her, and love her determination when she sets foot in the gym for the first time ever. The awkwardness between them at times is endearing, and I’m hoping we get more of the friendship between Adam and Kurt. I hope the full book will be available for request soon!

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for the extended preview!

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I read this book preview and am hooked, I need to go buy a copy of the book to find out how it ends. I love that the main character is above average, smart curvy woman and the antics that follow her first time visiting the gym are hilarious. As someone who is curvy and not very well coordinated, I could absolutely relate to the character. More chick lit/romance novels need plus size heroines/lead characters, after all isn't the average size a 14. The writing style and characteristics of the main character remind me of Jennifer Weiner books. I'm hooked, going out to purchase the full book now. So far from what I've read 4 stars.

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Out of the Blue begins with the main character, Preslee, coming face to face with a health ultimatum: adopt a healthier lifestyle or a diabetes diagnosis. Preslee chooses to lose weight and begin an exercise routine at the local gym, despite her uncoordinated tendencies. After she quite literally bumps into Adam, the gym owner, struggles on the machines, and embarrasses herself on a live social media vlog, Preslee is overwhelmed by the gym environment and leaves. That doesn’t sit well with Adam, though, and he bets his best friend that he can convince Preslee to let him train her so she can reach her fitness goals.

The chemistry between Adam and Preslee? Instant and palpable. Adam’s affection for Preslee begins from the first moment and is so genuine. I can’t wait to see how author Alison Bliss shows how out-of-touch Preslee becomes more in tune with Adam’s signals while discovering how to love her body and realize she is worthy of affection, regardless of the number on the scale.

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I was hooked as soon as I read the description, and this preview just makes me want to read this even more. I love the fake relationship trope, especially when it's used to make someone jealous. So much potential for fun shenanigans! Looking forward to reading the rest of this.

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The first few chapters previewed here were definitely enough to capture my interest, and look forward to finishing the remainder of this story as soon as I get the opportunity! I love that plus-size characters are becoming more and more normal to read about (as a plus size gal myself), it definitely helps make the story more relatable. Thank you NetGalley for this preview!

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I wish I was able to read more. This book had me right away and I found it hard to put down

The chapters I was able to read had me wanting more. This story is a great mixture of fantasy romance and real life concerns which makes it more. . . Real life.

The story line is a young women who is going through some health concerns and joins a gym in hopes to help her become healthy. The owner of the gym is a totally opposite character. He sounds like he's never had anything to worry about health wise. To be able to write a complete review, I would need more to the story then the small amount I read, but I can guarantee that if you start this book, you'll definitely want more!

I will be looking for the author's other books and enjoying my reading time!

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Absolutely loved the preview, and am almost finished with the full version! I love Preslee and it is so gratifyingly to see a full figured heronie.

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Preslee and Adam grabbed my attention from the first four chapters. She may be insecure but her sense of humor is spot on and is really relatable. He, on the other hand, is kind and seem to not judge her based on her appearance which is definitely a plus in my books.

This preview made me want to read the rest of the book and see how Preslee and Adam develops into more.

Thank you to Forever (Grand Central Publishing), NetGalley and the author for the chance to read this teaser.

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Preslee is very relatable-- as a heavier girl and an a highly clumsy person I definitely relate.
Adam seems very sweet and authentic.
From the 4 chapter preview on Netgally, I am definitely interested in finding out the rest of the story.

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This preview is only 4 chapters long but its enough to grab your attention. Curvy Preslee receives news by her doctor that she needs to lose some weight. She meets Adam who is a hot, personal trainer.

I literally laughed out loud at Preslee taping bandage over her knee that resembled a pantyliner pad. Or when she was on the exercised bike, peddling away, thinking it could roll her out the front door!

There were funny and cute moments between Preslee and Adam. Having only read 4 chapters of this preview, I give this 4 stars!

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