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Again, Danielle Steel does not disappoint!!   I loved how the story grabbed me right in the beginning and I could not put it down.  I wanted more.  Veronique was so inspiring and really tugged on my heart strings!!  I also loved the other characters in the book.  An emotional journey that was tragic and beautiful!!
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Veronique, an in demand model, loses everything she loves in a terrorist attack.  As she recovers, she discovers family secrets and a strength she did not know she possessed.  This was a fast paced story full of love, loss, sadness and hope.  The characters are well developed and very likable.  

Thank you to Danielle Steel, Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine, Delacorte Press, and Netgalley for the opportunity to review this book.
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Danielle Steel's newest release, Beautiful, first reminded me of one of her classic works, The Promise, which begins with a horrific accident. Veronique is a young super model who faces life changing events with grace and growth. Steel's books are always a wonderful escape, and Beautiful is no exception. Readers will feel immersed in the thoughtfully described, faraway settings as they track Veronique's decisions. Thanks to #NetGalley for the opportunity to preview #Beautiful by #DanielleSteel - I enjoyed it!
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Veronique Vincent is a high paying super model from Paris. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is on the inside as well. Veronique has everything going for her. A highly sought after modeling job, a supportive mom who is her best friend, a fun boyfriend and she suddenly loses it all at once. In a bombing at the Brussels airport she loses her mom and boyfriend and also sustains critical internal injuries and most importantly half of her face is blown up. After spending 7 months in the hospital and 26 surgeries she is finally released to go home. The worst part is that she goes home to an empty house since she lost her mother. Upon getting her mother's will she is given a letter telling her who her father is, who she was told was deceased. Only to find out he was a Senator from New York. After only one meeting with her father, she ends up losing him as well.

This was a pretty emotional story. I really couldn't put it down. For someone to lose everything and to turn that all around to help others and see her true beauty inside was so inspiring. I loved how she took tragedy and turned it to good. How she could see that her true beauty was inside and just not tied to her outer appearance.
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Veronique is a supermodel, albeit a relatively down to earth supermodel. Steel's latest follows Veronique through major life changes and we get to see her mature and find out what truly matters most to her. If you like Steel's novels, you know that most people don't face financial hardships but rather emotional ones. We read her books for an interesting plot and a bit of escapism. This latest was a good read for the beach.
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I used to love Danielle Steel books when I was younger.  This is the first one I have read in years and it seemed rather formalic to me. The story has a good message but was rather boring at times.
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An emotional journey towards healing and rediscovery! Danielle Steel delivers a heartfelt tale in BEAUTIFUL that hooked me from the very start and kept me captivated until the end. Her main character is rich in substance and tenacity and gives the reader a strong platform to fixate on as she displays courage and perseverance throughout turmoil. Powerfully written and wholeheartedly enjoyed!

Veronique is an unforgettable character of strength and fortitude. She has the world at her fingertips when at the blink of an eye it all disappears and she's left to pick up the shattered pieces. I admired her dignity and reveled in her new found cause.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a story that delves into the emotional journey one must go on when life hands you a box full of lemons and demands you become creative.
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Another typical Danielle book, only this one was truly a "beautiful" story.
Had all the usual Danielle Steel book items. Love, family, tragedy and overcoming it all for a nice ending. I do wish there was more to this story though, it seemed to end abruptly.
My go to for a nice, quick and wholesome read.
Thank you to Netgalley, Random House, Delacorte Press and the Author Danielle Steel for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I have yet to read a book by Danielle Steel that doesn’t consume me completely.  My heart broke as it went through healing with Veronique.  A great message about the toll that scare leave on us both internally and externally.
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Beautifully written and with a message in the pages.  
Many thanks to Random House and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Beautiful by Danielle Steele is the story of an extraordinary event and an extraordinary woman. Veronique Vincent is 23 years old and at the top of the modeling game. She is sought after by every major fashion house during fashion weeks all over the world, as well as magazine spread, covers, et al. Fortunately her relationship with her mother keeps her firmly rooted in reality. Her money is safely invested and she knows better than to be lead astray by many of the fashion world's "hangers on." In fact, she is going on a short vacation to Miami with her mother and they are at the airport. He friend, Cyril is returning to England and so has accompanied them to the airport. Suddenly here is noise, and everything goes black. When she awakens it is to find herself in the middle of a pile of rubble, Mom and Cyril, nowhere in sight. She is unable to move or call out. In fact, when the first responders arrived, they mistook her for dead. She doesn't awaken again for three months, during which time she has had over 20 surgeries. Fortunately her injuries are cosmetic, except for a little shrapnel lodged in her body. They will leave that unless or until it causes trouble. She has yet to look at her face. Her arms and legs are bad enough. She also discovers that her mother and Cyril had not survived the attack. 

This was a terrific story about the human spirit, although it happened pretty fast: just about a year. Along with her mother's will, she was given a letter explaining about her father. He was alive and was now 83 and in poor health. She was able to visit him once for 3 hours and yet established a relationship that she was grateful for. On her next trip to New York she spoke to him often, but he was too ill to see her. One morning she woke to the headline that she had died. She went to his funeral but did nothing to disrupt. Later, her half-brother, Chip, called. Her father had explained her existence the day he died. He was excited to meet her. The plastic surgeons in New York were geniuses. The military hospital in Brussels had taken good care of her, begin used to bomb injuries, but these guys were used to making beautiful women, beautiful again. Through one of them she became interested in a hospital in Africa and went there to volunteer. There she found herself. It was a wonderful story, if rushed. A lot happened in that year. I question it.

I was invited to read a free e-ARC of Beautiful by Delacorte, through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine. #netgalley #delacorte #daniellesteel #beautiful
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always love her books and can't wait to read more I love the cover and title.. I like the characters in them.
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This is a Hard Hitting Women's Fiction. This is all about a top Model being in a terrorist attack, and her whole world gets turned upside down. Her surviving the terrorist attack is the first thing, but now she has to learn to live with what she as lifted over. I love the characters in this book. I love how Danielle Steel's can cover something so hard hitting with beautiful writing, and it being easy to read. This book will touch your heart so much. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Delacorte Press) or author (Danielle Steel) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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This was a beautifully written story about Veronique Vincent, a world famous supermodel, who finds herself at the wrong time and place, and comes to terms with what the meaning of life truly is.  As with all of Danielle Steel's writings, there's a very familiar writing style and format.  However, I was drawn to this story so much more than many of her other ones.  I read this in a matter of hours and couldn't put it down!  I found that the beginning of this story was a little faster paced than most of her other books which sometimes have a large amount of info dropped on you from the start.  I was pleased that this was different in that aspect.  My favorite quote from the story sums up the whole thing: "All I've figured out is that life is about more than having a beautiful face.  That isn't enough.  It's not a reason for living, just so others can look at you.  I want to be more than at."
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The world's bestselling author has done it again with this book. I have no doubt that this one as well will be number one on the bestsellers list. This story is beautiful,  heartbreaking, amazing, strong, and above all encouraging to everyone. Thank you Danielle Steele for another amazing story for your loyal and new readers.
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The title says it all. This novel was achingly BEAUTIFUL and incredible. Danielle Steel has a true talent for creating characters that the reader is easily drawn to, and connect to, and it makes her stories that much more captivating. My heart went out to Veronique, all that she lost and went through. Though I knew what would happen from reading the summary, it was still heartbreaking and tragic. To read about how she felt, physically and emotionally, after the explosion tore my heart. This girl also endured so much relationship-wise before and after the explosion, just to add to everything else. I found it incredibly amazing to read about her deciding to put herself forward, unmasked and free, with a purpose to show herself and be herself. I love that she was so brave, so confident, and that she used her experience to go volunteer in Africa and help others. These two lines really affected me “They had survived, and discovered in the end that life with all its beauty and tragedy and terror at times was worth living after all. Life is beautiful, and nothing could change that, scars and all.” How  incredible and insightful is that? Veronique is such a strong and brave woman. 

The characters, the story, and the topic were amazing, but the writing itself blew me away. Typical Steel at her best. I just love this author and this book.
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Danielle Steel has outdone herself. This was an emotionally, beautiful story. I couldn't put down my Kindle once I started reading the first chapter.

Veronique Vincent, 22 years old, is one of the worlds biggest supermodels, yet she doesn't act like one. She's kind to everyone, she's not a diva, and everyone loves to work with her. She's an consummate professional, she's sought after by every major fashion designer, and has been on every fashion magazine. Never late to a photo shoot or a fashion show and in lieu of late night partying, she prefers a good nights sleep. She doesn't trade on her gorgeous face for anything, in fact, she wants little to do with the glamorous life that comes with her job when she's not working. She'd rather spend time with her mother at home or with her sweet boyfriend rather than attending lavish parties. Raised by her single mother after her father died when she was only a baby, her mother's her best friend. They vacation together when they aren't spending down time in their home in Paris. 

After Fashion Week in Paris ends, the mother-daughter duo decide to take a short trip away. But when terrorists bomb the airport in Brussels, leaving Vero an orphan with massive injuries leaving her in a coma for three months; her life as she knows it is over. Twenty-six surgeries later, with pieces of shrapnel still inside of her body, one side of her face permanently disfigured, she now faces a new reality. The life she used to live is over, forcing herself into seclusion. The only person there for her is her mom's law partner, who is the executor of her estate. That's when Vero receives a letter from her mother that alters her world even more.

After being released from the hospital after six months of treatment, it's now up to her to find some light at the end of a dark road and to eventually find some solace. 

A very moving book. A definite must read!!
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Veronique Vincent is a beautiful fashion model in Paris.  At age 22, she has become tops in the business and is always in demand.  Her mother is a single woman who raised Veronique well telling her that her father died shortly after she was born.

After the craziness of Fashion Week in Paris, Veronique and her mother decided to fly to Miami and a long weekend.  Veronique’s boyfriend, Cyril, offers to take them to the airport and get their luggage in for them.  That’s when a bomb explodes instantly killing Cyril and her mother and leaving Veronique critically injured.  After many days in a coma and many surgeries, she is left with a scarred face and shrapnel throughout her body.  She spent months in the hospital and is soon to be released.  Her mother had left her a large amount of money and her apartment.

Grieving the loss of her mother, Veronique is finally released from the hospital with her face body scarred on one side.  No way can she be a model again.  She doesn’t know what to do with her life.  But a letter left for her by her mother reveals a huge secret that she has kept from her.

A friend suggests she see a great plastic surgeon in New York.  So, she heads that way to see if they can do a better job of the scars on her face.  There, she finds true kindness and a reason for her to carry on.

Oh my, once again, Danielle Steel has penned an incredible book of bravery and caring.  I was quite taken with this story and tried not to give out any spoilers.  Suffice to say, this is a magnificent story that I hope lots of readers will enjoy.

Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Beautiful is a wonderful book.  The book introduces you to Veronique Vincent.  A beautiful and much sought after top model at age twenty-two.  Experienced and gorgeous to boot, all the top designers love working with her.  Veronique has the world by the tail but in one day, she loses her mother and boyfriend and her gorgeous looks.

How does Veronique rebuild her life?  You must read the book to find out.

As always, Danielle Steel is a masterful storyteller and the book will keep you engaged.

Thank you to #netgalley and #randomhousepublishing for allowing me the opportunity to read the eARC of this book.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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Beautiful by Danielle Steel has Veronique Vincent, an in-demand model, getting caught in an explosion at Brussels Zaventem Airport.  Veronique survives the bombing, but she has severe damage that includes her face.  Her mother and boyfriend do not survive.  After spending months in the local military hospital undergoing numerous surgeries, Veronique is released.  Veronique must decide what she is going to do with her life now that she can no longer model.  Her mother left her a letter that reveals some surprising news.  Veronique has some important decisions to make.  Beautiful is a story about a woman who suffers a terrible tragedy and how she manages to overcome it.  I thought Beautiful was well-written with steady pacing.  Danielle Steel handles a difficult subject beautifully.  A terrorist attack forever alters Veronique Vincent’s life plus she loses the person closest to her in the world, her mother.  With Veronique’s face forever changed, she can no longer model.  Modeling has been her world for the last four years.  Veronique needs to discover who she is who she and how to move forward without her mother as well as her career.  Veronique also learns that her mother told her a lie about something significant and she needs to decide if she will act on the news.  Beautiful is an emotional story.  Veronique goes on a journey of self-discovery.  She finds a way to turn devastation into something wonderful.  People focus too much on outer beauty which can fade, but inner beauty lasts forever.  I like that we get to see something good come from a tragic event.  I enjoyed reading Beautiful.  It is an emotional novel that left me feeling hopeful.  Beautiful is a touching tale with an in-demand model, haute couture clothes, plethora of parties, a terrorist attack, a series of surgeries, a surprising secret, inward reflection, and shifting gears for a helpful future.
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