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I really enjoyed this book by Danielle Steel. It was very interesting and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone
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After a few thrillers, I needed something different.  This book hit the spot.  Enjoyable, fast paced read with a very current storyline.  Not as much a romantic story as you think of this author, but enjoyable characters showing much internal growth and strength. Very different from her previous books, Ms. Steel forgoes the romance route and delivers into the main character pulling from within to find what fulfills her, makes her happiest.  

Veronique Vincent has it all at the age of 22; beautiful, great job, handsome boyfriend, adoring mother.  This top runway model has the perfect, glamorous life.  Until one horrible day when everything changes and she is front and center in a terrorist attack. She loses everything.  Waking up after being in a induced coma for 3 months and having numerous surgeries, life as she knew it is over.  She must find strength to find a new dream and start over.  

Thanks to Ms. Steel,  Random House and NetGalley for this ARC. Opinion is mine alone!
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Veronique Vincent is a young, model at the top of her game.  Based in Paris ,where she grew up with her mom, she is leading a whirlwind life until tragedy strikes.  Beautiful is the story of how Veronique responds to this tragedy, adapts, and reexamines her life goals.  Steel captured the long term trauma of those who experience acts of violence.  My only criticism is that the conclusion was a bit too “tied up in a bow quickly” for me. I enjoyed this book and thank the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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We grumble about wearing surgical masks as they are cumbersome, hot and restrictive.  While protecting us from danger, they shield our identity, disguising us from being recognized. What happens when they become permanent and can't be removed?

Judging by appearances, supermodel Véronique Vincent has everything. As a sought-after international model, she makes her living from her beauty. When a Brussels airport bombing tears her life apart, her face is not the only casualty. Struggling with the reflection in the mirror, Véronique must come to terms with what she's lost. While putting together the fragile pieces of her shattered life, will Véronique realize what she's gained? 

Thank you to #NetGalley and the publisher for the early edition of #Beautiful in exchange for an honest review. We're all living a masked existence, hiding away from life during the pandemic. Some are self-quarantining   while others are in forced isolation due to COVID. 

While Véronique's isolation is voluntary, the masks she wears are a product of the times. The blast ripped apart her world and her scars are more than external. Will she find her new place in life or has losing her former beauty left a scar too vast to mend?
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Veronique Vincent is a renowned fashion model and has it all. She is beautiful, has a wonderful boyfriend and a wonderful Mom who raised her as a single parent. When a much needed getaway with her Mom turns into tragedy her life is changed forever. She loses both her mom and boyfriend in a airport bombing and has so many injuries that her life will be changed forever. She must start a journey to heal her heart and her body and find a new purpose in life! Great read!

Thanks to Danielle Steel and Random House Publishing group-Ballantine
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I was looking for something light when I decided to read this. I read it quickly in just a few hours this morning. I was not prepared to read what in my humble opinion is Danielle Steel's most powerful work since she wrote about losing her son Nick in a Non-Fiction book many years ago.

There is an incredible amount of depth in her message about beauty t an inner light on the inside of us.

Veronique Vincent is a high fashion sought after model whose beautiful face gets destroyed on her right side due to deep and raw scars from shrapnel after a terrorist bomb goes off in an airport in Brussels. She loses her best friend who is her mother who dies along with her British boyfriend. Veronique has been raised in Paris by a single parent, so when she wake up to learn that her mother has been killed she is devastated. Her mother was an attorney and her law partner delivers a shocking letter to be given to Veronique in the event of her death. What is in that letter is a life altering. discovery.

This novel has the power to prove that Danielle Steel is not just a superficial writer. Veronique is a character who accepts that her career as a Super model is over due to horrible disfiguring scars on her body and the right side of her face. Instead of feeling sorry for herself she devotes her young life to a selfless cause to help the victims of a much needed humanitarian cause. Bravo Danielle Steel for writing a novel that illuminates a much needed World awareness!

Publication Date: April 19,2022

Thank you to Net Galley, Danielle Steel and Random House Publishing Group--Ballantine for providing me with my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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What happens when your fabulous life is suddenly changed in one tragic moment?  Danielle Steel explores this in her latest book, Beautiful.  Beautiful is a poignant story of Veronique, the most beautiful and sought after model in the world, who has to try to start over when total a disaster happens that ends her career.  The story that Danielle Steel weaves about Veronique's journey to self discovery is one of her best.  The lesson learned will stick with you long after you finish the book.  Highly recommend.
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Veronique is a famous young mode, enjoy a busy and glamorous life and career.  On her way to a quick vacation with her mother, they find themselves in the middle of a terrorist bomb explosion in the Brussels airport.  Veronique loses the people closest to her and has months of physical recuperation to deal with.  This story follows Veronique through her recovery and the acceptance & healing of her scars - both external & internal.
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Danielle Steel once again in Beautiful proves why she's my go to author. In her newest novel  we met Ve'ronique Vincent  who is the world's famous model who is injured in a terrorist attack and how she copes and recovers and how she learns to move forward. Thanks Netgalley and the pusblisher for the advanced copy. Highly recommend.
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Beautiful might be Danielle Steel at her best.  Very moving story that tells what a string woman can accomplish.
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Danielle Steel is a classic author who delivers such amazing stories. Beautiful is one of her best yet. She delivers such a powerful novel. It takes you on a journey of a woman who has everything going for her. When she is set to meet her mother, a tragic event occurs and takes her mother's life. Through new discovery she learns a whole new life and how to overcome obstacles. 
This story is of love, pain, new adventure, and discovery. All this is done with the beauty of Danielle Steel's writing. I highly recommend this book!
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Ever my favorite author, Danielle Steel must have an absolute treasure-trove of a mind to come up with her stories.  Beautiful was just that, an exceptional story filled with depth and emotion.  Very well done!
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I am not the most familiar with Danielle Steel as an author, as I enjoyed the story, I was not the most fond of how the her writing flowed. I was never certain if someone else was telling the story, or if the characters were telling the story. Regardless of that part, the story behind this book is one of survival, resilience, courage, and heartbreak. Veronique wakes from the blast with her future completely obliterated and loaded with hardship. As the story moves on we see healing and kindness show through for Veronique, and those that become closest to her. I will definitely give this author another try, it may be that this book was written in a different manner than her others.
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This book was amazing and so interesting! I love Danielle Steel and her books never disappoint! This book had heartbreak and triumph, with fascinating characters.
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Danielle Steel is known for writing stories with strong, female protagonists. Beautiful is an exceptional offering in this regard. It is a story of tragic loss tempered with hope and inspiration.

At 22 years old, Veronique Vincent is a world renowned model living a fast-paced life filled with glamour and excitement. Then in one horrible moment, her world is shattered by a terrorist bomb in the Brussels airport. Veronique is critically injured with massive scarring after her protracted recovery. In a cruel twist of fate one side of her face is untouched while the other is severely disfigured. Losing her career is not the worst outcome – her mother and a close friend died in the attack, leaving her with survivor’s guilt and a profound loss.

Veronique’s healing journey reveals the superficiality of her previous life and an opportunity to embrace the beauty of life beyond mere physical appearance. As one character tells her, she is beautiful with her scars because her beauty arises from her warm, compassionate heart. In the year following her injury, Veronique chooses to craft a life that puts more love into the world in the face of the hate that promulgated the attack.

This story delivers a wonderful message of hope and love without being preachy. It reflects the strength and courage of a young woman who was unaware of the depth of her character until her world imploded. The portrayal of Veronique is both admirable and inspiring.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book (despite my repeated concern about the amount of repetition the author injects into her stories). The theme of this book and the protagonist’s challenging journey make it a worthwhile read.

My thanks to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for the privilege of reviewing this book. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Life could not be more perfect for Veronique Vincent. At twenty two, she’s a top supermodel who travels around the world for her career. Although she stays in 5 star hotels and has a luxurious apartment of her own, she’s happiest staying with her mother in the Paris apartment where she grew up. After an exhausting week on the runway she plans a getaway but tragically at the airport a terrorist bomb explodes nearby, critically injuring Veronique and killing her beloved mother.

Veronique returns to consciousness only to experience terrible physical and emotional pain. Her body and face have been scarred by shrapnel. Her mother is dead. Her career is over. She wonders what she will do for the rest of her life. Two things will give her the courage to find a future. One is a letter left for her by her mother. The second is the work done by a New York plastic surgeon, work beyond the surgery he does to minimize her scars.

What happens when beauty suddenly disappears? What happens when admiring glances from passers by turn to looks of horror? Who are your real friends? And, most importantly, what is the inner beauty that will guide you to a fulfilling life? Danielle Steel answers these questions and more In Beautiful, a deeply satisfying novel. 5 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley, Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine and Danielle Steel for this ARC.
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Danielle Steel is Back! She has written some books that I didn't care for ( The Affair, Nine Lives, Complications.)
This is classic Danielle Steel.  Yes, it's true that her writing is simplistic and many of the sentences are not structured as well as they should be. 
 I really enjoy this and can't wait to read other books by her <3 
Thank you to Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine, Delacorte Press, and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion.
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Review will publish to Goodreads now. I will post on Amazon and my Instagram page on 4/19/22.

This might be one of my favorite Danielle Steel novels ever. What a powerful story about the things that truly matter.

Veronique Vincent is a model at the top of her career. She is successful and widely sought after. She makes plans with her mom to escape for a long weekend, giving them both a much needed vacation. In an instant, life as she knows it changes. An explosion at Zaventem Airport in Brussels instantly kills her mother and forever alters Veronique.

When her mother’s will is revealed to Veronique, the receives a letter that reveals truths she had no way of knowing. This changes her life in ways she couldn’t expect as she journeys to acceptance and healing.

Veronique made her living by her appearance. When that is taken away from her, she has to dig deep to really decide how she wants to live her life, In the course of this journey, she works to see if she can believe what so many have told her, that true beauty comes from inside, that despite the scars she carries both internally and externally, she is still just as beautiful if not more so.

I truly loved this story, I love how  Veronique’s journey to her new life was so vividly described on these pages. We can all learn something about accepting ourselves through these pages.

Thank you to NetGalley, Random House-Ballantine, and Danielle Steel for the copy of this book. All opinions are entirely my own.
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Veronique Vincent, at age 22, is the top model in the world, and she gets a break after Fashion Week, and decides to go away with her mother for a few days.  Her boyfriend takes them to the Zaventem Airport in Brussels'  When they arrive there is a terrorist attack, and they are standing close to where the bombs went off.
Veronique survives and this is her journey of all that she went through,  with losing her mother and her boyfriend in the attack that day. The devastation of what it did to her body after waking up from an induced coma for 3 months in a military hospital.  How does one move forward with such loss?  Danielle Steel shares her journey, from the despair of all that she has lost, to finally letting a friend stop by, who ignited a spark in her, to taking the first step to begin living her life again.  
It is not an easy journey, but one she learns she must follow through with, and she realizes there is still things she can do, and things that she can receive from others.  This story will make you cry, it will inspire, it will be a reminder, of how fragile life can be, and there is a way to live again after losing so much.
I received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group-Ballantine through NetGalley.
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She starts out so fortunate, works hard and still has a good heart. She endures a horrible experience, but still maintains her heart all of the way through. No one should have to go through what she did and the world needs to treat everyone like they would treat their family.
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