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Who doesn't love a Vampire story?
This book reminded me very much of The Vampire Academy but with more angst. The first part of the story was rather slow but the second part the action was more prominent. At stages I expected Renie to meet her end, she didn't seem to back talk a lot. A very good ending, if a little out of the blue, which just means I need to read the next instalment as soon as it drops. 
A great way to pass the cold evening.
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“If you fall, I will help you get back together.” 

Thank you NetGalley, Wattpad Books and Bella Higgin for sending me an ARC. All thoughts are my own

Umh.. so.. this is awkward. I’ve never given a book less than 3 stars.. and I feel terrible doing it now, but I think giving an honest opinion is the most important thing. 
So, let’s start with the plot, and I honestly think it has got a lot of potential.

plot >> In a society that made celebrities out of Vampires, Feeding houses are established all over the world, to feed them and give the lucky ones a chance to live a glamorous life. When Renie’s sister, June, stops giving her family updates, she gets suspicious. She will have to get into the house, “Belle Morte”, to try and find out what happened.

I was really intrigued by the plot, reason why I requested this Arc. It was a huge letdown tho. As soon as I started reading, I did not enjoy the writing style. I’m not saying the author’s style isn’t right or you can’t love it… it just wasn’t for me. It reminded me way too much of those Wattpad fanfics we all used to read years ago. Something that also bothered me was the dual povs. In fact, the main character’s POV is in first person, while the male’s is in third… now IDK if there is a reason behind this decision, but if so, I don’t get it. 

Furthermore, the plot stopped being interesting after page 120 for me. After the main character uncovers the secret we have been waiting to find out, nothing interesting really happens. Just her and her vampire boyfriend dealing with a forbidden love and him telling her about his life for pages and pages and pages.

Talking about the main relationship… It didn’t make any sense for me. They don’t even know each other, have like… one meaningful conversation and fall in love. By page 15 she was already feeling butterflies and he was already trying to resist her.
Not my kind of thing at all.

In the end: this book was not my cup of tea. I’ve never read about vampires so I was really excited. For anyone who decides to read this, I hope you love it more than I did. 

Cam <3
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This was a very interesting book. I really enjoyed Higgin's prose; her dialogue between characters felt very real and natural.
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This really seems like something I should like, but unfortunately I just didn't. Futuristic vampire stories (the kind where vampires live openly and require willing donors) often don't work for me, but it's been a long time since I read a good vampire book, so I really wanted to try this one. The world and characters both felt really bland and weak. There were tons of detailed descriptions of the house and outfits, but I kind of lost focus while reading them. I ended up not being interested in Renie's quest to find her sister. Also, Renie read a lot like a Mary Sue. Of course she's the only one who doesn't care about vampire celebrities!
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First, I want to thank NetGalley and Wattpad Books for sending over an ARC in exchange for my honest review. 

Now, on the book and what I thought.

The description drew me in. A girl, who doesn't like vampires, becomes a donor for vampires to find out about what happened to her older sister, who had always been a donor. Something about vampires will always crave to read more, but the interesting idea of this mystery made me want to read as well. 

I really like Renie, the main character. She's strong and a fighter. She doesn't just accept things told to her. She needs to see things for herself. And Edmond? Oh my! 😍 Swoon.  Also, Roux is just a badass. I really think people will love these characters and love them as much as I did. 

Bella really does a great job of building up this interesting and unique world where vampires and humans co-exist. I do wish there was a bit more building and a little less slowness of conversation that wasn't very useful to the story. Some parts of the book are really slow and you really want to skip over it to move the story along. I also felt like the problem in the book was predictable. But it's still a fun, fast read that I HAVE to continue reading about.
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I like the concept of this story and how the main character didn't just swoon once she was in Belle Morte. When Renie kicked Edmond's shin I actually laughed. She has grit and determination standing up to so many vampires in order to get the answers she went their for. I was a little disappointed that the world building that we love to see in fantasy was missing. There wasn't a lot of outside influence. But what a cliffhanger! I do want the next story so I can find out what happens.
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If you’re look for a quick fun read this is it. I’d describe it as a mystery fantasy. There are so many twists and turns in this book. Some I could predict but the major things that counted I couldn’t which is a rare for me, which I enjoyed a lot. The slow burn romance was everything I didn’t know I needed on top of the main storyline. I so need a second book!!!
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3. 25 / 5 Stars

A book about a human girl who hates vampires goes to a house full of vampires to find out what happened to her missing sister and meets a handsome vampire. Yep, that sounds like the type of book I will love to read.

What I liked: 
I love how this book takes place in modern times but still feels old…I liked how we got to see the growth of that world in regards to vampires. The world building and plot were easy to follow and understand, which made for a fast and fun read with loveable characters. 

What I did not like: 
It was so slow, I found myself skipping lines trying to finish it faster. The problems in the book dragged on for an unnecessary amount of time. There were only three issues that the characters had to overcome: 1. The love between the main characters 2. What happened to the sister 3. How to help the sister, and only 1 and a half of those problems were rushly solved in a predictable way at the very end of the book. There was so much dialogue throughout the entire book, which also shows how nothing happened, it got boring at many points. 
Lastly, The way that the dual perspective was written was hard to follow because one would be in first person and the other would be in third, and for me, it got really confusing. 

Overall, I really hope there is another book because I NEED to know what happens next because of the major cliffhangers.
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I'm disappointed, I was so excited about the premise of this book but the writing just fell flat for me.

The dialogue was stilted and often times, the author just tells us things better left to be discovered through the story. The MC often felt younger than 18. One example is in the beginning when she's thinking about how her and her sister grew up without money and starts talking about babysitting and dogwalking, the type of jobs I would associate with someone who isnt old enough to drive yet.

Two stars for the concept but it just couldnt make up for the quality of the writing.
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Another YA book with vampires—why not? This one drew me in right away and kept my interest throughout. Interesting premise with the vampires living in houses and humans applying for the privilege to be donors. Renie’s sister had become one and now is missing so Renie becomes a donor too in hope of finding her. As she begins to discover what has happened to her sister, Renie also must reevaluate some of what she believed about vampires, especially as she grows closer to Edmund, a vampire in the house. While I enjoyed watching the way that relationship developed, I did get frustrated with Renie’s stubborn insistence on pushing against boundaries that should have made sense to her as the story progressed. At one point, the vampire in charge of Belle Morte accuses her of being too immature to understand why things were the way they were, and I frankly agreed. In spite of that, I enjoyed the story and will definitely be back for book 2 after a cliffhanger ending to this one.
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A stellar addition to the world of fantasy young adult romance. The glittering vampire courts and intense drama will keep you glued to the pages. A wonderful read for fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses.
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Thank you NetGalley and Wattpad Books for sending over an ARC in exchange for my honest review! 

Belle Morte is a fast paced, quick read that feels like a younger, modern version of True Blood! 

Vampire fantasy reads are my guilty pleasure, and this one doesn't disappoint. 
A beautiful cover. Great world building. Interesting, nuanced characters. 

Renie is on a mission to find her sister, and it's a storyline we can all get behind and offers all the familiar YA fantasy tropes that make this genre so interesting. 

My only critique is the pacing as it felt fast in some parts and slow in others with a bit too much fluff. 

Otherwise, great cliffhanger and I know this is a series people will devour as soon as they get their hands on it.
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4/5 stars

I was really surprised with this book since I was not expecting a lot bit the story and characters were well developed. I absolutely loved the world the author created for this story and the romance between the main characters.
Totally give it a shot if you see it. It won't disappoint.

Thanks NetGalley for giving me an ARC in exchange of a honest review.
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Thank you for this earc!!

Ok! This was SO fun! I read it in one sitting and su h a page turner. It felt like ya more from the twilight days- good amount of cheesy but super fun. I loved that the MC was on a mission to find out what happened to her sister. This was fun that vampires were mainstream and people would apply to be blood donors. I could totally see that happening in our world. I enjoyed the vampire culture and mysteries of Belle morte. The side characters were great! Go into this one to be entertained and dont take it too seriously.
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This was a great first book for a series and it’s awesome to see at Wattpad book becoming official! The plot was a little predictable but the development of it and the character development was good. Can’t wait for the next book! Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to read and review!
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This book was far better than I expected. The author has a really pretty way of writing that immediately immerses you into the story. In fact, the only downside is how predictable the story is, but that's okay. Also, the relationship between Renie and Edmond could have been better developed in order to make it more believable. They didn't really have that much chemistry..
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“Belle Morte” by Bella Higgin is an addictive and faced-paced tale that brings back the lore and fascination with vampires. This young adult fantasy novel will captivate readers with its original plotline, fiery romance, and its delectable secrets.

Ever since vampires came out of hiding, the world has been obsessed with them. Many hope to become blood donors in one of the five houses where vampires reside. Only a few humans are lucky enough to be chosen. When Renie’s sister is chosen and abruptly stops responding to any letters, Renie takes it upon herself to become a donor at the same house to find out what truly happened. Despite her determination, vampires have had years to perfect patience and whatever happened to Renie’s sister is a secret they’re not willing to reveal. 

It’s hard to find young adult vampire stories that aren’t full of cliches or super mushy in the romance department. Higgin’s portrayal of vampires and their existence in human society felt realistic. The author is clearly a fan of the genre and spent time finding a way of presenting these creatures in a unique light that will pique the interest of readers. Higgin did an excellent job in this regard, as it was easy to become enthralled in the luxurious lifestyle of the vampires and their grizzly pasts that come to light. In “Belle Morte,” vampires are more than the bloodthirsty creatures that history has presented them as. Even in death, they’ve retained some of their humanity.

“Belle Morte” by Bella Higgin is a story fans of vampires should most definitely look forward to on its expected publication date of April 5th, 2022. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Wattpad Books for providing me with a free e-arc of this novel and the opportunity to share my honest opinion in this review.
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Thank you to NetGallery and Wattpad for sending me the eARC of this book.

This book caught my attention from the beginning. 

The premise is that vampires now reside in “houses” where they bring in donors aka humans. The humans admire the vampires like they are celebrities. To be honest, the adoration  reminded me of True Blood in the TV show. Renie goes to the House of Belle Morte (which means beautiful dead) in search of answers. Her sister is missing from that very house. Renie doesn’t like vampires like all the other donors and questions everyone. Soon she finds answers and Belle Morte even starts to expose the cracks of her own character. 

The book sparks the question of the “romantic” vampire that society has portrayed (I.e.Twilight). One vampire even mentions “There is no greater loneliness than immortality.” 

This is a dual point of view book between the female and male main characters. Throughout the book, some parts felt a bit slow. The ending was a knockout though. The book did end on a cliffhanger so I’m hoping there will be another one.
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It was cheesy, it had vampire, and it was perfect. I went into this unsure if I would love it and afraid it would be too focused on “oh romance and vampires”, but it gave me much more than that! I love that no matter what happened, Renie still stuck to the idea her sister was somewhere. I find often books end up forgetting big parts of the plot like that, and then scramble to shove explanations in at the end. But in Belle Morte, even if the donors were up to something else, Renie still had it in her mind to help her sister and whatever happened to her! Bonus stars for the vampires too. Giving them actual personality other than just mysterious and sexy. I will definitely be recommending this to others and I’m excited for the next in the series! Thank you Netgalley and the Publisher for a chance to read this ARC! #Netgalley #Bellemorte
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Thank you to Wattpad and Netgalley for providing me an eARC in exchange for an honest review. This book is expected to be published on April 5th, 2022!

Oh. My. Gosh.
Have you ever read a book that sucks you in so much that when it ends you wish there was more for you to read then you sit there staring at the wall dissociating as you try to wrap your head around what happened? That’s how reading Belle Morte was for me. Now vampire books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I can’t ever resist one so this book was right up my alley. If you love forbidden romance, a badass heroine, and hot mysterious vampires that are harboring secrets in their lavish mansion? Then this book just might be the book for you. 

This book sucked me in and I felt like I was a pre-teen again on a vampire story binge. I couldn’t put this book down once I picked it up. I’ve never read Higgins a work before but I’m going to keep an eye out for her works now. Her writing was smooth and descriptive and painted such an elegant look into the world of Belle Morte. This story was fast-paced and filled with twists and turns befit with a strong, sarcastic, and sweet heroine. I absolutely LOVED Reine’s dynamic with the rest of the characters and I felt like all the side characters’ personalities and development weren’t forgotten as the story unfolded. I appreciated that the side characters pushed Reine's growth and that connecting with the rest of her group was an important factor in her story. While I wished for a little more of a slow-burn romance in this book, I still felt like it didn’t develop too fast. I’m just a big fan of painfully long slow burns. But this book wasn’t just about romance, I appreciated the themes of morality and grief throughout the story and the question that hung in the air, what lengths would you go to for the ones you love? 

While there is a little bit of spice thrown into this book the spice-o-meter is quite low. Though, I was still quite happy with the little bit of spice we did get. Also, I am unsure if this book is standalone or if Higgins planned on this book being the start of a series. The ending of this book has quite a cliffhanger that left me wanting more but I worry about series sometimes so I also am quite content with just pondering over the unanswered questions I have. All that to say, though I know vampire stories might not be everyone's cup of tea, I thoroughly enjoyed this one!
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