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This book was absolutely flawless. I originally requested it because the cover gave me romcom vibes, but it’s definitely more of a chick lit novel with a romantic subplot, but I still loved every second of this book. 

This book is Liar Liar, if it was made in modern times and the protagonist was a badass woman capable of so many things. With everything happening in the world right now, this book was an amazing middle finger saying that women can do what they want and win. 

I especially loved her monologues talking about the injustices women face like climbing into their spanx and bikini wax pains and the grossness of “pee string”. 

All the stars to this book and it comes out July 12th! Get your copy soon!!
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Thank you to NetGalley and Dutton for the ARC in exchange for my honest review. 

3.5 stars. I liked this book, I liked the premise, and I loved the support for the #MeToo movement, but some of the things Lucy did was so unrealistic and farfetched, especially towards the end. I am not talking about the whole cant lie thing either. 

Lucy gets stood up the night before her 30th birthday by her boyfriend. the bartender makes her a "special" drink and tells her to make a wish, she does and wishes for the perfect day. She wakes up the morning of her birthday and realizes she cannot lie. She decides that the clothes she usually wears, she is over. The makeup and hair products, she doesn't need them. She totally revamps herself and her style. And unfortunately, that is the first thing that everyone notices when she walks into work. they all ask her if she is okay as if someone wearing something comfortable means there is something wrong. But that are the standards that women are held to, unfortunately. 

The day is not only her birthday but the day she is supposed to get a big promotion. Scared that she cannot lie, she doesn't know what she is going to do. But in the meantime, she is called into the CEO's office. He is sleazy and she's had enough, she finally tells him how she feels, but will it backfire on her? Guess you'll have to read it to find out.

I liked that this book took place only over 2 days. I feel like we got a lot more details that way. I loved the support Lucy got from her best friends and her boss. I also liked "hot bartender". I just wish I could rate this book higher. But that will not stop me from recommending it.
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While once again being stood up by her boyfriend, Lucy makes a wish that tomorrow, her 30th birthday, will be perfect. When she wakes up, she learns that she is incapable of telling a lie but more importantly, she can no longer lie to herself. We follow Lucy throughout her day while her wish turns her life upside down and discovers how being honest can make the perfect day. 

Nothing But the Truth is a feminist spin on Liar, Liar. It is filled with magical realism, supportive friends, brave women, and a swoon worthy Hot Bartender. It was so much fun to read and had important commentary on very real issues women face in their everyday lives. 

*slight spoilers ahead*
I have to be honest though, I almost DNF the book at the very beginning (I'm very glad I didn't). When Lucy is getting ready for work, she decides she doesn't want to wear makeup, do her hair, or wear the tight clothing she normally wears for work. That is all fine, I do not have a problem with someone deciding that for themselves. The problem arouse from then implying every woman who DOES do those things is just lying to themselves. And when others asked if something was wrong (because her appearance suddenly didn't match what she looked like EVERY DAY at work), there was some patronizing comment like "oh they dont know any better because theyve been taught what women should look like". Um, no? If my coworker came to work and had a banana for breakfast every day for years, and then suddenly one day she didn't, I would definitely ask about it. Not because I think she *has* to have a banana, but just because she diverged from her normal routine.
I am all for encouraging women to live their truth. If they don't want to wear a full face of makeup, if they don't want to wear the tight dress, then don't. But I don't think it's fair to tell women who do enjoy some of these things that they're just lying to themselves. That aspect of the book was empowering some women while putting others down. It came off as "I'm not like other girls" and I did not like that. This became less of an issue later on in the book and the other messages were important enough for me to keep reading. Overall, it was a 3.5 stars read for me.
ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was such an unexpected delight! If the cover has led you to believe this is a cutesy romcom/women’s fiction book, well you aren’t totally off base, but it’s so much more than that! This book tackles sexual misconduct in the workplace, power imbalances, and all the other crap that gets heaped onto women. In the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, this was such an empowering and motivating book, wrapped up in a witty and sharp story with plenty of lighthearted moments. While the premise is similar to the Jim Carey movie Liar Liar, this book is a completely new and unique take on it. Lucy was a character with flaws, but one you were rooting for the whole time. An inspirational and bright summer read about being true to yourself!
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Lucy's life changes on her 30th birthday and not in the way she expected.  The night before, having been stood up by her boyfriend, she had a magical purple cocktail mixed by Adam, who she refers to as the hot bartender.  He tells her to make a wish and she wishes for a perfect day.  Well, as it happens, it turns out she can no longer lie, not to others and not to herself.  It starts with her breakfast, when she eats a bagel, moves to her clothing where she swaps shape wear and stilettos for a floaty dress, and then most dramatically to her boss when there's a me-too moment.  And then to that boyfriend.  Turns out Lucy is happier, freer, and it will all work out.  There are some very funny moments (when she falls in a fountain for example), some very topical ones, and some good insight into the Hollywood PR business.  No spoilers from me.  Thanks to the publisher for the ARC.  Good storytelling and characters who jump off the page make this a very good read.
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I couldn't put this book down!! If you liked Liar Liar with Jim Carey or Just My Luck with Lindsey Lohan, you'd like this book! (TW: sexual harassment)

Holly James' debut was fun, but serious. We have Lucy Green, an about to be 30 year old junior publicist. She's up for a proposal and a job promotion, but the night before her 30th, she gets a "life changing" drink from the bar. She wakes up and can't tell a lie! She decides to wear minimal make up, change up her style, and tackle the day. When the CEO of the publicist company decides to make a move on her, she stands her ground.

I love hearing about women who stand up for issues that many women face daily. The talk of being empowering and taking charge of taking care of these awful issues and stopping harmful men is one that I thoroughly enjoy. I loved the characters and the storyline! Thanks Netgalley and Dutton for the ARC in exchange for an honest review! Can't wait to get a physical copy!
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Okay, I loved everything about this story. F the patriarchy my friends and grab a copy of this baby on 7/12.
Publicist Lucy is turning 30 and all she wants is the perfect day for her birthday. She is up for a promotion, has a very important client lunch, and really thinks her boyfriend is finally going to propose. A drink from a hot bartender and a wish later, Lucy wakes up on her birthday not being able to lie. Like at all. 

This book made me feel angry at myself for anytime I lied about being fine or okay. Tell the truth everyone! Seriously. Lucy made me so proud with how she stood up for herself and dealt with things in her personal and professional life that made her unhappy. I strive to be this honest with myself. 

I felt this was the perfect time to read this story. Women need to tell their stories and their truths and not be bashed for it. I want everyone to check out this amazing read, it is one to really look out for this summer.

Thank you NetGalley, Holly James, and Dutton Books for this advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I freaking loved this book! The first few chapters had me coming to life, the middle was gripping and fast-paced, and the end was nicely wrapped up without being too sugary. It was fairly close to perfection and I will absolutely be recommending this book to everyone I know, and closely watching for Holly James' next work. 

In a surprising twist on the 1990's classic Liar, Liar with Jim Carey, our MC Lucy makes a wish on the eve of her thirtieth birthday that the following day be "the perfect day". As we all know with wish stories, sometimes the universe takes things too literally and rarely answers our wishes in the way we think they would come true. What follows is the twenty-four hours where Lucy cannot lie. While this does pose slight complications with her chosen profession in publicity, James takes a twist on this narrative to focus more on the lies we tell ourselves, especially as women. Lucy admits she doesn't want to go to spin class because she doesn't actually enjoy it; she doesn't want to wear spanx, and put on makeup, and torture her feet all day in stilettos; she wants to wear something comfortable, she wants to eat something that makes her feel full, she wants to dismantle the patriarchy. 

This story is a feminist, patriarchy burning dream, and one I simply enjoyed so so much. I will caution readers that there is a large portion of the story dedicated to workplace sexual harassment, so if this is a trigger for you, please tread lightly. 

I did think that the workplace situation took over the story for too long though and since I wasn't expecting that plot point at all. In order to do that portion of the story justice, it had to be thoroughly developed which I do think James did, but it took over the overarching story IMO and once it finally subsided I was like "oh right, this wasn't just about workplace harassment". The only reason I downrated this from five stars, though I would say it was still closer to 4.5 for me. 

Otherwise, I simply loved this book and cannot wait for other readers to find Lucy and her story.
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Lucy Green is tired of her life. On the eve of her 30th year, she is alone, in a bar, waiting on her boyfriend who is late or just blows her off altogether. She has a job she loves, but it comes with downsides too. While sitting there alone, the hot bartender whips up a drink for her that is supposed to be life changing. And it does.. After she makes a wish for a perfect day, she has a lot in store for her.
When Lucy wakes up on her birthday the next morning, she finds out that she can't lie. She can't even tell a white lie to spare anyone's feelings. She is only able to speak her mind, even if it reveals truths she wasn't ready to face.
While it seems like her world is crashing down around her, she could lose her job, her boyfriend and everything she worked so hard for, something better is in store for Lucy and it's right around the corner. 
With the help of Adam, the bartender who started this mess, she embarks on a day that is completely her own. I zipped right through this book. Adam was the perfect romantic and Lucy was so refreshing because she wasn't going to accept mediocre anymore. She wants and deserves nothing less than amazing.
Thank you to Peguin Dutton, Holly James and Netgalley for an early copy.
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Favorite Quote: “But honesty had always been a choice. She had the power to do and say what she wanted and needed all along; she was just led to believe by personal, professional, and profound social expectation that she did not. Perhaps the day’s greatest gift was simply awareness of the choice.”

Lucy Green is a driven publicist in LA who is one day away from her 30th birthday (and long-awaited promotion). The night before, she makes a wish over a mystery cocktail to have the best day ever. What she didn’t anticipate was her wish has been granted… and 100% complete truth came with it. Not being able to tell one lie, Lucy has to endure a full day making sure her honesty doesn’t lead to consequences in both her personal and professional life - but what unfolds is while telling the truth can be brutal, lying to yourself is the biggest crime. 

Taking place (mostly) over the course of one day, Lucy takes the reader on a rollercoaster of reflection - are our dreams really ours, or is it societal pressure? Are we settling, or is there something more? What Lucy learns is honesty is always a choice. It’s up to us to harness the power to use it.

This book has girl power written all over it. From the #MeToo movement to the annoyances women deal with for “normalcy,” I caught myself smiling as some of my personal thoughts are written down on paper in this book (I’m sure other women would agree). While the feminism themes were relatable, I did find it to be a tad overboard. I was confused on the role Nina played and think the book could stand alone without her. The honesty “curse” was also left open - was it Adam behind the cocktail, or what was the story behind it?
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Nothing But the Truth follows Lucy, a publicist in LA, on her 30th birthday as she navigates the challenge of a birthday wish gone wrong.  On the eve of turning 30, Lucy makes a wish for her birthday to be the *perfect day.*  However, things get strange immediately after Lucy wakes up and begins to deviate from her routine.  Instead of going to spin class which she always dreads, Lucy goes to breakfast with a friend and orders a delicious meal.  While getting ready for work, Lucy decides to wear comfortable clothes/shoes and forgo make up instead of her usual high heels and extensive "daily prep" routine.  Lucy begins to deviate so much from her norm that she realizes something is VERY wrong - or... is it all suddenly very right?

I wasn't a huge fan of this book.  I was expecting a cute, funny rom com and instead got a slap in the face with the many challenges women face in society today.  The over arching message is that women tend to settle in their personal lives and careers and that it is complete BS.  It champions women standing up for themselves and instead of settling for mediocre to make it well known what they want.  Then, if someone gets in the way, flay them alive.

I am a woman.  I have faced sexism in the workplace, I just couldn't relate to Lucy as a character.  Everything was her way or the highway and when someone didn't support her there was virtually NO understanding on her part.  She was asking people to risk their entire careers - and while secual harrassment in the workplace is wrong on EVERY level - dropping truth bombs on people and expecting them to immediately support you without giving them time to digest or think.... that is uncaring and demanding.

I enjoyed the overall message - don't settle for mediocre and stand up for yourself.  The writing was ok - not mindblowing, but not leaving tons to be desired either.  Nothing But the Truth just wasn't a quirky, funny, rom com like I was expecting.  It was more of an awkward "Down with the patriarchy, but we'll try to be funny while doing it and throw in a love story" type of book.
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Short Review: A magically sweet rom com with a dash of f*ck the patriarchy. It's the book that you didn't know you needed in your life. But trust me; you need it.

Long Review: Lucy Green is turning 30 and about to have all the dreams she thinks she wants to come true. When she's stood up by her boyfriend on the eve of her birthday she makes a birthday wish for a perfect day. Magic strikes and she gets her wish, but it goes terribly wrong. Or does it?

This book was just what I needed at the time I needed it. It's sweet and funny with a side of feminist rage. I loved getting to know Lucy and Adam and follow them on their journey to find each other and find the best of themselves.
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Thank you to Netgalley and Penguin Group Dutton for the ARC. 

🌟🌟🌟🌟 4/5 stars 

Nothing But the Truth is an entertaining spin on the movie Liar, Liar. When Hollywood publicist Lucy wakes up on her 30th birthday, she realizes that she is incapable of lying. The night before she made a wish for the perfect day, but this is not what she had in mind. Now Lucy must navigate her job and her relationships while being completely truthful. She begins to see just how much she has been lying to others and to herself. 

This was a fun storyline with fresh characters and dialogue. While I wish there was more romance, I liked following Lucy’s story and watching her speak her mind. The narration touches on important issues and is not afraid to get a little dark at times. A quick, thought-provoking read with a dash of magic. 

ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Nothing But the Truth 
by Holly James
4.5 stars
Lucy Green loves her job as a celebrity PR agent but she has to bend the truth a lot in it, she also needs to be able to keep a straight face. After going out the night before her birthday she makes a wish for the perfect day tomorrow. When Lucy wakes up on her birthday she suddenly realizes she can't lie about anything even to herself. After the start of an odd day, it just keeps getting more and more intense. 

I liked the concept of this book it reminded me of the movie Liar Liar but in the female version. Which I was excited about. This whole book was good it was very intense, I think I was just hoping for it to be more humorous. You got some magic, some romance, and a lot of work drama. I didn't care for the length the author took to make her point about liberating women and holding men accountable for making women feel uncomfortable and unsafe in the workplace and outside of it. It was a bit much to some of the guys yes it was needed but my goodness I felt like it was getting shoved down my throat. I think it was brought up once or more in each chapter. It was a really good read and I finished it in one day. I did enjoy that Lucy was spitting out the truth left and right and didn't care what anyone thought and that she was turning 30. It's a time when you think of everything that you have done and would have done differently in your life. 

Thank you, Net Galley, and Penguin Group Dutton for the eARC for an honest review
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🍸Nothing but the Truth🍸
By Holly James (via #netgalley)

Nothing but the Truth was a cute and funny romcom with an overall empowering message for women. I liked this one! 

Lucy Green is about to turn thirty. She’s in a dead end relationship with little-to-no hope of getting married, but she’s got a great job that she loves and an opportunity to promote is on the horizon. While sitting at a bar waiting for her boyfriend to no-show, the hot bartender makes her a life changing drink. Lucy makes a silent wish before taking a sip - that the next day (her birthday) be perfect. Little did she know, her wish would come true, but not exactly how she planned. She woke up on her birthday unable to lie! Lucy spends the whole day uncompromisingly honest and it changes her life so drastically that she can barely keep up. 

Thank you #netgalley and Penguin Group for an ARC of Nothing but the Truth which releases July 12, 2022!

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The great big honesty at all costs piece really fell flat, at least for me. I mean, I'm glad she did what she did but I just really didn't feel like it required the birthday candle wish. Really didn't enjoy.
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I really liked this book! Though I was heading into it expecting much more of a love story/romance, I was pleasantly surprised with the important messaging and how much I really adored the women's fic nods throughout the story. 

As a publicist. I was really able to relate to the main character. The premise of being unable to tell a lie, especially in that field of work, was a really interesting take. As a girl approaching my 30s, I could really relate to some of the pressures and hopes/wants the MC was feeling. Overall, a really interesting take on the Jim Carrey movie "Liar, Liar"!
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This is a smart, fun, entertaining, quick-paced novel. I related well to the main character, Lucy, whose casual wish for a perfect day has landed her in a state of forced truth-telling. Unable to tell a lie, her work and personal lives become very complicated and it's hard to imagine how much happens in this one day. The feminist perspectives in this book are powerful - it turns out that Lucy doesn't like many aspects of her life and can no longer lie about them. I knew when she ditched spin class to order a big, delicious breakfast and went to work sans makeup, in a sundress, that she was about to challenge some societal norms in a way that I appreciate. This is an often humorous, quick read that tackles several common women's issues.
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Thanks to Penguin Random House - Dutton for the  gifted copy of this book. 

Don’t let this cutesy illustrated cover fool you! Nothing But the Truth is a feminist anthem of the #MeToo movement in Hollywood, featuring an MC who works in a publicity company and has experienced advancements from the CEO. Unable to tell anything but the truth on her birthday, Lucy finds that she’s finally being who she wants to be and is standing up for herself as a woman who deserves more instead of pretending that everything is fine. This was a unique fiction read with a minor romance storyline and perfect for a good story about female empowerment.
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Thank you to Penguin Group Dutton and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Nothing But the Truth by Holly James is a hilarious contemporary fiction novel and debut. The story revolves around Lucy, who works as a Hollywood publicist. One night, while at a bar, she makes an impossible wish, and when she wakes up, she realizes that she cannot tell any lies. Not white lies, simple lies, nothing. How can she do her job or go through her personal life without lying? Will this ruin her life or allow her to be freer than ever?

Here is a humorous excerpt from Chapter 1:

"Lucy Green stood on a precipice.
Really, she sat on a barstool contemplating her drink while she waited for her boyfriend, Caleb, who was working late again. If he didn’t cancel altogether, they’d order another round, talk about their routine days, go back to his place and have mediocre sex, and she’d fall asleep listening to him grind his teeth because he refused to wear a mouth guard. And that would be how she spent the final night of her twenties.
But it was fine. She was fine. Everything was fine.
“Would you like something different?” the bartender asked her."

Overall, Nothing But the Truth is a contemporary fiction novel that will appeal to fans of Liar Liar or Freaky Friday. One highlight of this book is the hilarious hijinks that the main character gets into. It was fun seeing her go through her life while not being able to lie. I did take off 1 star, because this book touched on darker topics. Trigger warning: sexual assault. I would be fine with this in other books, but I was expecting a light-hearted read. If you're intrigued by the excerpt above, I recommend that you check out this book when it comes out in July!
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