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The one thing I hated about this was that it ended on a cliffhanger, which is why I took off a star. I hate cliffhangers. They really drive me up a wall. That being said, I loved a lot about this book. I mean, the fact that you could teleport yourself was simply awesome. The mystery was good even though it didn't get solved in this book. Since I hadn't read the first, I felt like I was missing a few things. This is certainly a series to read in order so you don't miss anything. 

In my opinion, Violet Mooney was a great character. She owns a crystal shop and then discovers that she is a witch. A witch's mother and sister have suddenly shown up in her life. If only she could manage to run her business and her witch world in harmony things would be great.  what in the world could go wrong? Only everything!
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I enjoyed reading this book. I liked the witchcraft. I liked Zoe. I want to read more books in this series.

I received an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.
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I received this book for free for an honest review from netgalley #netgalley

I love the first book and I have to say that the second one held up to the first one for sure with lovely imaginative characters and a mystery that I couldn't put down.
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This book would have been 4 (maybe even 5) stars if it wasn't for how incredibly obnoxious Violet was. I have never wanted someone to get throat punched as much as Violet.🤬 Now that I got that out of the way, I really enjoyed everything else about this book. It was well written and well paced. The plot was intriguing. I loved the paranormal aspects and can't wait to learn more about what creatures, etc are in the magical realm. I am also curious where the overall "witch" arc is heading, since it wasn't resolved in this book. There was SO much good in this book, but Violet and her bratty know it all attitude really overshadowed so much of it. I am still on board for the next book, and hopefully the author will tone down Violet's character. 🤞🏻

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Violet is an apprentice witch who is very new to her powers. She is also the owner of a crystal shop.  One of her clients ends up dead so she investigated the death. This book is set in a magically wonderful setting and the characters are irresistible. The book weaves a spell over the reader  while they are enjoying this sweet quick read. I definitely recommend this series.
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Crystal shop owner and newbie witch Violet is having a hard time adjusting to her new reality. She is also trying to convince everyone that she is not at fault for the "genieing" of a local reporter. When a customer goes missing and is found dead, Violet is determined to solve both mysteries before someone can blame her. 

This was a fun cozy! I'm enjoying getting to know Violet and her family. I like watching her developing relationships with her mother and sister. I do feel like all of the different politics and worlds are a bit confusing. I'm looking forward to reading more from this series. 

*eARC provided in exchange for an honest review*
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Witch Trial:  A Full Moon Mystery
By Cate Conte
January 2021

Review by Cynthia Chow

It’s been something of a rough going ever since Violet Mooney not only discovered that her real last name was Moonstone, but that she was descended from two incredibly powerful witch families.  While the healing crystal shop owner welcomed a new half-sister in her life, reuniting with their imperious and extremely powerful mother Fiona Ravenstar has been something of a trial.  That’s nothing like the trial that Vi is about to undergo though, as due to previous events she is being questioned about the “genieing” of undercover reporter Mazzy Diamond.  Mazzy’s allegations of fraudulent witch practices got her in the way of very powerful forces, and as a result she was genied into a pile of goo.  Having participated in the cover-up and hiding the involvement of her Full Moon employee and fellow witch Josie Cook, Vi feels guilty enough to take on the responsibility of freeing Mazzy before the horrific transformation becomes permanent.

Being tried by the Magickal Council should be enough to keep Vi occupied, but she is also troubled by the recent disappearance of a woman brought to her for a crystal consultation.  Vi’s emerging power not only detected a haunting gray aura around Nicole St. James, but a shadow of fear that has Vi alarmed and concerned.  Unfortunately, Vi’s recommendation of healing crystals aren’t enough to protect the attorney and it’s not long before local police discover Nicole dead.  Despite Fiona’s warnings/orders to stay out of the business of mortals, Vi and her friends begin looking into Nicole’s personal life and those with motives to have wanted her gone.  Leprechaun private detectives, a truly Wicked Web internet, and magical break-and-entering will all become vital tools for Vi as she delves into these multiple investigations.

This second in the series continues to develop a fascinating mythology around the witches living in North Harbor, Connecticut.  Vi and readers are introduced to this world where witches have their own law enforcement and justice system, with one lawyer in particular becoming very prominent in Vi’s future.  Alternating chapters from Fiona’s chapter expand upon her character and reveal motives and machinations unknown to Vi, who is still reluctant to trust the mother long been absent from her life.  This novel is an outstanding blend of fantasy and mystery, with the mystical elements as fascinating as the multiple puzzles being explored.  One of Vi’s biggest challenges is learning how to balance her mundane and magical lives, which Fiona believes should be separate and never end well when combined.  An unexpected reveal about the secrets being kept from her will no doubt challenge Vi’s future as she races against the clock to prove her own innocence and free Mazzy, but it also promises exciting intrigue for her and fans of this magical mystery series.
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I really enjoyed the first Full Moon Mystery but the second in the series, aptly named Witch Trial was exactly that. A bit of a trial to get through. I will say I still love the characters as much as I did the first book but the story just didn’t resonate with me this go round. 

I received a free review copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest unedited feedback.

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Such a fun read that is chock-full of mysteries, crystals, and magic to keeping you turning the pages. Interesting characters that I look forward to getting to know more about.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  When we first see Violet she is still getting up to speed about her “secret” identity as a witch that had been hidden from her by her father and grandmother.  The learning curve is steep even with the help of her newly returned mother, Fiona and hereto unknown sister Zoe and her delightful black cat familiar, Xander.  She is only beginning to understand her powers and her place in the witchy world when a distraught woman is brought in for a reading.  Violet is very concerned when the woman disappears and then is found, murdered in a park.  She feels she should have been able to protect her.

But it turns out, in spite of having some very powerful family connections, Violet may be the one requiring protection.  Someone is trying very hard to pin the supernatural dispatch of a snoopy reporter on Vi.   It all occurred before Violet had even an inkling of her identity but that is not going to stop a jealous family from trying to bring her and her mother down.  Her mother enlists the support of hunky Blake to help keep Violet out of trouble and to assist her in navigating this new and complex world.  Can she trust him?  And what is connection between him and her soon to be ex boyfriend?

There are lots of story streams that often intersect.  If you are looking for a stand alone book, this is not going to satisfy.  We begin literally right after the end of the previous one and when this one ends, just as suddenly, the reader knows it will be hard to wait for the next one to come out so we can see how it ends.  I am usually not a big fan of cliff hangers but I will make an exception.  There is so much going on, it would impossible to conclude it in one edition.  Five purrs and two paws up.
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Witch Trial was a fun read. I really enjoyed the first book in this series so I'm glad the second one was even better than the first one. I really like how the murder wasn't the only mystery going on. It really wasn't even the biggest mystery going on. The big one was about who "genied" Mazzy in Vi's shop, which happened in the first book. While some progress was made on this mystery, it's still not solved by the end of the book. I really hope there's more in this series just so I can find out who did that particular crime. The murder mystery seemed more secondary in the plot and, unfortunately, it did feel like the conclusion to it was rushed. Other than that, I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read that kept me hooked through the end.
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That was the ending of the book?? Seriously??? I want more!! This series is so much fun with the crystals and the magic and all of the other stuff. It's just neat to read and so entertaining! Can't wait for book 3!
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I enjoyed the paranormal aspects in this book, particularly the ability to teleport yourself (no more traffic!).  The different magical powers that the characters had available to them was probably my favorite part of this book.  I don't know much about genies but found the information provided interesting and added another level to the story.  The mystery was intriguing but wasn't solved in this book even though it was held over from the last one.  This made it difficult to really get into the story, not having the conclusion.  Still, the story kept my interest and I am looking forward to the next one and hopefully the solution to the mystery.
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This is the second book is the paranormal cozy series. Violet owns a crystal shop and she just discovered she’s actually a witch. Since she’s new to the whole magical powers thing, her
Mother sends her an advisor, Blake. When one of the crystal shops customers ends up dead, Violet starts sleuthing. 

I overall this book. I liked the first one, but this one felt like it was a little all over the place. I like the characters, I like the plotting that’s a good mix of mystery and magic. The cats, one magical and one non-magical, are great characters themselves. There’s a continuing thread from the first book and I honestly don’t mind cliffhangers, especially since it’s been a running plot since the first book. But the mystery tied up in this book was over and done with so quickly, it wasn’t particularly satisfying. 

I liked this book more as a part of a series, I don’t think it would be a good standalone. So definitely read the first book, but I do recommend this cozy series if you like your cozy mysteries with a bit of magic.
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This was a fun, witchy cozy.  While the mystery took a backseat to the protagonist's storyline, I didn't mind that. I really enjoyed all the storyline weaved throughout this book, and I look forward to the next book.
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The plot of the book was such a great page turner. The plot of the book was very well written. I  truly cannot wait to read another wonderful book from this  author. This was a truly great book. I loved it.
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Witch Trial is the second book in the Full Moon Mystery series by Cate Conte. It follows Violet a local Crystal shop owner and newly discovered witch as she navigates two worlds - magical and mundane, while dealing with family drama and solving murders. I really enjoyed book one of this series - which I would say is urban fantasy/cozy mystery and book 2 continued to develop the rich magical world/backstory. I would recommend reading book one first and this book ends on a cliffhanger, so I really hope book 3 comes out soon!  
This book has at least 5 different mysteries going on at once and only 2-3 get solved by the end of the book, while the others started in book one and will carry throughout the series. 
The main plot of this book centers around the disappearance of a local lawyer and client of Violet's as well as Violet navigating her new role on the Magical Council after her Grandmother's death. 
I recommend taking a trip into this magical world!
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I received an advance copy of this book via NetGalley.

In this second book in a cozy mystery series, Violet is a crystal shop owner with recently-unveiled magical powers. When a troubled customer goes missing, she sets out to investigate, uncovering sordid secrets in her hometown--even as other witches investigate her for an incident that happened in the previous book.

I didn't read the first book, but that didn't make it difficult to get into this one. The plots are fairly straightforward. I was left with many frustrations and questions as I read, though. So much of the book's prolonged drama is because people aren't engaging in basic levels of communication, which is exasperating. The magic here doesn't seem to have any rules. Witches can teleport wherever. Violet is treated like she's incredibly powerful, but I saw no evidence of that whatsoever. She's willfully ignorant about magic in general, and that seems to largely be the case to drag out the magical subplot. I was mystified as to why she was serving on a local magical-governing board.

Genies and their powers seem to be set up to be the big bad guys in this world, and though they aren't described here as having an origin here, it made me uncomfortable that the one Arabian/Middle Eastern aspect was elevated to such a dark role. I hope that more nuance comes into play in future books.

The mundane mystery at the heart of the book is the best part, but I couldn't turn off my author/editor mode to relax and enjoy the loose magical worldbuilding.
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I enjoyed the second installment in Cate Conte's second Full Moon Mystery, Witch Trial. An interesting mix of paranormal activity intruding on the human world with a new witch getting comfortable with the fact that her family is magical. The pacing and story line were much easier to follow in this book, now that we have the characters and the family relationships down. I look forward to the next book in the series! Thank you to #NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advance copy of #WitchTrial.
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It seemed like it'd been forever since I read the first book, so it took me just a little bit to remember what had gone on, but the author did a good job of reviewing without spoilers. I really do recommend reading the first book first because much of this book is a continuation of something that happened in that book.

There were a lot of different characters and possible suspects for both the continuing witchy situation and the murder of a mortal in this book. I loved Violet's references to Samantha and Darrin in one place in the book, lol. In this world, guys and girls are both just witches for simplicity purposes I guess, but it's still just as hard to get the nerve up to tell a mortal that you're a witch just like back in Samantha's day. We got to know Violet's sister Zoe a little better this time as well as their mom, Fiona. I really like Zoe, and I guess my liking of Fiona's character might be selective. I only like her sometimes or if I know she's trying to help one of her girls. She's growing on me, lol.
I wasn't sure about Blake's role in this, so I just kept an open mind and read on.

Toward the end, there was a surprise I didn't see coming, and I hadn't been able to guess whodunit. The ending after the killer was caught honestly seemed a little abrupt, but it did make sense and didn't really leave anything hanging. I do hope there's going to be another book so at least the conversation being had could continue.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by Kensington Publishing via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.
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