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I thought it was hard to get into at first, but was on the edge of my seat by the end. Stakes are high and personal, with things that could go wrong at any minute for a number of our main characters. There's lots of adrenaline and action going on in this fast-paced book. The first I've heard and read of this author, but won't be my last.
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Shock Wave is a good read. I enjoyed, if that is the right word, the story of terrorists from Palestine going up against the forces of good.  A secret agent works undercover with the terrorists, and he gives his all. One can pick at the novel for this or that, but what grieved me was the gratuitous killing of a character who came late to the story only to do good. I hate it when authors do that!
I did like the characters and the action was often compelling. Good job.
Thanks NetGalley for the ARC.
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Fabulous story that I could not put down.  Would highly recommend to fans of this genre.  Great writing, and I will look for more from this author.
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Shock Wave is a military thriller that pits terrorists against the US and Israel.  The Us tracks down a wanted terrorist and tries to convince Israel  he's moved into the neighborhood.   Pessin's book is well worth the read.
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This is plot forward action thriller that has good guys, bad guys,, terrorists, conspiracies and a touch of romance (sort of).  It's also more than a little implausible but that won't matter once you get past the first pages and are caught up in the race,  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. Good for travel and might make a decent movie.
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While I love political thrillers, I just couldn't get into this book.  While it was well written, the plot was very slow.  That is my honest opinion.
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A good book that I really enjoyed. I have not read any of the previous books in the series but think I kept up with the story and plot line just fine. There are some unexpected twists but a good guy/bad guy story. It got a bit too long for me at the end but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I hope the author puts out more stories like this. The beginning of the story really hooked me and the sacrifices of the main characters to try to stop the bad guys was admirable and kept the story moving along with some suspense.
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“Shock Wave” by Al Pessin brings a frightening story to life. In this military thriller there are the traditional bad and good guys. In this case the bad guys are led by a terriorist named Saddiq Mohammed al-Assali.  He has cells in Israel and Palestine and his actions have caused the United States much problems.  Pessin is a great writer who tells a compelling story and brings the unbelievable into reality! 

Our terriorist fighting organization ( Defense Intelligence Agency) dedicated to thwarting this attack is lled by Bridget Davenport who assigns one of her best anti- terriorist  fighters, Lieutenant Faraz Abdallah, to infiltrate and generally the plans of the al-Assali terrorist  cabal. 

What might seem like a simple task gets complicated very quickly and lets to enough death and destruction to go around. The terriorist has even gotten the attention of President Martell who deivers a dressing down to his defense intelligence apparatus.  Martelli wants action and soon.  Enter Faraz Abdullah to hopefully set things right!!

Hostages, infiltration of Assali’s network, and torture all come to play in this story as the various agencies try to thwart whatever plan is in the works.  A prisoner exchange helps Abdallah get close  and at least keeps him in play to help capture or at least minimize the threats. Money from Saudi players creates another set of issues. 

Securing help from our Israeli Allie’s proves somewhat difficult and this lack of full-blown trust becomes an issue. The climax comes from an unexpected direction. It is the unexpected twists that makes this an enjoyable read but also makes for the stark possibility that this could be real even as the book is read. 

Definitely a page turner with turns and unexpected events and players come into play…the initial thrusts or the “big one.”
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Shock Wave definitely delivered. It's an emotional page-turner that is flawlessly executed with an unexpected ending.

A must-read!
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One of my favorite things about reviewing books is discovering authors I didn't know of. It's especially true when said author exceeds my expectations. Shock Wave, written by Al Pessin, is the third book in his Task Force Epsilon series. As with any recurring series, there are events you miss by not reading the previous books. Sometimes the author will summarize previous events throughout book, sometimes they don't give any clues, and sometimes they give you clues but it's apparent they can't give you everything that's germaine. Shock Wave falls into the last category. 

Pessin, a journalist and former foreign correspondent, is well versed in global affairs and it shows in Shock Wave. It's an easy read with great characters, exciting action, and engaging dialogue. There are no wasted words or empty interactions. Every word is chosen with care and a purpose. Even the mundane scenes are riveting. 

As I said earlier, I hadn't read the first two books and in the beginning it was clear I was missing some important details. The first 75 pages Pessin includes enough of the backstory to give a vague idea of the history but it's by no means complete. Nor could it be unless he wanted a 1000 page monster. 

The first part of the book might cause a problem to the reader who picks up Shock Wave as a standalone because it's obvious it builds heavily on the previous books. Stick with it because by part two I got the gist of previous events and the story really takes off. Once I knew the broad strokes I couldn't put it down. To say I was invested is an understand. I am now a fanboy of Al Pessin. 

My sincere thanks to All Pessin, Kensington Books, and NetGalley for the privilege of reviewing Shock Wave.
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