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No Job for Gentlemen

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A lighthearted and at times cocky story in the setting of the London UK venture capital industry. Witty, very funny, cynical mixed with just the right level of romance, an entertaining book by Tim Martion that leaves at least me, not affiliated with the venture capital industry, wondering whether the author has written down some of his own experiences. Tim, in case you're writing on a sequel, you'll see me sitting in the audience one it's released.
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Naughty and yet nice....that pretty much sums up the lively cast of characters in Tim Martion's No Job For Gentlemen, which is set at a small venture capital firm in London. It's actually quite the team of misfits, 

There is the leader of the pack, a former cricket player who was just not quite good enough to play professionally. There is  the middle aged manager with the dad bod, a failing marriage, and the memory of a one night stand that he'll never get over. There's the eager new admin with a hot body but no business skill and a huge degree of naiveté. There is the fiercely independent California blonde who flies in from San Francisco to contribute her expertise and celebrate her recent business success. 

In reaction to the tragic and unexpected loss of two key managers (in a very salacious way), the Aardvark team needs to meet to regroup and figure out a strategy for moving forward without these key executives. To do that, a firm offsite is organized to suss out strategies for going forward. Ah, the things that can happen behind closed doors when lots of alcohol and not-so-secret hanky panky starts happening. When that train of debauchery starts rolling down the proverbial tracks, there is no stopping the carnage! 

No Job for Gentlemen reminds me that if the men in this book were American, the title would have to be "No Job for Douchebags" but because they are quirky Brits with posh London accents, they can still be Gentlemen. While this book was outlandish and absurd at nearly every turn, it was still a page turning amusing read. It had that train wreck factor, you just couldn't not find out how it ended. 

Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for my salty review!
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