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This was an average story for me. I enjoyed it and would recommend to those who like a good suspense, but not to someone who wants shock with every turn. I didn't feel too surprised by the conclusion.
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⭐️⭐️ The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

From the outside, Matthew and Alyssa look to be the golden couple. They have the perfect house, the perfect jobs, and the perfect life. But then Marissa cheats. 

To help overcome the indiscretion, Marissa finds a therapist. But Avery’s therapeutic methods aren’t conventional. 

I listened to the audiobook version of The Golden Couple. It was narrated by two different women, one Marissa’s point of view and the other Avery’s. Both narrators do a good job, except for when they deepen their voices to resemble the male characters. The male voices sound very bizarre, especially the child’s voice.

As far as the storyline goes, there were so many little things that just rubbed me wrong. Were they important to the story? Probably not, but these things bugged me continuously throughout the story. Here are some examples: 40/10000 is not 1% or 4% (I couldn’t tell which number the narrator said) and she said it a few times; I’ve never known AAA to have such a quick response that you could have all four tires aired up and arrive at your destination in under an hour; the phrase “nice to meet you” was suspicious because two characters said them only a day apart. 

I will say that even with the ridiculous incidents, I did want to find out what the big “twist” was going to be. And I had it wrong, so that’s a plus for the plot. But the book wasn’t over, and it just kept going, and going, and going, and another “surprise” hit but it had to do with a background story that could easily have been left out and probably made the book a bit better (and shorter). 

Overall, the characters were unlovable and the story was mediocre but it did keep me wanting to know how it ended. So for that it gets 2 stars. 

Did I like this book? Not really.


Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an audiobook ARC of this title for review.
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I admit, I am super picky with thrillers. I think this was a solid 3.5⭐️ read. I think a lot of people will enjoy this book—some things just didn’t land for me personally. 

What I enjoyed 
-the premise was so good! 
-I enjoyed reading these messy characters and about their marriage. 
-unethical therapy happening which was a trip to read!
-super quick listen / read 
-audiobook was great! 

What didn’t land
-the “twist” at the end
-one of the plots revolving the therapist not really going anywhere
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When I finished listening to this audiobook I realized I felt there was something missing the entire time. I am lucky enough to have been allowed an advanced copy of this audiobook, but the narration really made it so that I couldn’t get into it before the pub date. As usual, the writing and plot production of this duo had me on the edge of my seat. However, I do need to say that it was not as good as their previous novels. I am not sure if I didn’t like this book as much because of the story or because of the narration. 

Marissa is keeping a secret from her husband, Matthew, and she is determined to not let it ruin their perfect marriage. She enlists the counsel of Avery, now a “consultant” because her tactics have cost her her therapist license. Avery claims she can help the Bishops in 10 sessions. But can she still do that if there are more secrets hidden between the couple?

The novel is told from two perspectives: Avery and Marissa’s. Avery’s perspective is told from first person; whereas Marissa’s perspective is told from third person. If you’ve read their previous novels, you know these two are good about including multiple plots and it will have you shocked. That still happens in this novel, but the effect is not as strong.

I read the book entirely via audio format. The audio book is approximately 11 hours and 3 minutes. I read this book because I have read two of Hendricks’ and Pekkanen’s novels before and have become impressed by their writing. 

In terms of the plot, I like the book very much. The narration, I did not like so much. I was completely turned off by the voices for each of the protagonists. Sadly, it ruined the experience for me. The writing and story telling was in line with what I’ve come to expect from the two authors. Although, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by one of their usual tropes - as Michael Scott would say “how the turn tables”. 

I would not recommend the audiobook, but I would recommend the actual text. 

Narration: 2.5/5
Story: 3.5/5
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I’ve never read/listened to work by the authors before but I did lie this book the story was interesting. Definitely a psychological thriller. The narrators did a great job with it.
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The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkan is an intriguing and irresistible listen. When Marissa and Matthew Bishop meet therapist...consultant..what exactly is she...Avery Chambers, to repair their broken relationship after Marissa cheats, things start to seem as if they are coming back together. Or, is everything really just falling apart? The Golden Couple is a thrilling listen, keeping you hooked from the beginning and absolutely needing to know what happens next.  The kind of listen that makes you want to keep cleaning the house so you don't have to stop listening. And, that ending.  Whew. 
Narrators Karissa Vacker and Marin Ireland reel you in as they tell the story from the viewpoints of Marissa and Avery. 
By far one of the best audio books I've listened to. 
Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for the advanced listen copy. 

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Well well well, I liked this one.

I think the audio was the way to go. The voices doing Avery and Marissa were fantastic! Kudos to Karissa Vacker, Marin Ireland for a great performance.

The Golden Couple has two main characters or maybe three?

When Marissa and Matthew Bishop's marriage is in danger, Marissa seeks the help of a therapist to try to save her marriage.

Avery Chambers is a therapist. She lost her license due to the way she practices. She is now considered a consultant. When she accepts a patient, she researches them well and makes them spill all their little secrets. She promises that she can help you with only ten sessions. After that, your problems won't be a problem anymore.

Marissa decides to use Avery after a friend recommends her. In the first session, Marissa reveals the reason for the therapy: she has cheated with a guy at the gym. Obviously, Matthew loses it since he was blind-sided by the information. After the session, Avery decides to take them on as patients but they must adhere to her program or she is out.

Personally, Avery is dealing with some other stuff. She is a widow, she has a company harassing her, and she has a new dog. Yet, work is something she enjoys. She likes to find out what really makes her patients tick in order to help them in the best way. Yet, Matthew and Marissa's issues seem to be a little too much since it feels like outside forces are trying to break them apart.

As a thriller goes, I like the way this one developed. I knew where the story was going although a couple of times I doubted myself about the identity of the one pulling the strings. I liked both Marissa and Avery. Although, I was always more interested in Avery's chapters and any scene where her dog was present.

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by St. Martin's Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This book was great. I love all the books by these authors, but this may be my new favorite. The twists you never saw coming. I love how it keeps me on my toes and anticipating what is coming next.
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Marissa and Matthew are The Golden Couple in this fast paced thriller by the marvelous writing duo of Sarah Pekkanen and Greer Hendricks. 

I listened to this one and the narrators were very good.  Marissa and Matthew are have issues in their marriage and they go to get help from Avery.  Avery has lost her license but not is working as a counselor and has a 10 session plan for het clients.  Marissa drops a bomb and there is like a of action that will keep you guessing to the end!!

Really enjoyed this one and can’t wait to read the next one by this great writing team,
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I almost didn’t finish this book three times. I didn’t like it as much as previous  books by the authors. Other people seem to enjoy it though.
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I usually like these authors together and this book kept me guessing but.....I just did not connect with any of the characters (except maybe Bennet and Coco - The boutique).  There were some unique twists and turns.....but did not knock my socks off.
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Marissa and Mathew Bishop are a DC/Maryland "Golden Couple" They are beautiful people, popular, and successful in their individual careers and have the perfect marriage, or do they? When Marissa is unfaithful to Mathew, she knows their marriage is in trouble. She hires the infamous couple's counselor, Avery Chambers, hoping that her unconventional approach is going to salvage her marriage. Avery was a therapist who lost her licence for some questionable practices, but a counselor does not need to be licensed. She claims that she can help you resolve your problems with just ten sessions. She is also very selective in who she chooses to treat. Marissa and Mathew have an 8 year old child and Marissa is the main caregiver as Mathew works so many hours. Can Avery help them save their marriage?

This was a story that took me some time to get into, as the first part of the story sets it all up and is a bit slow, but stick with this one. There are also several secondary characters that play important roles in the story. The story is told from the POV of Avery the therapist and Marissa, the unfaithful wife. As I read this book, I wasn't sure who to believe. There were secrets, spying on each other, phonecalls and more that played a role, but you had to figure out what. Hendricks and Pekkanen took this reader on a wild ride as the true natures of these multi-faceted characters are revealed. Things happen that kept me trying to guess what was going to happen next? There was also a secondary storyline where Avery was a whistle blower and someone was stalking her. As tidbits were revealed, I was sure I had it all figured out, but wow, was I wrong. Secrets, unreliable narrators, lies and tension made this a domestic thriller that I enjoyed. This is one of those popcorn books that you just need to sit back, go with it and enjoy the reading experience. I enjoyed the audiobook that was narrated by Karissa Vacker and Marin Ireland. These are two performers that I enjoy due to their voices, expression, tone and emotion. With the story being narrated by two female characters, this was a perfect choice for the audiobook. I did a read/listen, but recommend the audiobook, if you enjoy that format.
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The Golden Couple
Greer Hendricks  &  Sarah Pekkanen
reviewed by Lou Jacobs | Goodreads

“The Golden Couple” is only a superficial allusion, clouded by secrets and deceit. Marissa and Mathew Bishop appear to have it all: a seemingly perfect life with life in the suburbs and highly successful financial standing and a much-loved son. Both husband and wife are very attractive.

It all comes crashing down with a single act of infidelity by Marissa.

In an effort to save her marriage, family and “perfect” family she convinces Matthew to seek therapy with a very unconventional, but renowned therapist, Avery Chambers. Avery would not take you on as clients, unless she felt she could help with her unique ten session therapy.

Avery has an extremely hands on approach, that not only involves office therapy sessions, but she frequently inserts herself into the field, to investigate material uncovered in the sessions; judging their authenticity and motivation. Her field work rivals the best of all fiction’s female amateur detectives—move over Miss Marple and Jessica Fletcher. Lies and deceit come tumbling down. All of the involved characters are deliciously laid out in a multi-layered web, confounded by secrets that will gradually unfold, amongst a plethora of red herrings. No one apparently is who we originally thought.

Hendricks and Pekkanen seamlessly craft a complex and twisted narrative that delves into the minds and actions of all involved, while slowly ratcheting up tension and intrigue, and culminating an unexpected explosive denouement. The reader is immersed in an intricate plot in this tense and addictive psychological thriller. Avery Chamber’s first-person narrative is expertly alternated with those of Marissa, encouraging the “hooked” reader into rapid page-turning to uncover the true motivations and secrets. There is a sinister element that binds the secrets and deceit together. Who really is trustworthy? Jump on board to this emotional roller coaster ride and explore the human psyche and diversity of relationships.

 I personally switched back and forth between reading the book and listening to the audiobook. Marin Ireland and Karissa Vacker provided superb narration, their voices and inflections brought the multiple characters to life in the “theater” of my mind.

Thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan Publishers for providing an Uncorrected Proof and Audio Recording in exchange for an honest review. Just another excellent novel in a string of collaborations between Hendricks and Pekkanen, who possess amazing synchronicity.
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Fun thriller that kept me guessing, guessing and guessing some more.  Just when I thought I had figured out "who-dun-it," I had more thinking to do.  The writing is fast-paced and a page-turner.  I am very impressed by this duo's previous books so it looks like it's a guarantee that each book fits right into that expectation.
The audio version was great.  The narrators captured the personalities of the characters beautifully.  The pace is right on target and the differentiation between them was spot on.  A fun audio experience!
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The Golden Couple, by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, may well be the best psychological thriller I have read, surpassing Gone Girl and many others.

Rogue therapist Avery Chambers has a unique 10 session route to resolution. Marissa and Matthew Bishop have sought her help but Marissa has brought Matthew under the false pretense of an issue with their son, Bennett, when it is actually to confess her infidelity and to seek healing for their marriage. 
In a flashback manner, Marissa reflects on meeting Matthew one summer when they were just kids. The summer when her best friend Tina was murdered. The back and forth to this time becomes integral to the story.

This is an excellent domestic thriller with so many twists the reader will not see coming. This is the first book I have read by this dynamic author duo but it will not be the last! I very much enjoyed this book and I do recommend it!
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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* yikes. yikes and yikes again! wow this was a crazy read! would recommend, might read again in the distance future.
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I though the writing of the book was great and enjoyed how twisty it was; however, I didn’t like any of the characters 😫
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This duo keeps getting stronger and stronger. The Golden Couple is a twisty, turning read with multiple POVs. It took me a few chapters to find my stride with the story, but I couldn't put it down once I did—an intriguing and unique read.
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The plot saved this book, brought it to 3 stars instead of 2. The writing was good and I liked the plot twist. I didn’t like any of the characters, especially the therapist. I never could understand what her angle was.
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Another unique mystery by the authors of The Wife Between Us, An Anonymous Girl and You Are Not Alone. Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen make a superb writing team!
Just when I thought I had it all figured out I was wrong. The subtle twists and layer upon layer of deception had me second guessing everything.
Matthew and Marissa seem to have the perfect life together until Marissa is unfaithful. In order to keep their marriage together Marissa seeks out couples therapy.
Avery Chambers is an unconventional and unlicensed therapist that has designed a ten session approach to fixing marriages in trouble. She will go to any lengths to help her clients.
A rollercoaster ride of deceit and secrets are revealed and this psychological thriller quickly becomes intense.
Will Avery be able to fix them? It's fun finding out!

Thank you to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.
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