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“You can never truly know what is inside another persons heart or head.” 

Marissa and Matthew Bishop seem to have it all—until Melissa cheats on Matthew. Wanting to repair their marriage that has lost its intimacy, Melissa enlists therapist Avery Chambers. But Avery has lost her professional license to practice, so her methods are a bit unorthodox. Can Avery get to the root of their marital troubles, or is she in over her head? 

“Casting aside the filters that constrained me when I was a therapist is so deliciously freeing.” ~Avery 

Umm why did I wait so long to listen to this?! I decided to start it, even though it’s been out for quite awhile, and WOW! I was sucked in from the very first chapter. I actually stopped listening to my current book to finish this one. Sometimes the hype is real, guys! 

This book is full to twists and every single character is a bit devious, so you’re not quite sure who to believe or root for. The audiobook has two narrators, one each for Marissa and Avery, and both are fabulous. I always find dual narrators really help to differentiate characters when listening to a book. They brought these ladies to life and I just couldn’t stop listening! I had to know how this would end. The Golden Couple is up for Best Mystery & Thriller in the @goodreads awards too. 👏🏻👏🏻

Thank you to Netgalley, Macmillan Audio, St. Martin’s Press, and the author for the ALC in exchange for an honest review.
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I listened to this ARC on audible and honestly, Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen's book being read by Marin Ireland (et. al) was the greatest gift! I've read a number of Hendriks and Pekkanen's books now and with each new story, I keep thinking I've figured out their plot twist mechanisms. But each time I get into a new book of theirs, I'm royally hurled off course, as was the case here with The Golden Couple. If you're a fan like I am of plots circling around dysfunctional relationships and rich people behaving badly, this book is for you. Oh and I thought I'd hate that it was based on this therapist's secret to success plan to help Matthew and Marissa get through their marital troubles, but right off the bat you discover this psychologist is NOT NORMAL. A great brain escape. Thanks for the preview copy and early audio access, St. Martin's Press!
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The Golden Couple was an interesting read by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. It pushed the boundaries of a couple and what they will do to keep their family together.
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No relationship is perfect—no matter how perfect some may seem. Every couple has both laughter and struggles. And in the audio edition of The Golden Couple by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, one couple’s struggles and secrets come to light after one indiscretion sends them to counseling...

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I reviewed this one everywhere, but completely forgot to add it here. 

Let’s be real, there are a lot of these kind of domestic thrillers. They can get a bit redundant. I found this one to be original and engrossing. I was pulled in from the start and read it so quickly. I’m very excited to read more from this author. Thank you so much for the advanced copy.
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Author duo Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen do it again. These thriller writers always get me with the plot twist and The Golden Couple wasn’t any different. I spent the entire novel trying to figure out “who dunnit” and I was wrong with every single guess.

In The Golden Couple, everything isn’t as it seems for Marissa and Matthew Bishop who seem to be the perfect couple who has it all. This picture-perfect marriage seems to have it all until Marissa hires a therapist, Avery, to help her and Matthew with their relationship

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This was a really good book. I couldn't put it down. It had all the elements of a mystery thriller that I love.
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Another effortless page turner from this fantastic domestic suspense thriller duo, Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, The Golden Couple grabbed me from the start and kept me guessing right to the end.  

Deceptively devious and so cleverly written, this mystery is packed with infidelity, secrets and lies, so much so that the relationship lines between the unreliable narrators and unlikable characters quickly blurr making it difficult to figure out what the who was what!  Of course the narration by Karissa Vacker and Marin Ireland was absolutely amazing.  I really have enjoyed this author duo and look forward to picking up anything else they may write together.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher, Macmillan Audio for providing me an advanced listening copy to read and review.  As always I appreciate the opportunity. 

3.5 rounded up to 4 ⭐️ From me for this one!
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THIS BOOK!!  It hooked me from the very beginning.  I really enjoyed how fast-paced and interesting the story remained throughout. The narrators were great!
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While I thought the book was a bit predictable, it still had enough little twists that I didn’t know what the end would be.  One interaction towards the end gave me goosebumps.  The narrator was easy to listen to. I read every Greer and Sarah book and this one didn’t disappoint.  This is a four star!  

Thank you to the publisher for allowing me to listen to an advanced copy.
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Marissa and Matthew Bishop are an enviable couple. They live in a beautiful home in the DC area, have a sweet son they dote on, and both succeed professionally. However, they find themselves in couples therapy with Avery Chambers, an unconventional and unlicensed therapist who promises to fix her clients in ten sessions, after Marissa cheats on Matthew and confesses. As they confront the problems in their marriage, strange things keep happening, like threatening letters being delivered to Marissa’s workplace and Matthew being jumped in a parking garage. The Golden Couple by @greerhendricks and @sarahpekkanen weaves a number of complex storylines together in a way that will have you questioning everything. I guessed one or two of the twists (as a rule, don’t trust men) but I was still really invested in the mystery as it continued to spiral. I found the resolution a little quick, but besides that, an exciting and suspenseful mystery about people whose veneer of perfection is too good to be true. 4 out of 5 packages of mints. (Thanks to @netgalley for early access to the audiobook)
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A solid 4 star read for me. THE GOLDEN COUPLE was a solid book from start to finish but it never quite had my jaw dropping. There were some really nice twists and the authors made sure everything came full circle, so the ending was satisfying and everything was well-explained. I think I could have used some of that explanation or maybe even just a couple more clues more towards the middle of the book to keep some of the intrigue up and give us some more tiny twists before the big reveals at the end. I really liked the split POV between Marissa and Avery. They each had a unique perspective to offer and switching back and forth let the right clues come out at the right time. Not my favorite book from this duo but still incredibly solid and definitely not my least favorite!
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In this domestic thriller, we follow a couples therapist who has developed a system that she claims will help every marriage and a couple who are in the midst of an infidelity crisis. From there, we go on a series of twists and turns and uncover secrets about nearly everyone in the book. I liked how fast paced this book was — it definitely kept unfolding and revealing things. 
Although there isn’t really anything I can pinpoint as a negative, this book also didn’t have anything remarkable about it that would make me excited to recommend it to others. The characters weren’t unique in personality, depth, or actions. I liked it while I was listening to it, but it isn’t one that will stay with me. The narration was very good, with fabulous intonation and inflection. I liked the voice acting and tension it provided to the story.
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Nothing about this was particularly original or mind-blowing, but I enjoyed it well enough. I've come to expect more when it comes these authors
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I was surprised that the book chosen as BOTM for February was also available in @netgalley as an audiobook, which, nonetheless, I was granted for the review. Yet, none of this convinced me to finish it and influenced in any way my point of view.

The authors create an interesting thriller of events where the famous uncongenial therapist encounters a couple who on the surface seems perfect but has their struggle. In 10 sessions, Avery decides to help them overcome it, discovering along the way that "perfect" is not the only adjective she can describe them. Additionally, to that, the therapist faces some enemies that she acquired in her professional career.

What I liked the most about this audiobook, was the differentiation between points of view. The main characters have their stand-out personality. Additionally, the story itself was entertaining, and I just simply had fun trying to discover secrets behind closed doors. Of course, someone could tell how predictable the ending was. And I kind of get it, but also I decided to approached it with an open mind and no analysis, so I could have fun learning what's at the core of the problem between the golden couple.
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I shamefully have to admit that this was my first by this duo but I have many more to come from my shelf! 

I found this one to be a fun and entertaining game of cat and mouse and thought that it was incredibly compelling and diabolically clever! 

I throughly enjoyed the intriguing and complex characters and especially all of their drama, secrets and lies! An unorthodox therapist? Sign me up any day! (To read, not  personally 😂)

This twisty read kept me continually guessing and I’m excited to see what this dynamic duo do next!
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My favorite genre is rich housewives with a secret or something like that. This falls into that category so obviously it was a must read. However these characters weren't as interesting as I thought they would be. Nothing really ever happened and it was pretty repetitive.The ending came together too fast and the plot twists weren't anything exciting
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Avery Chambers is a former therapist turned consultant who tries to help people overcome problems in ten sessions. Marissa and Matthew Bishop need help repairing their marriage after Marissa has an affair and they hired Avery. Shortly after, secrets  begin to unravel. 

This is my third book I read by my favorite thriller/suspense duo. I think my high expectations got the better of me because I was anticipating a big reveal or a big twist but it never came. I felt like the book concluded too perfectly. It was still an entertaining and suspenseful read filled with secrets, lies and deception!

I received a review copy from NetGallery and Macmillan Audio and I voluntarily provided an honest review. This does not affect the opinion of the book or the content of the review.
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3.5 ⭐️

This was such a quick and twisty read. All the characters seemed shady in my opinion. The story was told by Marissa and Avery and I enjoyed their point of views. Some parts were predictable but then the twists got me. I thought the narration by Karissa Vacker and Marin Ireland was great. They were both clear and set a good pace for the book.

Thank you for this audiobook for a honest review
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Marissa and Matthew Bishop have a lot of marital issues. When they seek out an unconventional therapist to help them navigate the rough waters, they have no idea what they're in for. Full of twists and turns, The Golden Couple is unpredictable and entertaining. As we're used to seeing in Hendricks/Pekkanen books, the book is narrated by two alternating points of view. The audio narration is performed by Karissa Vacker and Marin Ireland and it is a stellar performance.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for the advanced copy of the audiobook.
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