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This book had me spinning in the best possible way! I had absolutely no idea who I could trust and who I couldn’t trust. The ending absolutely blew my mind. 10/10 would recommend!
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I listened to this book over a 3 day time period. I couldn't stop listening. The story and characters pulled me in. This will be a top thriller for 2022. Will be recommending this to all my friends as a must read thriller.
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As an avid reader, it is quite hard to completely surprise me with a twist. However, I can honestly say that The Golden Couple completely shocked and blew me away! This dynamic duo has done it again, writing a mystery with so many secrets and mysteries and a twist that is so astonishing it takes a double take to make sure you didn't read it wrong!

Marissa and Mathew, otherwise known as "the Golden Couple" for being so seemingly perfect. However, they seek out infamous therapist Avery Chambers in hopes that her unorthodox 10-step method will fix the problems deep within their marriage. While helping Marissa and Mathew work through their issues, Avery unveils a marriage full of secrets, lies, and betrayals, and twists that keep the reader captivated from page to page. There are constantly questions that keep you intrigued; who is Marissa's assistant, Polly, and what is her agenda? who really is Skip? and who is Marissa's secret lover?

This writing duo had already impressed me with The Wife Upstairs, and The Golden Couple did not disappoint. They are confirmed as an auto-buy for me!

Thank you to NetGalley and MacMillan Audio for an advanced listener copy in exchange for an honest review.
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4 stars

This was another good one by a skilled, thriller-writing duo. I think I’ve read everything they’ve created together now, and they don’t tend to disappoint. The premise of the story was interesting, and I liked that, even though I could make some guesses, I never knew exactly what was going to happen next. As usual, I was intrigued by the characters, plot, and twists, and I loved how I wasn’t ever sure how things would turn out. Even if some of the ultimate reveals weren’t wholly original, they were presented in fresh ways. I also enjoy how these writers’ books tend to feature alternating perspectives from multiple female protagonists; it’s a fun way to keep the story engaging and to prolong some of those tense, suspenseful moments. I can’t wait to see what these two come out with next!
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Hendricks & Pekkanen sucked me in with their crazy in The Wife Between Us, and will keep me as a forever fan with The Golden Couple. Once again, this amazing writing duo has created complex characters that slowly peel away their layers of crazy as we get deeper into the book. 
  Avery is the ultimate show stealer in this book. You would think that the “Golden Couple” in the story would be the main draw, but I promise you they are only an added bonus. Avery is an unconventional therapist that goes rouge in her profession. She doesn’t just give her patients advice, she gives them her whole commitment. This means cyber stalking and part time private investigator type sleuthing. She obsesses with solving their problem, or at least finding the root of it. Sure, sometimes it involves breaking and entering, but that’s real commitment on her part. I absolutely loved her devotion, as well as feared her intensity. I can see Avery being the main character of a series, if those writing duo decided to try that out. I’m not ready to say goodbye to her.
 Now that I got that out of my system, I can talk about the real point of the story, lol. The Bishops are a perfectly flawed couple trying to move past an infidelity. I hated and adored them at the same time. Of course they are not at all what they seem, which makes for a great thrilling story. I did predict where their relationship would go, but was happy with ride there. 
  As an audiobook, this was a great listen. There are two narrators, with distinctly different voices. Avery’s narrator is a more serious, focused voice while Marissa’s is emotionally charged and girlish. I found both fit them perfectly, and added to the complete vibe of the story. I definitely needed to hear Avery’s no bull voice feel who she really was.
 The Golden Couple is an excellent quick read. It’s part psychological thriller and part domestic thriller, that has twists that hook you.
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I loved listening to this audiobook - my favorite novel by these two authors (so far!)
From the first chapter, it pulled me in. Even toward the end, where I was fairly certain who was lying, I was riveted as to what would happen next. 
The plot seems simple, but the story twists and turns it so that it is anything but boring. We have a couple who, from the outside, seem like they have it all. But from the very beginning, we find out there is at least one large chink in their golden armor.
The therapist (Avery) is a great inclusion into the story. She has her own issues going on, and the triangle of characters makes for a juicy "who is telling the truth here" scenario.
I highly recommend this engrossing, suspenseful, clever book!
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me a copy of this audiobook.
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The dynamic couple is back with another whole run of a thriller.THe golden couple gripped me from the beginning and I listened to it twice.Yes! it was that good and I can't wait until march 2022 so I can get a physical copy in my hands this is worth a second read you'll never get tired of it.Thank you so much to the publisher and the dynamic couple for letting me listen for review it was amazing listen and the narrator did an incredible,fantastic job bringing this book to life.
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A big thank you to Macmillan Audio, St. Martin's Press, and NetGalley for providing me with an advance copy of this audiobook in exchange for my honest review. This book is brought to you by the author duo that also wrote: "You Are Not Alone," "An Anonymous Girl," and "The Wife Between Us," all of which I have previously read and loved. This book, "The Golden Couple" is no different! Marissa and Matthew Bishop seem like the golden couple, that is until Marissa cheats. Marissa seeks the help of a therapist that previously lost her license due to her unconventional counseling tactics. The secrets and character's lives that are intertwined in this book keep the readers attention as they are revealed through the book. The story is told in alternating different point of views, which in the audiobook is also told from two different narrators. I found the use of two different narrators to be excellent because it really felt like you were hearing directly from Marissa and Avery. Finally, this book is full of drama and ends in a great twist.
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The Golden Couple [out on 3/8/2022]


Flew through this audiobook ARC from @netgalley yesterday… I’m on an audiobook thriller kick lately! This one was easy to get into and the back & forth POVs kept me intrigued.

Avery is a therapist who helps clients via a non-traditional 10-step method. When Marissa and Mathew come to her for marital counseling, they seem like the ‘golden couple’ — good-looking, successful, wealthy. But as Avery infiltrates every part of their lives to help save their marriage, more and more secrets are uncovered.

Back at it again w the mystery-solving therapists!! I liked this book - it really did entertain me, and it was easy to want to keep listening. The narration was great as well. That being said, there was a looot going on here, between Mathew & Marissa’s marriage, their past, and Avery’s own troubles with prior clients. It was a lot to keep track of, but it did make for lots of red herrings + kept readers on our toes.

To me, this thriller had two parts: what was going on with Marissa and Mathew and what was going on with Avery. The former (M&M) was super suspenseful and I really liked its conclusion, while the latter (Avery) felt like it was super rushed to be explained away at the ending. The connections were slightly tenuous and underdeveloped to me (ie we never really met one of the characters central to Avery’s plights) but I guess this was meant to surprise us?

Somewhat harsh criticism aside, I think this is my fave of the three thrillers I’ve read lately (Flicker in the Dark & The Maidens) and definitely think it’ll be a fan favorite. Definitely would recommend to friends who like thrillers and varying POVs!
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Thanks to MacMillan & Netgalley for providing an audio ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Greer Hendricks/Sarah Pekkanen have been on my radar for awhile, but this is my first outing. And what an outing!

These two talents take a story you have certainly heard before (beautiful couple; rich; blond; white; *perfect* - but something is amiss!) and shape it into a tale that feels fresh and new. Throw in Marin Ireland, who is just a real pro at voice acting, and you've got a recipe for success.

Avery Chambers is an ex-therapist who had her license taken away after she took some unethical liberties in treatment which resulted in a breakthrough for her patient. Now she calls herself a consultant and has a 10-step program that allows her more freedom to bend the rules and get results. 

Marissa and Mathew Bishop come to Avery via a friend's recommendation. Mathew thinks they're there for assistance for their son, until Marissa springs it on him that they are there to work through the fact that she cheated on him (just once!).

Things start to go sideways - in the Bishops' lives and Marissa's small business, in Avery's life, which is in a vulnerable state after the death of her husband and loss of her license, and what follows is a masterfully plotted web that will keep you guessing until the denouement.

Will you guess the end? Possibly, but you won't care because the voice acting is superb and the story so well-crafted. Definitely going back to read the other collabs by these two.
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Another amazing book by two of my favorite authors. I am so glad that I listened to this on audio, the narrator was perfect and her tone really added to the suspense of the story.
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This dynamic duo does it again! I loved everything about this book and it kept me guessing to the very end. I liked the way the book went back and forth between the couple and the therapist. I liked the rules the therapist had for her sessions. So good and I would highly recommend.

Thank you NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.
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"If Avery Chambers can’t fix you in 10 sessions, she won’t take you on as a client.”

Marissa and Mathew Bishop, the “golden couple”, are meeting with Avery Chambers to work through Marissa's infidelity but their lives become more entwined than any of them expected. The story is told from alternating perspectives of Avery and Marissa and trying to figure out the true motives and connections of everyone involved kept me guessing through the whole book.

I listened to #TheGoldenCouple on audio and the narrators did an amazing job of bringing the characters and story to life.
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I thought overall this book was impressive and the ties that bound them were in the realm of believable.
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New read in march. THE GOLDEN COUPLE. By Greer Hendricks and Sarah pekkanen. Authors of the anonymous girl and the wife upstairs.  This will be a best seller. Everyone has secrets. There is no perfect relationship. Five stars. Highly recommend. NetGalley
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SO SO SO GOOD!! The characters, the narrator's, the DC setting, the relationships between the characters, the build up and the ending....I loved it all! Greer and Sarah are THE Golden Couple when it comes to thrillers. I will definitely be recommending this book!
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This was incredible. Another great win for this writing team. I have no found a bad book that these two have written. If you are looking for a book that will shock and surprise you, this is it.
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Okay this one had a lot of potential but sadly fell flat for me.

A rogue therapist that has created her own 10 meeting program since having her license revoked is hired to help Marissa and Mathew Bishop as Marissa opens up about her infidelity.

We slowly learn more about the couple's relationship, personal lives, and secrets.  When I mean slowly.... It is SLOW. There is no action here until the ending.  There are so many main characters with questionable pasts I really had no idea what was going to happen because all of them were suspicious.  Marissa, whose POV we read from for half of the book is infuriating.  She is the typical "omg I cheated on my husband but he has been acting weird"/"i CANNOT miss my PTA meeting" woman who has no handle on her life.  It was impossible to feel for her in any way and honestly the narrator's voice in the audiobook did not help.

I loved Avery, the therapist, and wish we got more of her.  The story could have easily just been focused on her therapy style and patients and would have been much better in my opinion.  
With so many moving parts throughout, the wrap up seemed sloppy to me and the "reveal" was a let down.  It made me think "are we really doing this?!" I don't want to give any further but a typical basic ending- iykyk.
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Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen’s books are usually so filled with twists and turns that I find myself needing to discuss them with other readers afterward because I don’t fully understand what has happened. The books are completely enjoyable, but it’s like watching The Matrix at times. This book, Golden Couple, was not difficult to understand. It did keep me guessing. It wasn’t easy to figure out, but it lacked depth. I felt that maybe the book was written in haste or just for the sake of fulfilling a contract.
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Thank you to NetGalley for an audio copy to listen to and review. 

WOW - this was sooooo good. I love that the story was told from two perspectives. I don't know that there was a big twist, per se. The story unfolded so well, with just the right amount of suspense, information, and intrigue. Imagine a web slowly, but steadily, closing in on you. This is that story and it was amazing!
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