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This team always nails it.
Avery Chambers takes on all kinds of clients but when Marissa and Mathew Bishop walk into her office she knows she wants to take them on as clients. They seem like the perfect couple. We all know things are not always what they appear to be.
Marissa admits to cheating on her husband. Can Mathew forgive her? Did he know? Whom did she cheat with? Did she want the details? So many thoughts running through my head.
Avery is also dealing with a loss. Be prepared to go on a wild ride. I could not wait to find out what would happen, and I never saw the ending coming. #thegoldencouple, #greerhendricks, #satahpekkanen, #netgalley, #macmillianaudio, #booksconnectus, #bookstagram, #stamperlady50
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Thank toy to the publishers for granting me access to this title! 
I have enjoyed everything that Hendricks and Pekkanen have released together, but the last few were good, but left something to be desired. This one delivered in such a big way! Two well rounded POVs and the narrators for the audio both were excellent. While I was able to predict some of the twists, I don't think that took anything away from this book. Very readable and I didn't want to hit pause while I was listening. If these authors last few releases didn't hit you, this one might and I would definitely recommend for those that enjoy domestic thrillers! I'll be getting a copy of this when it releases for sure.
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The dynamic duo Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen have another fast paced, twisty thriller under their belt! 
“The Golden Couple” Miranda and Matthew, who are having marriage troubles, seek the help of Avery, an unconventional therapist who has lost he license due to her sideline “detective” work of her clients. Avery has developed a “10 session fix” approach to therapy and until now, it had worked wonderfully. Will it be enough to save this marriage?
This thriller has everything I look for in a gripping novel; secrets, lies, scandal and betrayal. The authors did a wonderful job keeping me guessing throughout. 
As soon as one mystery was solved the next one would be presented. There are plots, sub plots and sub- sub plots and they all keep you guessing.

The audiobook performance was top notch!  The two narrators represented the two perspectives and did a fantastic job. 
Thank you to the authors and St Martin’s Press for the advanced readers copy to review via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. The Golden Couple is slated for US publication in March 2022.
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The Golden Couple follows Marissa and Mathew Bishop as they get help from Avery, an unconventional therapist. 
This was probably my favorite book from this author duo. I love when we have a tangled web of characters who are no way linked but in fact they are. It was fun to try to figure out how each person was linked to one another and how it was all going to come together in the end. 
I wouldn’t say there was a huge twist ending but instead there were multiple smaller twists along the way. Some of them you can probably figure out and other definitely made sense as they were revealed. 
I would definitely recommend this book if you’ve read the authors other books and enjoyed them! I’d also recommend if you like thrillers with a big cast of characters and exploring unconventional therapies. 
Thank you to netgalley and Macmillan Audio for my advanced listening copy!
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I really loved this book!! It had so many twists and turns. It kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next!! This was my first book by this Author, and it won’t be the last!! Quick read!! Highly recommended!! You won’t be disappointed!!
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LOVE this book- and was so lucky- thank you Netgalley, to be able to pop back and forth from reading the ARC to listening to the audio and it was an elevated experience! The two narrators did such an excellent job, both with appealing and compelling deliveries, to put is in their shoes in the moment. This book will be a huge hit, it’s EXCELLENT!
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I received an advanced copy from Netgalley for my honest opinion. 

Since reading The Wife Between Us, I have been hooked on this writing duo & this book did not disappoint. In this suspenseful thriller, we follow a Avery, counselor with an unconventional 10 appointment plan and the Bishops, an attractive couple who appear to have everything. When Marissa Bishop confesses her infidelity, she and her husband Mathew enlist the help of Avery to save their marriage. However, Marrisa's betrayal is not the only secret that will be exposed. 

This book was a roller coaster ride & the authors had me guessing to the very end. At the beginning, I didn't like Avery. She seems distant, paranoid, abrassive. Turns out, she became my favorite character. While she is an unconventional counselor, she is a strong, independent, smart woman who isn't apologetic about who she is or what she wants. It's also pretty cool when a character teaches you how to get what you want from people using therapy tactics. 

Avery is the perfect diametrical woman to conventional Marissa. Since the book is told with alternating points of view from the two women, you really see the differences between the two. Sometimes, with this kind of storytelling, I get stuck on one story line and groan when the POV changes, however, I never felt that way throughout this novel. Each chapter is balanced just enough to never get bored with either narrative.

I really enjoyed this novel and all the small secrets that were revealed within it. 

It's also worth mentioning that I listened to this novel read by my favorite narrator, Marin Ireland. 

Thank you Netgalley and St. Marten's Press for this ARC.
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3.5 stars

This novel about a marriage in crisis and the therapist trying to help them was entertaining. A page turner in a similar vein to Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen's previous books.  I enjoyed it but was not overly wowed by it either.

Marissa and Matthew Bishop seek out the help of infamous therapist Avery Bishop after Marissa cheats and wants to mend her marriage.  Avery has some unorthodox practices, and the Bishops hope that she will be able to fix the chasm that has grown between them.  

I wasn't sure what I thought about Avery in this story.  At first I didn't like her at all and was highly suspicious of her.  Then I started to think she might not be so bad.  But through it all, I really questioned her motives and why she was so invested in investigating the truth about this couple.  Marissa and Matthew are both deeply flawed characters as well and it was interesting to try to figure out their underlying motives as well.  

But I feel like I have read so many domestic thrillers about dysfunctional couples, and this one didn't really add anything new to the mix.  It was entertaining and kept me turning pages but not highly original or memorable.  A decent read to pick up when you are in the mood for yet another domestic thriller though!

Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for sending me a copy of the audiobook for my honest review.  This book will be available on March 8, 2022.
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If you're able to pick up the Audiobook of The Golden Couple, DO IT! The narration is masterfully done and truly brings this story to life. A non-stop roller coaster from moment one, this is one of few books where I found myself talking back to the story. Jaw-dropping, bone-chilling turns await at seemingly every corner but never feel over the top, forced, or gimmicky. I absolutely adored this story and look forward to reading more from Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, what a winning team they are!
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Thank you to Netgalley for this ALC of 𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘎𝘰𝘭𝘥𝘦𝘯 𝘊𝘰𝘶𝘱𝘭𝘦!
Avery, an unconventional therapist who has lost her license due to unorthodox methods, touts being able to fix clients problems in just 10 sessions. ⁣
But when the Bishops walk through Avery's door, she might have taken on more than she bargained for.⁣
This was my first book by the writing duo of @Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. And I'm definitely intrigued to pick up another. I'm always so impressed when 2 writers author a book together and the flow is seamless. ⁣
There was so much more going on in this book than a broken marriage and counseling sessions. Alternating POVs between the two female leads made for an engaging and quick listen. Great narration! This kept me guessing as things were slowly revealed. ⁣
Keep this one on your radar. It releases in March 2022.
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I would call this a really slow burn. Yes, there were things happening but nothing that knocked me off my feet. Kinda saw the ending coming (from both POV's). 

I dont have a whole lot to say about this book. It was alright. 

Thanks NetGalley for this ARC.
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This book was a wild ride! I expected nothing other than that from Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. We are introduced to almost all of the characters fairly quickly. Matthew and Marissa have a son and desperately want to keep their marriage in tact after some harmful situations between them arise. Avery, the not-so-traditonal therapist walks into their lives and guarantees to help in ten sessions or less. How can someone guarantee this? Well, Avery can, because she is an independent therapist who can use whatever methods she wants in order to help. She no longer has a license due to unconventional practices!

Things start spiraling out of control as Avery immerses herself into their lives and everyone is a suspect in something that is going on and A LOT is going on. The story gives great closure and leaves us feeling satisfied. I didn't feel that there were any dry spots in the story and it keeps moving along nicely. The story is told from Marissa and Avery's POV's and the chapters are not very long, which I like. A fun psychological thriller that has me chomping at the bit for the next one by these two,

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the Arc of this book. I feel fortunate to be given this opportunity.
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“I slept with someone.”
The Golden Couple 
Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Not the words you want to hear from your spouse. But they've got Avery on the job. 

Avery, a recently ousted therapist with risky measures and a stellar track record, doesn't know who she's dealing with when Matthew and Marissa walk into her office. 

They're late for their first appointment, and Marissa has gotten Matthew there under pretenses and then drops a bomb two minutes into their session. 

They will require a lot of “work,” but Avery is up for the task. 

I loved this story setup, and GH AND SP do psychological thrillers so well. There were a few therapist-angle novels recently, and this one is one of the most interesting. 

I do feel like it lacks a bit of depth. A lot of the concepts and characterizations feel surface level. But I believe readers looking for a quick and light, fast-paced thriller will appreciate this one. 


Thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan Audio and St. Martins Press for this advanced copy!
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This book..oh my this book… I absolutely love these authors and this book is reason why. I was lucky enough to to receive and audible from @netgalley.  I could not stop listening to it.  I found I got many more steps in!  The book kept me guessing until the end.
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What a ride this book was! I've always loved the books that Greer and Sarah have written and this one was no exception. The storyline keeps you guessing as to what each character is really like till the very end. Overall, I devoured this book and it's a great read for those that love thrillers, 4 stars!
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Just when I thought I might never give another suspense thriller five stars, I read this book and remembered that there CAN be suspense thrillers that are great examples of excellent literature, weave a suspenseful, compelling story with multiple tied-up plots and feature no crazy melodrama. And I almost didn't want to read this one because it has two authors! (Why two authors bothers me, I don't know, but that's another bias this book helped me overcome.)

Anyway, this is a great story about a therapist, Avery, who loses her license for getting unusually involved in her clients' lives (spying on them, setting them up, etc.) but goes on to have a private practice anyway, in which she promises to fix any problem in just 10 sessions. Avery is a terrific heroine, strong in wit, intellect and body, but also occasionally human and vulnerable. She is a widow who still has a lovely relationship with her stepdaughter (another unusual feature I appreciated in the book). One of her clients is a whistleblower and part of the novel's intrigue is that the pharmaceutical company seems intent on finding out from her who that client was -- and I so appreciated that this was a believable side story!

The main story is about a couple named Marissa and Husband (I can't recall Husband's name), and the book is mainly told in alternating POVs between Marissa as client and Avery as therapist. Marissa brings her husband in to confess to him that she had a one-night stand, and Avery's job is to save their marriage in 10 sessions. I don't need to give away anything more. Just read it. If you like suspense thrillers/domestic thrillers or smart heroines, this is a great book for you.

I am grateful to Netgalley and McMillan Audio for allowing me to listen to the audio copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This one was a pleasure. (Excellent narration, too.)
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One of the best thrillers I've read this year.. intriguing storyline, relatable but flawed characters, and tons of twists!  Avery Chambers is a former therapist who lost her license due to unconventional practices that don't follow the rules.  But now she's free to use her own winning methods as a consultant - she will only take on a client if she knows she can fix them in 10 sessions. Her new clients seem like a golden couple, but of course all is not what it seems. Initially Marissa came to Avery to find a way to tell her husband that she cheated on him, just once. But then we learn about friends from their past, family members, coworkers, and parents at their son's school who all seem to have secrets. And as we learn more about each of them it seems like they all have stories to tell. Even the shelter dog named Romeo had a secret past that pulled at my heartstrings. I thought I had things figured out at several different points in the story, but the writers kept me guessing with constant twists and new revelations about everyone. I love thrillers with surprises, and this one was entertaining from beginning to end.
The audiobook narration by Karissa Vacker and Marin Ireland was equally engaging, I didn't want to stop listening to this book until the last word. The authors and narrators are the true golden couples in this story!
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I really enjoyed this book and it was  a nice change from the fantasy kick that I’ve been on. These two authors are an auto read for me. I loved the multiple POV’s and it’s been a long time since I didn’t really figure out the story. As always, I can’t wait for their next book. And I loved the narrator.
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Loved this fast-paced thriller from the opening--a sly and unorthodox therapist treats patients with her own system of invasive talk therapy, which borders on stalking. At least, that's the concept right off the gate--I wish I could say that the complication of this plot makes for a more complex and dynamic novel, but it doesn't. SPOILERS AHEAD** Somehow, the unorthodox therapist becomes the hero, rescuing a young mother from falling into the clutches of an evil murderous husband (which, as a twist, was something I only saw coming towards the end, revealed as it was happening to the main character--how the therapist put two and two together is a trick of writing, because very little actual intuition went into that assumption and suddenly the therapist had it all figured out!). I wish the author had written a novel about the cunning therapist who tricked couples into taking her 10-step program while deceptively doing nefarious things, and I kept expecting that to be the grand finale--but no. Pretty cut and dry thriller. Still enjoyed it, just much less impressed than I would've been.
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I read a lot of thrillers. Dating all the way back to my days in high school, I would spend way more time devouring the mass market paperback edition of whatever thriller was besting the NYT bestsellers list than the books I was supposed to be reading for school. All these years later, the genre continues to be one of my favorites. The only downside to reading as many thrillers as I do is that they've become a bit formulaic. It is rare for me to get to the end of one of these books without guessing the big twist. The books by writing duo Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen have been some of the few exceptions. In fact, the way they built upon established formulas while completely subverting expectations in their novel The Wife Between Us cemented them as must-read authors in my yearly TBR list. Their new novel The Golden Couple was sent to me by their publisher, and I couldn't be more excited to read their latest effort.  

Avery Chambers is a formerly licensed therapist who has newfound success after losing her initial career. You see, without being required to follow a prescribed method to treat her patients, Avery has been able to take a more unconventional approach. And it works! These days, she only takes on clients who she knows can be cured within 10 sessions. How does she do it? It's simple really. Avery obsesses over her clients, learning every aspect of their lives and relationships, even interjecting and setting up specific scenarios for them to live through. Like I said, unconventional but effective. After so many years of this kind of success, Avery feels pretty confident when her latest clients enter her office for their first session. Little does she know that she's about to meet her match. 

On the surface, spouses Marissa and Matthew Bishop seem like a normal couple. For all appearances, their relationship seems strong, and the pair have made a loving home for their young son. There's no such thing as perfect, and the Bishops are about to prove the point. As they walk into Avery's office, Matthew is unsure of why they are at a therapist. Then Marissa drops the bomb. She's cheated on Matthew, and, for the sake of their marriage, wants Avery's help in patching things up. There's only one problem. The more Avery dissects the Bishop's marriage, the more confusing things become. Amongst the lies and infidelity rests something more sinister, the kind of secret that has the potential to destroy a marriage and the lives of anyone who comes close to it. What is the secret? You'll have to read to find out. 

With The Golden Couple, authors Hendricks and Pekkanen take all the things that have made their previous novels so intriguing and ramped them up another notch. The story is told through shifting perspectives, giving the reader just enough breadcrumbs to follow into the next moment without giving too much away. The audiobook changes narrators for the different characters, adding some much-needed differentiation to the listening experience. The authors eschew the usual crimes or murders that typically drive the suspense in this genre in favor of even more electrifying personal relationships and character revelations. Things get a bit convoluted, but I didn't really care. I was so enamored by the actions of each of these characters that I couldn't stop listening. Even better, I didn't see the big ending coming. That's always a win in my book. If you're looking for the kind of book that shocks, surprises, and keeps you reading into all hours of the night, look no further. The Golden Couple proves once again that Hendricks and Pekkanen have got the goods.
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