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A couple of comments about "The Golden Couple":

1) Authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen are back!!!!!!!!!! 

After wowing readers with "The Wife Between Us", these authors set the bar high.

TRUE CONFESSION: I wasn't "wowed" by the authors' two previously released titles. 

"The Golden Couple", however, is in the same "league" as "The Wife Between Us" and is proof that these talented authors have not lost their mojo.

2)  This fast-paced domestic thriller is instantly engaging and begins when "golden couple" Matthew and Marissa hire Avery, a maverick therapist with an unconventional "I will fix you in 10 sessions" promise.  Avery, BTW, has lost her license due to her controversial methods.  Marissa has cheated on her spouse yet is committed to saving her marriage.

Avery is unique and repeatedly defies her profession's code of conduct. I especially enjoyed reading about Avery's off-the-wall tactics that always led to shocking discoveries and unexpected reveals.   

All characters are deeply flawed and vividly portrayed in a storyline replete with many twists, turns, and "OMG!" moments.

I listened to the audiobook that was superbly narrated by Karissa Vacker and Marin Ireland.  Since the story unfolded from the two POVs of Marissa and Avery, the publisher's choice to cast these two talented narrators (instead of just one solo narrator)was deeply appreciated.

Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing early access to this title in exchange for an honest review.

I look forward to listening to many more books by these talented authors.

4.5 Stars
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The synopsis of this book intrigued my right away. And while I can say it’s not my favorite book by the writing duo, that one goes to An Anonymous Girl, it was definitely a solid domestic thriller. In this story, a couple is on the verge of separation. They find an untraditional  therapist, who lost her license to practice, to help reignite their marriage in just ten sessions. Up until the very end, you will not know who’s side your one and who’s hiding more secrets. I really enjoyed the therapy parts of the book, the alternating POVs and the audio. However, like other reviewers said, I wasn’t too invested in the characters and found some parts to be a bit too slow. 3.5 stars rounded up.
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This book was a page turner from beginning to end. Things are not always what they seem. What seems to be a golden couple goes into therapy to make their relationship stronger. The cracks are starting to show as they go through therapy and a incident from the past definitely comes to light - but things are not what they seem and will have you guessing until the end.  I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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Marissa (psychopath?) is married to Matthew (psychopath?) and they live very comfortably in a DC suburb in Maryland. They have a son who goes to a top notch private school, she owns an upscale boutique and he has a job at a firm that affords them this lifestyle. What could go wrong? Well, Marissa cheats on Matthew, then finds a therapist (Psychopath?) who lost her license and has an unethical, unlicensed practice to help them get through it. Wouldn't everyone do that? Add in a childhood friend (psychopath?), a new boutique assistant (psychopath?), a single mom (psychopath?) at your son's school who is after your husband, and you've got a great suspenseful read! Oh, and the therapist is being stalked by a pharmaceutical company for being a whistleblower, that shouldn't complicate things though, right? This duo's writing style (Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen) just keeps getting better! Fans of suspense and domestic thrillers will devour this one! #netgalley #thegoldencouple
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Everyone has their secrets. Marissa and Matthew Bishop, a wealthy couple who seem to have it are hiding something darker behind their golden facades. And Avery Chambers, a disgraced therapist-turned-coach certainly does as well. When Marissa seeks Avery out to disclose her infidelity to her husband and try to work through it, their three lives become entwined in ways they never could have imagined. 
This book was so twisty and filled with layers of secrets and lies. It is one of my favorite psychological thrillers I've read this year and definitely lives up to what I've come to expect from these authors. This is a total binge read you won't want to put down. 
The audiobook for this title was fantastic and I highly recommend this format for The Golden Couple. 
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advance copy.
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The Golden Couple was awesome! It is an unforgettable kind of suspenseful thriller. It made me uncomfortable, questioning all the characters and their motives. All these people had secrets and complicated relationships. (Ugh) I was hanging on every word of this. I was excited about how the authors kept me interested. Starving for more answers only to get more delicious mystery every chapter. 
The therapist Avery had a chilling, forceful presence that scared me. It was hard to tell what she was up to. Everything felt crazy and mysterious just like I like it. I highly recommend this one if you love mystery-thriller and suspense. It checked all my boxes and I hope you read it! It was really good. 
I chose to listen to this book on audio and the narrators were Karissa Vacker and Marin Ireland. They were amazing, one of the best things I’ve listened to this year. This was 11 hours and 5 minutes of exciting, suspenseful listening. 
Thanks Macmillan Audio via Netgalley.
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Yes! The power couple did it again. Absolutely great thriller that has all the elements I love; a therapist, a couple, love, betrail, and a bit of a scandal
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Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced audiobook copy. 

I enjoyed the narrators. They are some of my favorites. Five stars!

 The book however was just middle of the road for me. 

I settle for 4 stars.
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Marissa and Matthew Bishop were the golden couple, until she had an affair. Desperate to save their marriage, perhaps more for the sake of their son than their love for each other, they seek counseling. But their counselor, Avery Chambers has lost her license due to her very unorthodox methods, she gives her clients just 10 sessions to “get better”. And during those sessions, anything goes…anything. I first read this book, then obtained an audio version, the narrators are spot on and bring the characters and settings to life. This is a domestic thriller on steroids and a must read for fans of the genre
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A thriller with two narrators and two authors.  Avery is a former therapist who lost her license very publicly due to her unconventional methods.  But, even with her license gone, she continues to bring in clients due to her notoriety.  Marissa hires Avery to help save her marriage using whatever means necessary.  Many twisty plots unravel in a very satisfying ending.  The narration (one for each voice) was pitch perfect.
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