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An amazing and informative sampler of nonfiction book samples.  There are four books in this sampler.  The first is “Solar power” which explains solar power and how it works currently with the examples of seeing solar power in the future.  Would you drive a car fueled by solar power only?  Another book is “Having an eating disorder, stories from survivors.”  It discusses anorexia and bulimic disorders.  Both eating disorders are discussed in detail by professionals and survivors.  They also provide a list of organizations for addition information and help.  The third book is “How do I write well?”  It not only gives concrete answers to that question including writin fiction and nonfiction.  The last book in the sampler is “The  science behind hurricane horrors.”  The book explains how hurricanes are made and studied by scientists to better understand them.  Several hurricanes are discussed showing the destruction hurricanes can do.  All the books provide a glossary, books, websites and an index.  I found that to be quite helpful.

The authors of these four book samples know how to write for children.  The writing is clear with illustrations plus more.  I enjoyed reading the sampler as I. Learned more about these subjects — some of which I though I knew a lot about which I do but still learned even more.  The books are excellent!
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Well-organized nonfiction peppered with relevant images and jam-packed with facts. This series containing the titles 'Solar Power', 'How Do I Write Well?', 'Having an Eating Disorder', and 'The Science Behind Hurricane Horrors' is a great addition to any school library. These books may be small (30-50 pages each), but they pack a punch for knowledge-thirsty upper elementary and middle school readers. Glossaries, indexes, and further reading resources help the reader better access and understand material.
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