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I enjoyed Alluring Darkness, it was fun, comic and had unexpected twists.  I'll be looking for the next book in the series.
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How far would you go to find justice for your loved ones? Vera, who grew up without her mother and then lost her dad too young, stumbles upon a photograph of her mom with two young girls. Through some digging, she finds that these two girls are her younger sisters. Determined to learn what happened to her mom, she shows up on their doorstep, throwing all of their lives into a tailspin. Within a day of reuniting, they discover that not only are they witches but that their powers make them a target for all supernatural beings. Oh, and their mom was possibly murdered for it, too. Not an ideal way to meet your family... but they're determined to find the truth and protect each other from whatever comes their way.

One high point of Alluring Darkness is the characters. Each of the three sisters, as well as the secondary characters, are unique. And none of them are perfect, which makes the story far more enjoyable. Each character's flaws and issues bleed into the novel, pushing it along and making it feel authentic. Maya's callousness, Camilla's anxiety, and Vera's loneliness coalesce into a meaningful sisterly relationship where they lean on each other during their moments of weakness.

That said, sometimes the girls act a bit juvenile. Because they are young adults, college-aged or older, it feels very infantile to refer to their sexuality as their "bits" speaking to them. Because this book has some explicit content, it doesn't make sense for the language around sex to be so immature. Across the board, I think the adults in this novel speak and act more like teenagers. It doesn't detract from the story much, but some moments become a little cringeworthy.

With that said, I still rated Nelly Alikyan's Alluring Darkness four out of five stars. It was a really enjoyable adventure, filled with fun nostalgia for those of us who loved Charmed growing up. The ending manages to be satisfying while still leaving the future open wide for the rest of the series.

Because of the explicit content and violence level (there is some possibly triggering content, including harm to children), I would only recommend this novel to an audience of 18+. If you're looking for a witchy story about sisterhood and embracing who you are, with a little dabble of spice, Alluring Darkness is a great choice. I cannot wait to see what the Whittle sisters get up to next.
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Thanks to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this delightful book for an honest review. 

I quite enjoyed this as a light, quick read. What first drew me to this book was how much it sounded like Charmed, a show I was obsessed with when it originally aired. There were plenty of similarities in this book to the show as well, so I would definitely recommend it to fellow Charmed fans like myself, though I feel it is more similar to the newer reboot of Charmed, rather than the original. 

The characters were one of the strongest parts of this book. To start, I absolutely adored Hunter. Evidently I have a thing for the dark bad boy demon type and he didn’t disappoint in this sense. The beginning tension and heat between Hunter and Maya was probably my favourite part of this book. I just want more of them and loved every minute this book had. 

I also loved the sisterly bond that is so important to this book, and the newfound bond between Maya and Camilla and their just discovered sister Vera. Vera joined them and really fit right in, and each of the sisters had such different personalities which somehow meshed so well. I also loved Harry so much and want more of him and his story. I have a feeling what lies between him and Vera could turn out so adorably. And of course, Camilla and Warren had a very cute relationship, road bumps and all. 

The plot itself developed into a bit of a mystery, with the sisters looking to discover who is murdering witches while discovering their new powers and what it means to be a witch at the same time. As someone who loves a good mystery I did enjoy this aspect of it and can not wait to see where this goes in future books as it is unresolved in the end. 

All together this was a nostalgic, engaging read and I would love to see where the sisters end up and where their story will go.
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Thank you to Nelly Alikyan, Innocent Sinner Publishing LLC, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

I was really excited to read this and enjoyed the plot & characters. Vera meeting her two long lost sisters Camilla & Maya, then realizing they’re descendants of a long line of witches. With the help of a mentor the sisters develop each of their unique powers while fighting off different kinds of demons, and discovering what actually caused their mother’s death. I also liked the bit of romance. The author did a great job writing her intimate scenes, tons of sexual tension. 

Unfortunately this lacked some world building or more information on how the magic system works in this story. It also felt a bit forced & contrived. For example when they’re practicing spells and “Lucky for them their mother had a supply of ingredients” of unique dried herbs & five animal hearts. Or when Maya walks into the woods with a fake bundle of fabric as a decoy to trick a demon. It also seemed rather slow paced to me.
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The first thing that came to mind when starting to read this book is that I’m reading Charmed. And I loved Charmed while growing up, not the reboot, so I really enjoyed this book but I couldn’t let go how much it was like Charmed therefore the solid 3 stars.

I really liked the romance in this book with all three sisters but I just wish that I had gotten more Vera and Harry. The tension between Maya and Hunter was great and Camilla and her boyfriend were so cute. 

I feel like the book wasn’t very plot heavy, it was more about how the characters were reacting to the things that happened around them and being a little confused. Of course I would be as well if I was pushed into a whole new world. 

I would very much recommend this book to anyone that likes witches and is going to read the next one because I need myself some more Very and Harry!

And thank you netgalley and publisher for letting me read this in advance for an honest review.
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

If I want to be honest, I was expecting something else based on the blurb but as a 90s baby who grew up watching Charmed, it definitely wasn’t something that I didn’t like.

I’d say it wasn’t really a plot heavy book, it was just enough to give something for the characters to do. And I loved the characters. Each sister has her individual personality and ways of facing problems, and the boys are complementing them exceptionally well. Maya and Hunter were my favourites though. They had that perfect sizzling attraction that kept me glued to the pages. So for me, it was helping that Maya was at the center of this book and I wish we saw a little more of her and Hunter. I’m sure that’s coming in the next books but still. I’m actually curious to see where all these ships will go in the future.
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Innocent Sinner Publishing
Thank You for this eARC approval!

Alluring Darkness by Nelly Alikyan
Is about three witches trying to find their mothers murderer.
The three sisters pretty much go through hell trying to fight demons and the supernatural world to find the truth. 
The author did a great job of making all the characters feel fleshed out.
I love anything that has to do with witches, and I was obsessed with the mystery aspect of this story.
The characters were coming right off the page for me, interesting and dynamic and all around delightful to read. 
I gobbled it down in one sitting.

Thank you again Publisher, NetGalley and Author for this approval!
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