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What a beautiful book that celebrates how Canada comes together! A mosque was built and moved over 4,000 km from Winnipeg to Inuvik making it one of the northern most mosques in the world. I have already preordered a physical copy for my classroom library!
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What an absolute joy to learn about something real for the first time in a children's picture book meant for ages 3-5.  I am baffled that this story wasn't celebrated and shared by not just Muslim's everywhere, but Canadians as well.  It is a sweet instance of real life being harder to believe than fiction.  It warms your heart and reminds you that there are so many good people doing selfless things for the benefit of others, every single day, subhanAllah.  As for the 32 page book itself, story aside- I kind of wish it had more of the real story in it.  The factual blurb on the back cover was a bit more awe inspiring than the totality of the book.  I think it is because it is meant for such little ones, but I don't know for sure.  I hope that there will be more books for various ages, about this mosque's incredible 2010 journey. 

There is a small community in Inuvik, in Northern Canada.  The growing Muslim community has outgrown their one room space and it is more expensive to build a masjid there, than to deliver a masjid from Winnipeg. 

With the help of some non profit and local groups, a masjid is built and sent north, hopefully before the rivers freeze.  The journey is fraught with obstacles: roads are too narrow, bridges not ready, low utility wires. weather concerns, construction, the masjid tipping over, but alas it arrives, alhumdulillah.

The entire community welcomes the new masjid, and the Muslim's have a new space to pray and gather.

I like that there are maps and indicators of the distance.  And while I like the interfaith aspect in Inuvik being presented, it seems incredibly specific for a very vague book for small children. Why is the imam identified separately, the whole paragraph is just awkward.   Additionally, there is no explanation for why a minaret was needed or if it is critical to a mosque.  Some information other than the children wanted one, would help avoid confusion seeing as this mainstream published book is not targeting only Muslims who would know the function of a minaret, and that they aren't required structures.
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This was an absolutely beautiful tale of how many people contributed their talents and time so that the Muslim community in a town in Northern Canada could have a Mosque to pray in. From the building to the transportation to the celebration of the Mosque, it was a communal effort. The story is uplifting and shows the power of supporting each others’ community!
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I found this book to be a little too simple. I liked the illustrations and I liked the story but thought there could be more context so the students could understand a little better why they couldn't build the mosque there. I liked the story and the fact that it was a true one that I hadn't heard yet.
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Journey of the Midnight Sun is a beautiful true story of a community coming together to ship a mosque to a remote community in need. I loved the sense of community and belonging in the book. I loved seeing the journey the building took to provide a perfect place of worship. A wonderful book that children and adults will love. 

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing this ARC.
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Journey of the Midnight Sun is about a Muslim community in Canada, and about how they got help from people all over the country to get a mosque to their small town. The illustrations and the color palette of this book were quite stunning, and the story was beautiful.
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Journey of the Midnight Sun is the tale of a remote town located in the north of Canada and its endeavors to acquire a larger mosque. Due to transportation logistics and location, it is difficult to build anything new in that area, so the story follows the journey of the prefabricated mosque from Winnipeg to the town thousands of miles away. The challenges in moving the mosque resulted in some temporary changes to the landscape and creative thinking. The illustrations are beautifully done and clearly depict the situations they represent. This is a wonderful book for young children about overcoming obstacles to achieve a goal.
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What a wonderful book! The choices when it comes to quality Muslim pictures books were scarce but that has changed!

This book discusses how a dream became a reality. How a community came together to help build and move a mosque across Canada all the way to Inuvik so that the local Muslim community can have a safe place for worship. 

What a well written book with beautiful illustrations!
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This is a great mini-history-lesson told with vibrant pictures and very clear, simple sentences. It's definitely appropriate for younger readers (3-5, as the title itself suggests), because while the premise is slightly complicated, the story of the mosque and its journey is told in a very straightforward, informative way.
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A heartwarming story of community and perseverance.
Journey of the Midnight Sun is the amazing story of the Midnight Sun Mosque and it’s journey from being built in Winnipeg and then its move to the Canadian Arctic town of Inuvik. The Mosque had to travel 4,000 kilometers, on narrow roads and too narrow bridges and finally by barge, all before the river froze in winter. The whole community came together to finish the mosque and celebrate together.

The story is largely told through pictures and while the illustration is beautiful, I wish there was more writing. I read this book with my daughter who is almost 4 (the book is for 3-5 year olds) and she loved the pictures but I had to explain in my own words what was going on in some of the pictures. That being said, it gave us the opportunity to talk about the story and I was able to explain what a mosque is and she was able to point out the “community helpers” throughout the book. The book ends with a feast celebrating the completion of the mosque and my daughter was able to point out people enjoying a “picnic” (eating on rugs) and playing together. The book leaves you with a wonderful feeling of togetherness and hope.

For my adult sensibilities I give the book 3 stars but because if the beautiful illustrations and the wonderful discussion it inspired I bumped it up to 4 stars.

Thank you to NetGalley and Orca Book Publishers for providing an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a beautiful story about a mosque being built and sent on a journey to fulfill a need in Northern Canada. The illustrations are incredible, and the story is heartwarming. I do wish it was longer and there was more words, more description and more story! This book could be used in multiple ways in an educational setting and is a great story of different people working together to support one another. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the free preview in exchange for an honest review.
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How do you get a mosque to a town that is the most northern in Canada, from Winnipeg to Inuvik, a journey of 4000 kilometers.

Amazing story told in picture book form, of having to build a mosque, and then put it on a truck and ship it north, where roads are not as wide, and that part of the journey has to be done by barge that doesn't travel year round.

The picture book tracks the building every step of the way, including when it almost fell into a river,  and how they almost did make the barge before it made its last journey before it got too cold and dark..

Very nicely done, with wonderful pictures, and with a happy ending of the mosque in place. 

<em>Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.</em>
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