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A wonderful YA fantasy with a beautiful cover. Written by a great new to me author, but loved the Latinx representation.
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What a unique story featuring flamenco dancing, dragons and family loyalty. Zarela’s father is one of the most famous dragonadors but when an event celebrating the 500th anniversary her father gets injured and now it’s up to her to keep the arena and her inheritance safe. This would seriously make an amazing tv show! 
Thank you #wednesdaybooks and #NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review
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Fantasy, dragons and a setting of medieval Spain. What more can one ask for? Wonderful read. Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for granting me access to an e-arc.
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Isable Ibanez is a great author of unique stories. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a n underrepresented fantasy space and fans of romantasy type stories.
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This story was fresh and rich. Sometimes, while reading the story, I forgot there were dragons because of the real-world feeling. It may not have been as in depth as some fantasies are, but it was a nice change. The story was full of emotion and twists. Some of it may have been predictable, but it was still an enjoyable read. 

At eighteen, Zarela Zalvidar is a young woman going into a predominantly male world, a flamenco dancer turning into a dragonador. Trying to save her home and family legacy as her world turned upside down a second time, Zarela understood changes had to be made not only for those she loves: staff and her father, but herself too as she struggles with who she is to herself and what those want her to be. Zarela had a wonderful character arch and was well-written. She is an interesting character, and I liked her stubbornness and determination.   

Arturo Díaz de Montserrat is a mysterious character. Not liked by other dragonadors because of his unorthodox method. His attitude does not help. He is just as stubborn as Zarela, but he also has a soft side. Arturo was someone that held a secret and once he opened up, you understood why he held it close. He was an interesting character.

The dragons in this story are interesting. I do not know a lot about the different dragons around the world, so I am not sure if these are the authors’ ideas, cultural, or both. It was interesting how the author described each one and what they can and cannot do. The dragon’s descriptions blended well within the story and did not feel like an information dump.   

I enjoyed this story. When I started reading it, I felt the heavy Spanish influence. There was not a lot of world-build, but it did not need it. The world had a real world feeling and you can get sucked into it just fine. The matadors influenced the dragonadors and the arena. Spanish is their main language, but you can get past it when reading the surrounding text. 

This story was simple, but it was fun, and I would read it again. I would recommend this to those who like simple fantasy, Spanish influence, and dragons.
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Isabel Ibanez truly delired with this book! Such a familiar yet unique setting and that's what always shines the strongest in her stories. She respects the culture of the country she sets her story in while also giving her own magical twist. It brings a mix of realism into the fantasy. Such a delight!
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This book is great! Would definitely recommend. Thanks so much to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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I so wish that this book wasn't standalone! I loved the premise of this book and the world-building that went into it. This was an extremely enjoyable read and I can't wait to read more by Ibañez.
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Thank you Netgalley and St Martin’s Press for the e-arc of “Together We Burn” by Isabel Ibañez in exchange for an honest review.
This book had me absolutely enchanted. I absolutely love the idea of being a matador to dragons rather than bulls. 
This had many familiar tropes like killing of a parental figure and having that change the course of the MC’s future and having the MC be spunky and full of sarcastic wit that are typically seen in YA books but Isabel Ibañez found a way to make them feel new and exciting.
I especially love that even though her mother is killed by the fire of a dragon this doesn’t create a deep-seated hatred in Zarela. 
The chemistry, banter, and passion between Zarela and Arturo, Zarela’s trainer, is the main reason why I’m so obsessed with this book. It is simply *chef’s kiss*.
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Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!

This one is currently in my top ten for fantasy and enemies to lovers. Definitely top five for the year! Ibañez does a fantastic job with world building and scenery, creating diverse characters with realistic emotions, and a story that will stick with readers. I know this is a standalone, but it would be really great to have a spin off!
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I was attracted to this one because it was a bit different than the typical England in the middle ages inspired fantasy (though I do love those too) and this was a fun change and I enjoyed seeing influences from another culture!
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
This book was a mixed bag for me personally. The pacing and writing felt a bit slow, though it could have been balanced out by the incredible world-building. My main issues with this story were that the romance felt as if it lacked chemistry and that it felt almost obvious who the villain was. Overall, worldbuilding was the only main thing that saved this story for me. 2.5/5 stars.
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I can't do it. I can't finish this book. I’ve picked it up and tried to read it exactly seven different times over the last four months. 

I can't make it past page 66. 

Of course I feel awful about it (even more so because it is an ARC), but it just isn't engaging enough to keep reading. Our heroine, Zarela, felt like every other YA fantasy heroine with a dead mom and daddy issues. While I loved the dragons and the Spain-inspired setting, pretty descriptions aren’t enough to save a book for me, and this one relied far too much on ✨Spanish dragon aesthetic✨ at the expense of the characters and story.

I’m genuinely sorry about it, but this one’s gonna have to be a no from me :(
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I adore this story beyond belief. I truly love the way Isabel creates worlds for us to jump into and get lost in. 10/10. 
Highly recommend this story. Will read it again.
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This was such an epic read! I love when I can escape into a book and that’s what Isabel allowed me to do! I cannot wait to read more of her works!
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I really enjoyed this book. I hope the author continues to write more books in the future. I can't wait to see what the author releases in the future.
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‘Together We Burn’ by Isabel Ibáñez was such an lush, gorgeous read. Unique, full of adventure, magic, swoony forbidden romance, and a powerful heroine that I absolutely adored. Highly recommend!
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A YA fantasy with dragons, romance, AND gorgeous colorful Spanish influence? YES PLEASE! For what this book said it was going to deliver, I feel that it did. I loved the fact that the author did all she could to immerse you into the culture to bring you further into the story. OVerall a great fantasy read.
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4.5 stars

CWs: death of a parent, death by fire (dragons), kidnapping

This was such a good read! It was a little bit slow to hook me on the beginning, but by about 50 pages in I didn’t want to stop reading. 
Zarela was a really great character. She was stubborn, loyal, and hardworking. I loved watching her fight to keep the arena. Her relationship with Arturo was really good too. The slow burn romance was really well done, and I really liked the chemistry. 
I thought the pacing was good, and the writing style was easy to follow. The culture was really vibrant, and the setting was well described. I felt like I was in Santivilla with the characters. 

I received an eARC from the publishers via NetGalley.
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This was easily turning into a 3 star read until we got further into the book. Then it turned to a 4 star read, let me tell you how this happened. 

•The story moves quick, some things feel like there offhanded but then a character says something and there is no shock factor like you think there would be. 

•This is definitely enemies to lovers, and harassment until you help me! Not sure how I like that. 

•MC seems clueless and while I know this is all fiction, personally I think if she had been making moves to really learn the family business when her mom died. It would have given more of that “gasp” moments when shiz went down. It would also give the character wiggle room for the sympathize with her actions and maybe even give her the benefit of the doubt. But for the most part she’s walking around like a spoiled brat who has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Her entitlement leaves very little room to sympathize. 

•One thing I do like is the fact that she’s not taking no for an 
•Everytime they say Encanto I think “we don’t talk about Bruno no no no we don’t talk about Bruno! 

* I think I know who betrayed her family. The author for me doesn’t do a good job of hiding it. The interaction of this character with our MC is so Cringe that it made me suspect immediately. 

* This is giving How to train your dragons Flamingo style! And it’s not bad. 

* Once we get to chapter 29 and beyond things gear up and I loose all negative thoughts about the book. isabela has a way in writing to suck you in. She did it in Woven in The Star and she did it again for Together we burn for me. 

* I looked at reviews before I finished the book because y’all know book drama is everywhere. But I don’t like to give in to negative thoughts until I’ve made up my own mind. Something that I saw a few times on others reviews was the fact that this book was Spanglish. Spanish and English together. They said they hated this aspect of the book, one even went far enough to say most readers are English speaking and they wouldn’t enjoy the book. As a Mexican, this really upset me because I love when others embrace my culture and my language. I loved that this book was written like this. I didn’t find a problem with that what so ever. I actually appreciated it. And if a non Spanish speaker doesn’t like that then honey move on. I appreciated it as a dual language speaking Mexican! 

* The ending, not my favorite. I invest in the character only to not get what I want. 😂 But it’s better then the alternative. 

Final Thoughts: 

I’m glad I gave this book a try even though I had a moment where I didn’t want to continue. Because I gave it a chance with no prejudice, it kept me reading and it definitely had me wanting to find out what happened next with every chapter. I enjoyed this book!
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