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The second book in the series has a look at the way cattle ranchers were against free grazers, mainly people who were different than them. Here you also have Blake Dollahride half brother get a girl pregnant. Hanna Anderson thought Masson really liked her and that when she is pregnant he would do the right thing, not. Instead, you have Blake go to her and ask for her hand and their story works or will work. As for the Andersons, that is really sad yet I suppose the way of the West or anywhere at that time. An interesting book and I did like the characters a good read.
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Janet Dailey was always one of my favorite writers and with her passing I thought that the Calder brand would be over. Well, I was wrong! Family has continued the tradition of a good story set in an interesting area. While the Calder’s do not play a dominate role in Calder Grit, they are there in many ways. We meet the main characters, Blake and Hanna through a series of circumstances that neither had foreseen. Of course there is a love story, but how will they get to that part? The journey is interesting and holds the readers interest. There are other incidents that happen along the way, a range war among them. The interactions of the different characters was interesting and I felt like I was right there. Another great addition to the Calder brand and looking forward to many more!
Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book for an honest opinion.
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Janet Dailey’s string of Calder family stories has continued through the efforts of her family. After her passing many of her fans missed this rough and tumble family who through many generations worked to tame the land in Montana. Now we are treated to a new story that does reference some old friends in CALDER GRIT. Janet Dailey passed in 2013. Her books are ghost written by her husband Jimmy Dean Dailey and daughter Mary Sue Dailey.

Montana goes through many changes over years and generations of ranchers and farmers. In CALDER GRIT the main characters are those of the Dollarhide and Anderson families. The Dollarhide family is led by Joe Dollarhide who fathered children by two different women. Joe now lives with one of those women, Sarah, and they have two grown children Blake and Kirstin. Blake has branched off from his father’s ranch to develop a thriving business logging lumber. But their family is still very close and tight. 

Hannah Anderson is part of a very different family, one that has settled on land amidst ranches. These homesteaders are growing wheat on their land. Traditionally folks in Montana treasured the glassy plains. Many of them saw the wheat farmers as a threat to their land and treated them as interlopers. Not members of the community. The Anderson were proud folk that came from Sweden, through New York, landing in Montana when land was being offered by the government. All legal, but not necessarily welcome. 

Hannah finds herself in a harrowing position when she becomes pregnant. Her friend Blake steps in but now their relationship becomes rather distant. Family is tough. And Blake’s family ties are rather challenging. And Blake and Hannah find themselves in an awkward situation to say the least. 

Central to the story is the danger that the wheat farmers find their families in. Blake is growing more concerned each day, wondering if his own family will be a target. There are plenty folk that distrust and hate these farmers. But the burning question is who could be behind all the attacks, some turning lethal. 

In true “Janet Dailey” fashion the rancher is a salt of the earth guy. The lady in need of saving. It’s the old knight in shiny armor, but in this case more a cowboy hat and vest. The many historical references in CALDER GRIT makes it an interesting read. For western fans CALDER GRIT will be satisfying and enjoyable.
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Blake Dollarhide is continuing the family legacy. He is trying to catch the attention of the local schoolteacher who has eyes only for the family revival.  Blake wants to try and stay neutral between the trouble brewing between the farmers and ranchers. Hanna Anderson is the oldest daughter of a farmer. She’s infatuated with a local rancher. Hanna soon realizes that her feelings aren’t returned. Blake and Hanna are pulled into a marriage of convenience to keep her reputation intact. These two will find to survive the coming danger of a brewing range war between farmers and rancher they will need all the Calder Grit they have. 

Calder Grit is the second book in Janet Dailey’s continuing series Calder Brand and Calders. A historical western story of tension between the homesteaders and ranchers. The story takes on the next generation of Dollarhides and Calders. The family rivalry continues as a range war begins to heat up. A man trying to keep in middle of the upcoming violence will soon have to make a decision that will save a young woman’s reputation. Calder Grit is a suspenseful, edge of your seat continuation the rivalry between family and neighbors who must find a way to live together before too many people die. The reader gets a look into the lives of the next generation of Dollarhides and Calders. The families have found the success that this generation will continue through scandal, and a coming conflict between people different sets of people trying to make a living. Janet Dailey’s Calder Brand series continues letting the readers know about the generations before the Calder series by bringing to life the first generation of Calders. Calder Grit a must read for Janet Dailey fans. This reader is looking forward to the next story in the saga of the next generation of Dollarhide and Calder families.
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Blake Dollarhide is from a rich family and is an owner of a lumber mill in town. His half brother is a spoiled brat and impregnated Hanna Anderson. He doesn’t take responsibility for his action. Given their different status ie rancher and homesteader, there is no way Mason would marry her. Blake steps in and do the honorable thing by marry her to take care of her and her unborn child. 

This is my first ever historical romance story and I love it!  This book tell the story of two different caste ie the rancher and homesteader. Love how the story moves along and the way the author draw us into the lives of her characters.
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This book is ghost written by some one approved and familiar with the late authors work.

Book 2 of the Calder series, The story is about Joe Dollarhide sons, centering around Blake. It does help if you read the 1st book to understand the family dynamics. Blake is forever the peacemaker and cleaning up his half brother messes. And this time it was a situation that had Mason disappearing and Blake stepping in to make right a wrong done to a innocent young lady, Hannah by his half brother Mason. It’s a slow burn romance with a touch of excitement. My recommendation : wait till it hits the library shelf to read. Lisa
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The legendary Calders play very minor roles in this series of books.  It is an interesting storyline about the Dollarhides that coincides with the orginial Calder series.  For readers who have not read the Calders series, they could read this series alongside the original series.
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I love historical fiction, especially western romance so this was perfect for me! This book had hardships, family drama, love, suspense and so much more. This is my first Janet Dailey book, but I will definitely be reading more of them. I'm hoping there will be another book in this series! I am going back to read Calder Brand, Book 1 now  Fans of western romance and Janet Dailey books will surely love this one. 

Thank you Kensington Books for this ebook in exchange for an honest review! This book is out now and I recommend it.

[Janet Dailey passed away in 2013. I wish they gave credit to who the "ghost writer" is - but either way it's really good]
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I loved all of the original Calder books so was looking forward to reading Calder Grit. It’s not really about the Calders and really doesn’t put their family in a good light until the end. This one is about Blake Dollarhide and Hannah, a Swedish farmer’s daughter. It includes a marriage of convenience, a range war, and a happily ever after. 4 stars.
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This is the story about how a farmers daughter and a rancher/sawmill owner meet, and against all odds fall in love. It’s written in they true tradition of Janet Dailey. I started reading her books years ago with the first Calder story. Stories that leave you wanting more!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own
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This is Janet Dailey's second installment in the Calder Brand Series, and while the book was lovely for it's look at historical Montana and the love story in the making, I'm not sure why it was called Calder Grit, when the Calder family is more in the background of this book.  Still a great read, but I do recommend reading the first book mostly, so you know who the Calder's are and how they fit into this second novel.
In this book we meet Blake Dollarhide, owner of a sawmill, upstanding man of the down with familial roots.  His half-brother can't claim the same regarding his character.  Mason is only out for himself and uses his charm and personality to get it, and then discard it.  Hannah Anderson finds this out quickly when she falls for Mason, gets pregnant and then gets forgotten.

As we watch Blake step in to save the day and her unborn baby with Hannah trying to determine how to move forward when she'd always planned on marrying for love, there's a harsh storyline happening around them.

One of the best parts of this book is watching a small part of how Montana in the 1800s started to form.  The cattle ranchers which had started setting down roots a generation ago see the large amount of immigrant farmers coming into to tame their section of land, it's everyone against each other.  Something that Blake, with his family of cattlemen, and Hannah, with her farmer family have to navigate to find peace.  Not just with their families and towns, but with each other.

While I will admit there were parts of the store that seemed to lag for me, I did really enjoy Blake and Hannah navigating each other.  And the cattlemen vs farmers storyline was very interesting!  I appreciate Janet Dailey giving us a look at that world.

My opinions are my own and freely given.
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This is a great book.  Blake is such a great character, and you cannot help but love him.  I enjoyed the different take on love this book has.  It was nice reading something that is not the same-old-same-old.  I thought the characters were well written and the plot interesting.  The very different families really bring to life the struggles of the early 1900s.  I hope there will be another in this series.
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Janet Dailey is and author that always gives you a book with an excellent plot, memorable and unique characters, consistency in the timeline, accuracy with all the little things, and just an all around amazingly good story.

Calder Grit, like all her Calder books is wonderful. The hero and heroine are both written where your see growth in character that is true to real life. While all the Calder heros are larger than life, they are real men, strong, powerful, and hot to boot, our hero has flaws and maintains the persona of a real person.  Our hero is forced to rise above horrid circumstances and becomes stronger than she, and the reader, ever imagined.

Janet Dailey has once again written perfection on a page. Just WONDERFUL!

I just reviewed Calder Grit by Janet Dailey. #CalderGrit #NetGalley
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This is a Historical Romantic Suspense, and this is the second book in the Calder Brand series. This book takes place in Montana in the 1900s when people where just starting to settle in the west. When life was hard and not fun. I think this book so how hard the times was. This book is all about cattlemen vs. farmers war. The characters I feel in love with. We get the story for the eyes of both a farmer and a cattlemen. There is suspense and romance in this book with I really enjoyed. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Kensington Books) or author (Janet Dailey) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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This most of a mystery than a love story. It is the second book in the series and I liked it, but didn’t love it. It depicted the time of the 1900’s and the war between cattleman and farmers. Some of the women drove me crazy at times, but overall, I understood where they were coming from. I would read more in this series, even though it is written by a ghost writer. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.
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First of all I didn't know the author had passed away in 2013 before picking up this book, so I have no idea who actually wrote this book or if it's an old manuscript. But I liked the blurb and decided to give it a chance. I have a weakness for historical romances especially the ones involving babies/kids, so I was really looking forward to this book. Unfortunately, I ended up not really enjoying it. I just couldn't connect to the characters and the romance was just an afterthought. I really didn't care what would happen to the characters. 

Honestly, I started skimming through the pages after I was halfway done, hoping it would get more interesting. But that didn't happen. Also the title didn't fit the book at all, because neither of the main characters were related to the Calder family. I'll probably read one of Janet Dailey's earlier books just to see if I'll end up liking it. But I'll definitely stay away from the books that have been released since her death.
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One of my first Janet Dailey books was This Calder Range, the story of Benteen Calder, founder of the Triple C, Montana’s largest cattle ranch. Calder Grit is written by the Dailey family and a close associate of Janet’s using her notes and research to create a story that is worthy of the Calder legacy.

Honeyockers (homesteaders) are flooding the prairie around Blue Moon, planting their crops and ruining the land according to ranchers like the Calders. Blue Moon is flourishing under the growth boom but despite that, tensions are rising, and people are getting hurt.

Blake Dollarhide, owner of the town’s lumber mill, sympathizes with homesteaders. They’re only trying to do the best they can for their families. It’s no different than his rancher father or Benteen Calder did when they staked their claims on the land. But his viewpoint isn’t popular, and locals (like his half-brother, Mason) make it clear he needs to choose a side or suffer the consequences.

When Mason charms a homesteader’s daughter into losing her virginity, increasing the bad blood between the two groups, Blake steps in to offer his name in marriage to the pregnant girl, thereby changing the course of their lives.

Hanna is lonely. At least in New York the children went to school and had a social life. Here, there’s nothing but work from dawn to dusk, little to eat, and no one to flirt with. Then, at a dance held in the small town of Blue Moon, she meets Mason Dollarhide and is swept away by his charming smile and tempting lips. But when Mason tricks her into more than she’s willing to give away, it’s his brother, Blake, who does the right thing and restores her family’s honor.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing between the ranchers and the honeyockers and if something isn’t done to stop it, lives will be lost.

I wish the Calder family played a bigger role in this story, though there are a few good scenes between Webb, the Calder heir, and the homesteaders that reminded me of the original series.

The tension is high and there were many times I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Though this isn’t written by Janet, the story carries enough of her love for these characters to make it a worthwhile read.

“I voluntarily read an ARC of this book which was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.”
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Of course this is another wonderful book by Janet Dailey. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember so I am always happy when a new book comes out. This is the 2nd in the Calder Brand series. In this one we enjoy Blake and Hanna.

Set in the 1900’s we visit a time when a lady is compromised, the family steps up and in this one Blake steps up for Hanna when she ends up pregnant by Blake’s half brother. Blake and Hanna are polar opposites but sometimes opposites attract. 

I am not sure if this is actually a story from before Dailey passed away or if this is ghost writer(s). But either way the writing is as wonderful as it has always been under Dailey’s name. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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I love the Calder series and this is no exception. This second book of s new series focuses on Blake Dollarhide. Although this is written by a ghost writer this is still enjoyable.
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This is an author that I have loved to read from the first book I picked up.  I find her books to be well written and creative.  Her writing style is such that it makes her books realistic and make her characters pop.  This book is no different.  I loved being pulled into the story by the characters.  They are connectable and kept me coming back for more.  This is an engaging story that is fast paced and hard to put down.  This is a story about over coming differences and starting some new roots.  A great story that took me on an emotional roller coaster ride in parts.  The chemistry between the characters was great as well as their growth throughout the story.  I loved reading this book and I highly recommend it.  A must read and worth the pick up.
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