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Enjoyed the concept and really liked Jess.  Looking forward to the next book.  (And would make a fun movie!)
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This is Not the Jess Show is like The Truman Show if it was set in the 1990s and was following a teenage girl named Jess. If you enjoyed that movie, indulge in reality TV or even enjoy critiquing “reality TV”, or simply desire a compelling YA with superbly drawn characters and a fun story that allows you to relive the 90s, then be sure to read it. It addresses the pitfalls of reality television and how our society is often consumed by its storylines. Jess is a great protagonist to follow- looking forward to the sequel- I think I got a sneak peek at the end, cliffhanger… 4/5 stars
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I'm really not sure what to make of this book.  It's definitely strange and out there with a somewhat unique plot.  While it is similar to The Truman Show, I felt that it tried to differentiate itself and become its own unique book.
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It shared quite slowly for me but it turned out to be exactly what I wanted and needed it to be, Jess is a high school in a small town in New York in 1998, falling for her childhood friend, struggling to cope with her sister illness while trying to be a normal teen and enjoying spending time with her best friend. But when she discovers an IPhone, which hasn't been invented yet (for another 9 years) and more strange things start to happen, what was she going to do?

I really enjoyed it once I got into it, it was filled with strong characters and such great twists and turns along the way!

The Truman Show meet Jess!
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This is Not the Jess Show has been on my radar for a very long time. I finally got the chance to pick up this young adult mystery thanks to Quirk Books. 

I enjoyed this book so much! I found that reading it was very similar to watching an episode of Black Mirror with a young adult twist that feels very Riverdale. What really sold me is that It is extremely similar to one of my favorite movies of all time which was mentioned in an earlier version of the synopsis of “This is Not the Jess Show” which was the original reason this book piqued my interests. (IFYKYK) 

This book is addicting in a sense that it reads very similar to watching a movie. The plot is so creative. It’s science-fiction with a dystopian future that I always find myself easily entranced in. It’s a novel that can easily be read in one sitting and leave you wanting more. 

It not only has an intriguing look into the future but it brings heavy nostalgia to us 90’s kids with references to the first release of the Harry Potter books, Jesse from Full House and music by Alanis Morisette. It’s sprinkled with nineties fairy dust that brought me back to my childhood. 

I truly loved this book, it’s everything that I love in a twisty science-fiction book yet it was a little too fast-paced. I felt that the mystery behind Jess’s world was a little too easy and revealed way too quickly. I wanted there to be more puzzles and more shocking reveals but it was very rushed. 

There is nothing like a plot that will make you question the nature of reality and our future. This is that book.

Thank you Anna Carey and Quirk books for the copy of “This is Not the Jess Show” (Available Now) and the sequel “This is Not the Real World.” Jess and Kipp’s adventures continue on May 24th. Pre-order your copy today because once you finish it, you’re greedy little heart is going to need more. 

*insert me starting the sequel here*
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Quirky, gripping and quite unlike anything else. This book is a wild ride that'd appeal to a variety of readers
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I absolutely devoured this book! Fun, exciting and dramatic, this high-octane thriller is sure to entertain. Takes the Truman Show and updates it for a new generation. I haven't read the sequel yet although I have a copy of that too, possibly because I wonder how it could possibly be as good, as a big part of this book was watching Jess slowly realise that her life has been a lie.

The 90s references were really fun, and it covers some difficult subjects without being an issues-led book which I'm finding a lot of my young people enjoy reading.

Thanks to the publishers for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I liked this book. A solid three stars from me. However, I think the first half of the book where Jess was slowly realising her whole life wasn't real was far more interesting than after she realised. I wish that was a bit longer
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I am sorry for the inconvenience but I don’t have the time to read this anymore and have lost interest in the concept. I believe that it would benefit your book more if I did not skim your book and write a rushed review. Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience.
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thank you netgalley and publisher for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

i liked this a lot!! i thought it was gonna be a simple boring read but i was very intrigued and i really liked the main character. it had an interesting, unique plot and i’m very excited for the next book! and guess what, i have an arc for that one too 🌝
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I liked this book, I enjoyed its drama, the characters were compelling and the pace was brilliant. I ultimately enjoyed the book, I would recommend it to my students and would happily have it part of our LGBT library
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I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Tw: chronic illness, gaslighting, child death, emotional abuse, car accident, animal death, confinement, gun violence, terminal illness

Jess has a pretty typical life for a girl in the 90s and she is trying to get through her junior year without any drama, but weird things keep happening around her and what is that sleek black device with an apple logo on it that fell out of her best friend's backpack? Jess will soon learn there is a very fine line between reality and fiction.

I LOVED this book and I'm still obsessed with it. The 90s are a special time period for me, so I absolutely loved all the 90s references and I was shocked with all the twists and turns this book has. 

The writing is smooth and will suck you in from page one, the characters are well rounded and I loved the fast paced rhytm, 

If you are a fan of YA contemporary with tons of 90s references, this book is definitely for you!

Thank you to NetGalley and the  publisher for allowing me to read an early copy.
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This was such a fun book! The writing style sucked me into the story and the plot was so engaging! It felt like I was watching a movie honestly. I loved the time period and the references to pop culture then. The thriller aspect  gripped me right at the beginning and I had so much fun racing towards the end.
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The concept here is decent, a plot clearly influenced by "The Truman Show", though the plot centers more on staying out of the clutches of the show than in the slow reveal of the nature of reality. It's a darker view of human nature and what we'll do for money. In the early chapters Jess is surprisingly oblivious to some pretty obvious holes in here reality. Luckily these are just a temporary road block. Once she learns the truth, the pacing and details improve. The plot relies on some pretty intense coincidence, though. It is more about things happening to Jess than her making conscious changes for her future.
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I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
This was a 3.5 that I’m rounding up to 4.0

This is Not the Jess Show was, above all else, a fun light-hearted read, which is surprising considering that the main character discovers that her whole life was fabricated and everyone she loved was lying to her. The premise of the book is amazing and original, however, I don’t think it was executed as well as it could’ve been. There’s not enough scenes of Jess and her (supposed) friends and family, we don’t get to see much of their interactions and family dynamics before Jess becomes suspicious and finds out the truth. Because of this, the reader doesn’t feel betrayed or hurt the way that the protagonist does, a big opportunity that the author missed and something that could’ve been achieved if the novel was longer. The brevity of that section of the story also results in Jess’s connections seeming shallow and wooden, the only relationship that has a bit of depth to it is between her and her “sister”, Sarah.  

Although the romantic interest is a bit more developed than the other characters, his and Jess’s crush on each other is sudden, as if it came out of nowhere, and feels rushed. Actually, the whole book feels rushed and a tad unpolished, had the author stretched it out and developed the characters better, this would’ve easily been one of my top reads of the year. Kip and Jess are not believable as a couple exactly because their relationship is not based on anything other than their current situation during the plot, so all of their scenes fell flat for me. 

The best aspect of this novel is that the pace is quite fast, which makes the reader feel as frantic and agitated as Jess does during the story. It’s for sure a page turner and, due to it being so short, less than 300 pages, it can be read in one sitting. Overall, it’s a fun read to pass the time during vacation or a lazy afternoon, just don’t go into it with high expectations. As I’ve mentioned, I didn’t connect with any of the characters, so it’s safe to say that I won’t be picking up the sequel.

Marina Garrid
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A Truman Show inspired novel that shows the horrors of growing up with your whole life exposed. 

The Jess Show was a rollercoaster of nineties nostalgia that soon crashes into the shocking reality that is having your whole life broadcast for an audience. 

This book couldn't be more timely, so many children are growing up on YouTube or reality tv where their whole lives and every embarrassing or private moment is exposed to help grow their parents brand and then preserved on the internet forever. They can't conawnt. And while this book took that to the extreme, it's not all that big of a leap. 

This book was fantastic and honestly terrifying as it showed a not so distant future. I  definitely be requesting the sequel! 

4.25 stars 

Thank you Quirk Books and NetGalley for an ARC of this book all opinions are my own.
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Diving into this book knowing nothing, makes this experience so much better. The whole mystery surrounding why everyone was treating her weirdly before it was revealed kept me going in the beginning. I just loved this book and the whole aspect of it. Great storyline and characters. Also, the ending and her parents... What?!?!?
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I found the writing a little uneven. The beginning dragged for me and then I was sort of interested in how everything worked exactly but I didn’t feel connected to the characters. Loved the idea though!
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I’m not the target audience for this book. Mainly because unlike today’s teens I actually lived through the 90s and I don’t really want to relive the 90s. But I do think teens will enjoy the book.
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This book consumed me in a cloud of nostalgia, packed with late 90's pop culture that made me almost miss it. And while I'm letting myself get swept away in a teen drama, suddenly everything shifts and we find ourselves in a sinister, sci-fi thriller with hidden mysteries... starting with a strange device with an apple logo that finds its way to Jess that leads to the whole world unravelling around her. 

Written in a way that's fast-paced, with short chapters this was a super quick read. At parts I felt like the confusion and chaos didn't seem to serve a purpose or have any plot, but it was still intriguing and definitely fun to read.
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