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The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton

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Sarah Easton has definitely been duped. The genius of what her captors set in motion to kidnap her is pretty impressive. But, that seems short lived as tension grow in the house she is kept in. The captors begin to doubt each other and Sarah must take advantage of these holes in the plan. The depth of her kidnapping still isn't clear to her until the very end. Heartbreaking for her, but entertaining and suspenseful to the reader. Definitely recommend.
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The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton started off with a bang.  I loved that the kidnappers all wore masks, and wanted to know who these people are!  This was not any ordinary kidnapping but an elaborate one, that runs pretty deep.

At the beginning, the novel moved along fairly well, until the kidnapper is revealed.  At this point, I felt the novel lost the thrill of the hunt.  At times, it felt repetitive and boring.  I had to skim in order to reach the end.

For me, it started off fast paced and then ended being a slow burn!
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The morning it happened, Sarah thought little of the slight change in plans. By evening, she realizes the result of that decision: she is trapped in a remote cabin, where her captors force her to record a ransom demand aimed at her wealthy father.

As the countdown to the deadline begins and Sarah looks for ways to escape her confine, she is unaware that a far more sinister danger lurks unseen as various parties plot and scheme their way to the ransom.

With the clock ticking toward the deadline and these plots beginning to coalesce, Sarah realizes what's at stake is far more than money.

With solid writing, good dialogue, and an effective prose, you will enjoy this book from start to finish. I thoroughly recommend it.
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“The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton” was cleverly written, with suspense and a humor I hadn’t expected. Each of the characters were written with tinges of humanity that asked for sympathy — and empathy — while also giving off the aura of dislike. The protagonist, Sarah Easton, was someone who we couldn’t like 100% of the time, and it was something that felt very real and not like the typical book about a woman who has been kidnapped. It added a sense of urgency, reality, and humanity to every character involved. Though I felt the ending was a bit rushed and it did lose that, but I still overall enjoyed the book.
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The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton is about a woman held for ransom for reasons that can't be determined at first.   Yes, her father is rich but there is more to it than that.   Told through two different points of view this will keep you guessing!
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Growing up in a wealthy family, Sarah is accustomed to the luxuries at her disposal, but one incident has always tormented her; the loss of her sister which leads her to the therapist’s office. On her way to the appointment, little did she know it would be her last day of freedom. Tricked into being kidnapped and left with no choice but to comprehend and behave herself while held captive, she has nowhere to run because she is in a remote area with her kidnappers right beside her. 

Without any form of contact and access to the outside world, Sarah does not know if anyone is looking for her or is trying to find her. Her only form of hope is the ransom video that was sent to her father stating that he must pay for her safe return. However, this is in vain as there has been no word from her father after sending the first ransom video. 

Although Sarah is kidnapped, the kidnappers do try to accommodate her, but they are a bit sketchy and are not revealing much information to her. At first, they wore masks to prevent her from seeing their faces, but as the story progressed, they interact with her with face-to-face contact. Her kidnappers are two males and one female. Sarah and the female kidnapper develop a slight friendship, but Sarah feels sorry for her. Sarah’s boyfriend Brandon is the deuteragonist in the novel. He narrates his side of the story and how it all leads up to Sarah in the end. 

The characters in this novel are semi-interesting but the story is slow-paced. It was not a novel that I was engaged in but there were surprising moments. I won’t say I enjoyed this book as much as I should have. The level of mystery was not intense which made it difficult to read in one go. 

I did not like Brandon’s character, I found that he was selfish and only cared about wealth and luxuries. He did not value his and Sarah’s relationship and only looked at her because he could use her for his wants and materialistic needs. I did like one of the kidnappers’ characters Tony, he was serious and mysterious at times. 

I rate The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton by Erik Goddard 3 out of 5 stars because, in my opinion, I was not captivated as much as other reviewers since I expected the story to go in a different direction and wasn’t too impressed with the plot because of the unanswered questions. It wasn’t a boring story in general, but it wasn’t to my liking. I may recommend this book, but it would not be on top of my list.
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This is a thriller that keeps you wanting to know how it will end. This involves a kidnapping and you feel like you are with the main character in trying to think of a way to escape and wondering if you can be rescued in time.
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I was gripped by this book right from the start and engaged all the way through, I read it in one sitting. I liked the story, the writing and the characters although there were times I was perplexed by their behaviour. It was atmospheric and suspenseful with a good level of unpredictability. I really enjoyed it.
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This was my first book by Eric Goddard and I downloaded it because I do love a kidnapping thriller, I did really enjoy this book most of the time however I did find at times I wish it would pace up a bit more which did make it slightly difficult for me to read but other than that it was a great book and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves a kidnapping thriller.

Sarah Easton is kidnapped and held to ransom the kidnappers want 10 million from her rich father and Sarah us to be held u til they get what they want. However things don’t go as smoothly as the kidnappers hope. 

Whilst Sarah is being held she also hatched a plan to escape. She gathers a collection of items and finds a brilliant hiding place for when she is ready to make her bid for freedom. This genius hiding place makes up for Sarah’s complete stupidity at the start of the book she hands her phone willingly over to a complete stranger. At times Sarah is brilliantly sharp and on form and other times you want to scream at her. 

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for an advance readers copy of this book
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The plot is great - fast paced and plenty of action. But the main character frustrated me to the point where I was almost cheering the kidnap person on!  If you can get past the challenge of. A protagonist who is incredibly gullible, to say the least, you will enjoy this clever thriller.
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This book was flat.  The characters were one dimensional and I couldn’t find anything that made them appeal to me.  The storyline was predictable and felt like a list of bullet points were written up and each was squeezed into the book whether it made the book better or not. 

The last couple of chapters had some action but even that was far fetched and disappointing.  I had to force myself to read this book.
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This was such a good book and really east to get into.
The story centers around Sarah and following a change in her plans she is kidnapped . She finds herself locked in a secluded cabin with her kidnappers. Sarah is made to record a ransom demand that the kidnappers send to her father. In the meantime Sarah is looking for any means to escape  - little does Sarah know that the kidnapping entails a whole lot more than just the ransom. 
This was a highly entertaining read, I am so glad I requested it.
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Sarah is the daughter of a wealthy businessman. On a visit to her therapist, she is misled into driving to a different venue, where she is kidnapped. At first she can’t quite believe what has happened but when she wakes up in a cabin in the woods and is forced to make a video demanding ransom, she realises the seriousness of her predicament.

The story is written as a dual narrative by Sarah and the criminal who masterminded the kidnapping. In this way, different aspects of the story and motive are gradually revealed. 

I found the first few chapters a bit slow but once the perpetrator was revealed, the story became gripping and I found it difficult to put down. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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It’s always so hard to review thriller novels. Any novel really, but thrillers I don’t want to spoil anything for everyone else. Did I enjoy this? Well, I read it through one sitting so definitely yes! However, fair warning. The main character in this is ridiculously stupid at times to the point I wanted to reach through the book and go “really? Why would you do that?!” as I was reading. IE: First chapter, she hands over her phone to a man that asked her for it. No threats. No intimidation, just can I have your phone please? Um, no. You don’t just hand it over that’s how my sister’s phone got stolen in St Louis. (It was recovered a month later by police thankfully.) But it’s constantly things that are common sense that she just…ugh. So frustrating!

The bad guys were interesting. At first they start out reasonably smart. Then they go into the “I’m in charge so I’ll make all the blatantly stupid decisions I can” mode about forty percent through the book.

But despite the stupidity of the characters at times the book itself is fast paced and I managed to read it in one sitting. It ties together at the end and though it’s a bit of a wide open ending it still resolved everything so that it surprised me here and there with how it played out. Highly recommend for suspense fans.
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eBook Review: The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton – Erik Goddard

Story: Sarah, going to her doctor’s appointment, is unnerved when her doctor’s receptionist states that she needs to go to his other office due to complications inside the office. There is another woman behind her in the area and is experiencing the same dilemma. Because of this, they decide to go to their offices together. When they get there, there is another man, and he asks Sarah for her phone because their’s is non-functional. Reluctantly she lets him use hers, and then she finds out it is all a trap. She has been kidnapped and held for ransom. Thru all the days, she goes from seeing them being in masks to seeing their real faces. To complicate matters even more, then she even starts to get close to one of her kidnappers. Tony, she despises. Ian, a British man, Sarah finds him arrogant. However, with Jane, Sarah doesn’t know if she can trust her, or if she feels sorry for her. Then when someone comes around, they start limiting Sarah and not allowing her to move up and down the stairs and watch her more closely. She however is not going to let them take over and tries to find ways to get out of the situation. Will she get free and find out who really kidnapped her, because not everyone in her life is telling her the truth.

Final Notes: A Kidnapping of Sarah Easton 4.9/5 Stars!

The only reason this is not a total 5-star novel, is because something is missing, and I am asking questions, and it is why is there no epilogue? The story needs to be all tied up in a bow for me to end properly, and it is not done, there are too many questions to ask that need answered. What happened to the Doctor? How did she do after the kidnapping, and other questions, but I guess like in life we don’t always get to know or see the answers we want. Other than that, I think this is a great novel that will keep you reading till you reach the last page! Yet for now, A Girl and Her Tablet is telling everyone goodbye till next time!!!
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It’s hard to put my finger on why I didn’t particularly enjoy this book. The plot is quite well developed and you get to know enough abou5 all the characters but it seemed hard going somehow an£ I was simply glad to get to the.  end.
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Whoa whoa whoa!! What a story!! Wow, this book had my poor heart pounding out of my chest! It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat! This book had so many twists and turns and suspense, intrigue, action, and a bit of a who done it feel to it! I stayed up to finish this book till 6:30 in the morning! Lol I just had to finish it! thank goodness I have off today lol I highly recommend reading this book, its well worth reading! I thought this book was going to be like a true crime stick to the facts so I kept putting it off but finally I'm like alright let me check out this one! Wow this storyline was so thrilling! I truly enjoyed reading this book! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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This is my first novel by Erik Goddard and I did enjoy it.  

We follow the main character Sarah Easton who is from a wealthy family. Sarah is kidnapped and held in a remote room where she struggles with life. She is forced to record a ransom video by the kidnappers.  The novel is told from the writers point of view and I do enjoy more of the first person view.

Even though I did enjoy this book, I found it hard going when reading, maybe due to the content of the book - a woman being kidnapped and made to do things, but it was not an easy read. 

Erik Goddard is a good author and if you like a good kidnapping read then do read it.

Thanks to Erik Goddard, NetGalley and the publishers for an ARC of this novel in exchange for my review. I give this novel 3 and a half stars.
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The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton, by Erik Goddard, is a book that will keep you in suspense from start to finish. This was an easy book to get into and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Sarah has been kidnapped after a sudden change in her plans. She now finds herself stuck in a secluded cabin with her kidnappers. Sarah is forced to record a ransom that they send to her father. Sarah is looking for a way to escape. Little does Sarah know that this kidnapping entails way more than the ransom. 

I dont want to give away too much and spoil the ending but I highly recommend you pick this book up, you will not be disappointed.
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