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The Practice of Embodying Emotions

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These days, I feel that I lack capacity to deal with and handle some of my emotions. I love psychology but I know very little about somatic psychology. A key thing I learned from this was the more I embody my emotions, the easier it is for me to regulate and acknowledge my emotions. I am rather sensitve and I do not want to change it but I do want to be in control of my emotions and how they impact me. I was stunned at the value of this book. I will recommend this to anybody that will listen.
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If you are wanting to dive into the world of Integral Somatic Psychology, this will be your Bible.  Many clients that I work with have a difficult time regulating and tolerating varied emotions and as I therapist I am still looking for therapeutic techniques that could better equip them for success and healing. ISP is a technique that I have been wanting to add to my practice and I will be buying this book as a great resource to do that.  I thought the thorough education around the practice, description of tools used and especially the case scenarios given made this a solid book to add to my therapeutic library.  

Thanks to NetGalley and North Atlantic Books for the ARC!
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This fascinating book brings together the scientific support for and other pieces of a puzzle I've been building for years. Earlier books like Feeling the Fire expose the idea of holding a space with your emotions until they extinguish like a cloud burning up in the heat. 
This book adds to that the process of expanding and sharing that feeling around your body in order to tolerate it more effectively. I also reminded of the little known neurotrance process by Dragon Rising which asks emotion "Where do you want to go?(in the body).
I think this book will be pivotal in helping so many people who for whatever reason have cut themselves off from their bodies.
To regain full body emotion is to access far more than just feeling - creativity is expanded too: see the new book The Extended Mind.
Well worth reading.  I've just given four stars at this point because I haven't yet got to the practicals but I'll revisit with a new score soon.
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"The Practice of Embodying Emotions" is a must-read for every clinician and person wanting to become a more whole human being. Well-done!
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