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My Love Mix-Up!, Vol. 2

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Love love love this manga series so much! It's so light and fun and cute and silly! It just overall makes me so happy. The characters are adorable and the drawings are very nice as well
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Just as charming as volume 1. And I still want to read more!

For Libraries: A definite purchase in libraries where volume 1 is popular.
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I definitely had a smile on my face while reading. There are many little things going on and I like how the friend group is coming together.
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This was a very cute manga. I really enjoyed the story and the characters. Aoki's constantly being defeated and Ida's unflappableness work really well together. And in this volume we got a study session at Ida's house which was so cute. Even though the plot is slightly predictable I still really enjoyed this manga.
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Don't want to give to much away, as this is the second volume, but this series continues to be so sweet and cute! I adore the friendships so much and the characters are all absolutely amazing. Definitely looking forward to picking up the next volume!
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So, Volume 2 is over here, making my ACHE IN MY HEART because there's a whole new crop of misunderstandings going on with Aoki's best bud Aida added to the mix, and some of these misunderstandings have punched me in the gut, right in the "NO IT WAS GOING SO WELL!!!" area. The emotions involved in getting caught between wanting to say everything you're feeling to the one you're feeling it about and being afraid of being rejected not only by the person you like but the people around you too is EXCRUCIATING and PALPABLE and I AM TOO OLD FOR YOU TO BE PLAYING WITH MY HEART LIKE THIS HINEKURE!!! Mad props to Hashimoto for standing up for Aoki, good for you for showing sweet, nice girls can deliver a bitchslap when it's needed and called for! I don't have a good rhyme-y thing, but FRIENDS BEFORE CRUSHES BABY!!! To be fair, Mr. Slow-on-the-Uptake Aida did figure things out and checked himself - he does *try*, I'll give him that. All the squeals for the continued feels, this series just keeps on being adorable and squee-worthy and delightful! 

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Thank you to Netgalley and Viz Media for providing me with a digital version of this manga.

This book lived up to every expectation I had for what I wanted in this volume. This is another story that left me with smiles and giggles throughout while also feeling emotional for the characters exploring their sexualities and emotions. 

Slight spoiler for volume one, I enjoyed how fast the mix up element was discussed and how we are already focusing on the emotions that our main characters are experiencing. Without going into spoiler territory for volume two; watching them figure out how they feel is my favourite part as the exploration feels very genuine to how someone in real life might discover their identities. Having a bi main character still warms my heart and the portrayal so far has been very accurate.

Overall I loved this and absolutely cannot wait to pick up volume 3 and see where the main characters go with their story. I will be recommending this to readers that I talk to and customers because I have had such a fun time reading.
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This is an adorable series. The art, the story, the characters - all top notch. I genuinely love this series. I can't wait for the next few volumes.

I'm really not sure what there is to say other than this is fantastic.
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I received this volume as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

(3.5/5 stars)
This second volume disappointed me a little compared to the first. It definitely wasn't the worst, and there was nothing drastically horrible about it, but it wasn't on the same level as volume one for me. The start where Ida is shown to take more interest in Aoki as they get closer was nice--as was seeing Hashimoto and Aoki cheer each other on with their respective crushes--but the second half is where it started to lose me. 

Although I'm glad the original misunderstanding between Ida and Aoki is now cleared, and I do get why Aoki caved under the perceived pressure of his best friend possibly rejecting him, I didn't really care for the rest of the volume being Aoki denying himself. Once again, he pushes his true feelings deep down inside and tries his best to smother them, meanwhile Ida is left confused by both his own budding feelings, and Aoki's drastic change in behavior. I wish this could have been sorted out by the end of this volume, but I suppose the author isn't wanting to rush it.

I will say that I appreciated Hashimoto even more. She's really starting to communicate her emotions better, and even Aoki takes notice of how emotionally resilient she actually is. Their friendship is so good! I also liked that Aida realized how he messed up and hurt Aoki with how he was acting, and with some of the things he said. I'm glad he apologized in the end and quickly began to support Aoki's feelings for Ida.

Overall, it was a decent build-up volume. I'm excited to read the next.
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A very slow burn but pretty good character development. The antics between characters are pretty funny and the relationship between Aoki and Ida is slow but natural. Both of them are trying to understand their feelings for each other, and whether or not it is something more than just platonic friendship. It is a slow burn relationship but one that takes its time to explore.
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I like this follow up to the first in this series. It very fun and lighthearted. I find myself invested in the characters and what is happening. I can't wait to see what happens further along in this love triangle/mix up! It's funny and heartwarming!
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This is one of the cuter manga I have read recently. The characters all have such great chemistry, and their banter is highly amusing. Can't wait for the next one.
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Love this next instalment in what is becoming one of my new favourite series! So much cute adorable awkwardness. I love these characters and look forward to following their adventures
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Thank you to NetGalley and Viz Media for this ARC 

I adore this Manga! Leaves this  leaves a wonderful warm, squishy feeling. Recommend 100%
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This is an absolutely wonderful manga about a simple misunderstanding setting off a chain of delightful high school love hijinks. It's one of my favorite manga series, and I can't keep it on my library's shelves!
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Hashimoto is a great representation of my feelings when reading this. She's Aoki's #1 supporter even when he's being dramatic and I love her for that. Also she's so loyal and strong!! (Trying not to give spoilers) Ida is also so...dense but this type of manga is truly where the miscommunication trope thrives. I am thriving too. This series has me laughing literally out loud. Nothing encapsulates me more than Hashimoto being Aoki's cheerleader and screaming internally when Aoki self-sabatoges.

(slight spoiler warning)
(I really hope Kokoro's crush isn't a literal adult when she's still a high school student.)
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I love this series so much !

It's cute, it's funny, the events are actually interesting, the story is not typical at all, the characters are 3 dimensional, they are not caricatures, the women are actually correctly portrayed, it's touching, it's diverse, it rises emotions, it makes me care about the characters, wow !

I think this could become one of my favorite manga series and that is amazing.
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Another entertaining and enjoyable volume despite the fact that the misunderstandings had me screeching more than once and wanting to yell at characters! 

While our main misunderstanding is fully explained to the involved parties at this point, it’s not over yet and the misunderstandings keep on rolling as the object of Hashimoto’s affections is brought in and to be fair to the guy, he’s just trying to help even if he is a little abrasive at first. 

Aoki digs himself such a hole in this volume, but I do really love his character. He’s white relatable even when he’s not struggling with his feelings and he’s so dramatic it’s hilarious. 

What I will say about the misunderstandings is that they’re cleared up pretty quickly which I appreciate as it stops them from becoming too frustrating and keeps things moving quickly, this is a well paced manga in that aspect. There’s just one solo misunderstanding left that kind of percolates in the background as we spend some time with Hashimoto and Aida and then comes in to play more towards the end ready for it to presumably be dealt with in vol 3. 

Speaking of Hashimoto she’s the perfect wingwoman and I lived for her not taking any crap from Aida and even slapping him one! I love the friendship between she and Aoki, she supports him and helps him as he struggles and I love it! Aida even managed to admit his fault which was very self aware and big of him and it was quite heart warming how he went full wingman too! 

While there’s not too much progress for either couple on the romance front, there’s a little bit of realisation that should make things interesting next volume! There’s also been a few sweet moments between Aoki and Ida to keep readers satisfied! 

I’m loving the pace of this manga, the way misunderstandings are cleared up fairly quickly or left to develop in the background and the humour and dramatics keep me smiling too! Another excellent volume that leaves me excited to see what’ll happen next, once again!
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Starting up from the hilarious cliff hanger vol 1 ended at My Love Mix-up vol 2 did a great job at continuing the story. The plot is nicely paced and leaves a lot of room for characters to shine. This lighthearted rom-com is definitely one I would recommend to readers. I can’t wait for volume 3!
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Thank you, VIZ Media, for allowing me to read My Love Mix-Up!, Vol. 2!

This manga is such a light-hearted cute story and I can't wait to dive into the third volume. I am looking forward to the rest of the series. The wait is going to be unbearable!
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