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I love this author's writing style and story telling ability! She always manages to engage the reader from the first page. It is fun and sexy read and I look forward to any book this author writes! Definitely on my list of recommended authors!'

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A complimentary copy of this book was provided by NetGalley for my honest review and opinion. Rachel Blaufeld created a sweet and heartfelt romance with enough issues to keep you coming back to the end. Family is who you make not who you were born to for Rylan. Finding love was the last thing she wanted but it was the biggest thing she needed. This is a great, short read.

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A lovely sweet romance story. Rylan reinvents herself after becoming estranged from her family and is enjoying her life running the bar on a pacific island, without romantic entanglements, when Adam a lawyer who is coping with guilt issues surrounding the death of his sister strikes up a conversation which leads to love. With witty one liners throughout and with their relationship growing they both realise that they are a good fit for each other.

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Heartfelt, charming, and brimming with passion, this story had so much heart I could re read this book over and over.

Adam & Rylan’s story begins when they meet by chance in a beautiful resort in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands imagery was perfect so I was transported into a beautiful place I didn’t want to leave!
Despite their instant attraction, their painful personal baggage got in the way of moving forward. They have so much going against them, yet, they have this spark that was natural and so relatable. Adam is simply lickable and Rylan was sass and grit. They’re both such likable yet complicated characters with a ton of baggage and big hearts.

Theirs was a touching and passionate story of love, self discovery, and second chances!

The best part of this story is discovering how their slow burn sexual tension evolved and developed in the midst of miscommunication and missed opportunities.
4.5 stars!

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Heartfelt and brimming with passion, this book is the perfect beach read! It certainly pulled at the heartstrings with its slow to build love story set in such a beautiful backdrop. MCs Adam and Rylan’s chance meeting at a stunning Cayman Island resort brought these two characters together with their instant attraction and strong chemistry. This wasn’t an easy ride for these two characters as each brought their own personal and painful baggage. These two had so much limiting them and get their spark was undeniable. These likeable, yet complicated characters made them feel so relatable when reading this book.

This is a story about self discovery, passion and full of second chances. Such a beautifully written story.

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Rylan has been living on her own in Grand Cayman working as a bartender since her parents disowned her. While she’s become a much loved member of the staff, she refuses to move up through the ranks. When Adam escapes to the tropical paradise to help him get over his sister’s death, Rylan is the perfect antidote. Adam just melted my heart and was the perfect complement to Rylan. I could not put this book down and highly recommend it.

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Grand Escape by Rachel Blaufeld is the first book I have read by this author. It was a prefect book to read to escape into for a few hours.
Rylan is a woman who wanted to change her life, so she moves to the Caribbean to find her new life. She takes a job in the resort Grand Escape. A perfect name for a holiday resort.
While working she meets Adam. The attraction is there instantly for them both, but Rylan has sworn off relationships. Adam as Rylan puts it when they met has sad eyes, so she knows there is something he is dealing with in life.
The chemistry is perfect between the two. The author did a good job of making me care about them both.
Thank you NetGalley, Rachel Blaufeld and Rachel Blaufeld Publishing for the ARC of the Grand Escape. This is my personal review.

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An easy, romantic story.

After being estranged from her parents, Rylan moves to the Caribbean and lives at an inclusive resort on an island serving drinks. She's managed to remain independent and single - until the guy at the end of the bar sits down with sad eyes. Adam is a lawyer trying to recover from his sister's suicide a couple years earlier. Neither are looking for a relationship and both believe they aren't good enough for the other. That part drags on a bit, but the tropical setting and descriptions keep the story moving. It's a slow burn romance.

After reading this story, I'm looking forward to reading the next book, Shell's story.

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for a temporary, digital ARC in return for my review.

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Grand E by R. Blaufeld is the perfect vacation read. A heartwarming story that gives all the feels.
Rylan is a blonde beauty who just got a job in paradise. She works as mixologist and is happily single.
A. Stern is a customer and they have this insta-attraction. But Rylan wants to stay single. Adam the lawyer keeps pushing her buttons.
This story has it all, drama, romance, is well written and the plottwists, o my.
Next up is Love is Grand.

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Grand Escape by Rachel Blaufeld is a pull at your heartstrings, slow burn romance which leads to love. Filled with chemistry, Grand Escape will also fill the reader with doubts of this love. Did I mention there are family issues that need to be worked thru? A great winter read give the read and escape to the beach.

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The Caribbean coast, the place where Rylan Phillips disappeared to years ago to escape the life she was forced to live. Rylan was used to giving people happiness, but in the form of a cocktail or alcoholic beverage. It seemed to solve all problems for those at the Grand, except for herself. Rylan doesn’t get involved with guests, it was the rule she forced herself to follow. Even if love was knocking on her front door.

Adam Stern didn’t go to the Grand to get it going with someone, especially with a bartender who clearly disliked him sitting at her bar. Adam hadn’t felt happiness since his tragic past which seemed to follow him wherever he went, and when the hot bartender piques his interest, he doesn’t hesitate to accept the challenge.

What both of them don’t know is that love in paradise brings its problems. Ones that can tear up anything both of them thought they had.

My Review:

Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this book! 💛

Grand Escape showed how difficult love can be, which I really liked as it brought a more realistic feel to the relationship between the two characters! The relationship between them felt a bit, and when I say a bit I mean TINY, rushed, but other than that they had a decent bond that was developed over the course of the book 🦋

I loved Rylan, one of the main characters, because her personality was different and I felt like Rachel Blaufeld presented her character really well. Her development was described in a great way toward the end, you as the reader could actually see how she had changed, (in a good way of course!). As for Adam, I did like his character, he was sophisticated and had that usual charm that no reader can be immune to 😉. Both of them had great humour, which I adore in a book! It just adds that extra pizzazz to a story, and I, at times, laughed out loud while reading the book.

As for the plot itself, I did find it lacking toward the end. Nothing much happened, and I felt like some things were being repeated for no reason. But, in the end, I enjoyed Grand Escape, and will definitely keep a look out for other books by Rachel Blaufeld, (there was a segment of her next book in Grand Escape and I already want to read it!) 😍

I would recommend this one to those who love a quick romance read set in a gorgeous paradise with unique characters that make you laugh out loud and make people look at you weirdly… because we all know that has happened before...

My rating: ⅗ ✨

⚠ TW: mention of suicide

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Grand Escape was much like its title it was the perfect escape novel. It was neat to see the main character escape her life and live along with it only to fall right back into the greatest live when an unexpected guests arrives and flips her world on its axis.

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Grand Escape was an absolute delight! I love the idea of the protagonist moving away to start afresh running this bar and then after swearing off love finds it in the place she least expects it! This would make a great movie. I loved the chemistry and banter between the two leads! It was very swoon worthy! Perfect book to take on a vacation of cozy up with in these chilly nights.

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