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I love making specialty drinks for my friends and family and this book will definitely be kept close to the bar!
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I received a copy of this book for a fair and honest review. My favorite part of this was that all the drinks were inspired by tv shows and movies. It was a nice twist on the classic cocktails. I saw a couple for Iron Man and Harry Potter. I enjoyed that it told you what equipment and glassware that would be needed. It made learning the drinks easier to make. It was just fun reading through this book and learning more about these cocktails.
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Thank you NetGalley and Nick Fisher for this copy of Cocktail Chemistry.  This is a fun book based on cocktails in pop culture, from books, movies and television shows (even The Simpsons).  Nick Fisher writes in an entertaining and informative style showing the chemistry behind making great drinks.  There is so much to learn like when and how to shake or stir, what glass to use, and what size and how many ice cubes to use.  His recipes range from simple to complex and he offers variations on many.  The pictures of his creations are beautiful.  This will make a great addition to a home bar.
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This was a fun “cookbook.” I’ve always loved to try new cocktails, but never had all the skills to try them at home. 

I think what was best about Cocktail Chemistry was the mix of humor with instruction. The reenactment recipes were usually full of hilarious ingredients (Fight Milk from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, anyone??) but I loved getting a replacement drink idea or something similar. 

There are varying levels of difficulty, so there is easily a drink for everyone here. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Simon Element for the digital ARC.
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This book is chock full of history, trivia, and cocktail recipes. You can really feel the level of care that the author took and creating this cocktail cookbook. The images within the book are gorgeous. The author gives readers also so useful tips about creating cocktails, what type of equipment to use, and more. If you enjoy cocktails you should pick up this book!
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In another life I always thought I would be a bartender. Maybe because in this life I am not, nor do I have a wealth of fabulous drink recipes to pull from. Which is sad because I like cocktails. No worries though, because reading thru Cocktail Chemistry makes me think there is hope out there for me yet. 
Written in a conversational tone, this is a great basic book for people like me who know nothing about fancy - or even ordinary - cocktails. The chapters are well set up, beginning with a re-creation of a pop culture cocktail. Think James Bond’s iconic ‘Vesper’ martini, or Michael Scott’s ‘One of Everything.’ And while the author admits a few of these drinks should not be made at home, he follows through with real, time-honored drinks you actually CAN mix up for your friends. 
Whether it be mules, Manhattans or just a traditional whisky sour, this little chemistry book can teach you how to create a multitude of delicious libations. It also includes a quick primer on basic bar equipment, (what is required and what’s just nice to have), along with mixes, ices, and liqueurs and the best way to utilize each. 
So even though I may have requested access to this ARC on a whim, I have already decided to buy a copy of this book for myself. Simply so I can impress my beer-drinking friends with fancy (and even flaming) potions the next time they come over. 
Thank you to NetGalley, Simon Element Publishing and author Nick Fisher for granting me early access to this new work. I much enjoyed reading this wonderful cocktail how-to.
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I confess I had no knowledge of the author’s YouTube presence prior to reading this book. It’s a fun combination of cocktail basics followed by recipes for drinks in pop culture, paired with the author’s improved recipes. The photography is gorgeous. Fisher manages to make it all sound so simple—from making clear ice to making cocktails inside of ice cubes. Oh, and flaming cocktails! My home bar is ready for an upgrade. #CocktailChemistry #NetGalley
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Cocktail Chemistry by Nick Fisher

I love experimenting with cocktails—whether spending a quiet evening at home or dining out. Although I own several bartending guides, this recipe collection is a must to add to my stockpile. 

With stunning photography, straightforward recipes, and drinks featured in tv shows and movies, this book is an excellent mix of old favorites and new and creative concoctions. 

Clink your glasses to a Black Manhattan (my favorite) and Pumpkin Spice Cocktail and Ginger Margarita. Mix up a Spiced Eggnog or Mexican Hot Chocolate to enjoy by the fire. Beer enthusiasts will adore the Skittlebrau and Cervezaroni. 

The book includes cocktails I will attempt, not just admire the lovely pictures and discard the thought of making them because of complicated ingredients and steps. 

And who won’t devour the cocktail version—the Peanut Butter Patty Cocktail—of my favorite Girl Scout cookie? 

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A great cocktail book for either a novice or someone who has experience making drinks.  The beginning of the book goes over the different tools and glasses you may need.  Then there are clear step by step directions for all different types of drinks.  Wonderful pictures.
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If you are nerdy and enjoy making cocktails, this book is for you. Not only does it combine some of my favorite it shows [like the Office and Harry Potter] but Nick Fisher goes into the why's of why you add ingredients to the cocktails. This book is not only informative but also fun in creating new cocktails that will impress your friends at any party. Definitely a must add to your home bar.
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This book was really fun for me...a very much needed respite of humor and silliness to help counteract the current hostility and bleakness of real life right now.  I think my favorites were the "do NOT try this at home" recipes.  The pictures were beautiful, and the directions were clear enough that even a novice like me probably wouldn't mess up TOO bad.  😉

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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What a cool book! I love making cocktails at home. The author did a great job of taking me step-by-step, explaining the how and why different ingredients lead to different flavors, and the photos made me want to try every dang recipe in the book. I highly recommend!
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This is such a fun book, and the photography is amazing! He opens with how he got started as well as all the tools you’ll need to make the drinks. I really appreciated the explanations of and what ingredients to use for the basic flavor profiles. 

I am not familiar with all of these movies where these cocktails are introduced so I appreciated the background and synopsis of that. He also provides improved or modified versions of the drinks which I really want to try. Why don’t I own a fully stocked bar? LOL

I highly recommend this book. It’s great for actual drink making and a perfect coffee table book too. The photographs, icons and the layout are very pleasing to the eye. This would be a perfect gift for someone I already have in mind!

Thank you NetGalley and Simon Element for providing me with this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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COCKTAIL CHEMISTRY: The Art and Science of Drinks from Iconic TV Shows and Movies
by Nick Fisher
Simon Element, S&S/Simon Element
Pub Date: May 17

What a fab idea for a book! I love how Cocktail Chemistry includes recipes for drinks shown in some of my fave movies and TV shows. 

Like The Big Lebowski's classic White Russian or the "stirred but not shaken" martini from James Bond. The photos are gorgeous, the recipes seem easy to follow, and the drinks look utterly delicious. A glorious guide with tips on how to be a great mixologist, from Nick Fisher, creator of the popular Cocktail Chemistry YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Thanks to the author, Simon Element, and NetGalley for the ARC. Opinions are mine.

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So fun and pretty! I loved the theme of the book and enjoyed the beautiful drinks. This would be a great addition to a public library collection.
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This was interesting!!!! Will definetely be changing up my home bartending! If you need to add some zing to your home bar this is the cocktail book for you.
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4 interesting, creative, inspiring, gourmet stars~

Thank you to NetGalley and Simon Element for providing a digital ARC for review!

I was super intrigued right off the bat by the cover - lighting cocktails on fire ftw!

So getting right into it, this is a very interesting and more advanced compendium of cocktails, including re-makes of famous cocktails from some popular shows such as  "The Simpsons" and "The Office" - can I get a "One of Everything" please? [IYKYK :)] Fisher also creates "improved" versions of some of these infamous cocktails as well as spins on ones we are all familiar with.

I found his recipes that involve infusions very interesting! I learned a lot of new techniques and ideas. I also really enjoyed his tutorial on creating "injected" cocktails - ones in which a cocktail is injected into an ice ball. Very tempted to give that a try!

I recommend this book for the cocktail connoisseur or inspired mixologist.
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This is the perfect book to help you learn enough about mixology to start creating some crafty cocktails of your own as well as help you give old classics a new twist. I really appreciated the information that explains what works together in a cocktail and I was excited to get started with some Happy Hour at Home cocktail creations after reading Cocktail Chemistry. A great book for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of libations.
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The recipes and pictures of the different cocktails are very cool. It's  a great concept to have special drinks inspired by different characters. The hot chocolate and butterbeer recipes looked delicious.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an early copy of this book to read.  The opinions given are all my own. 
I have recently started mixing drinks at home, so when I saw this book I was quite intrigued by the title. I am always up for learning more about the "hows" and "whys" of how something works.  And for that, this book was great! I loved that the author talked about the interactions of ingredients and how and why certain pairings work (for example the difference between lemon juice and lime juice and how lemon pairs better with brown spirits and lime pairs better with clear spirits).  Fisher also explains how to best use sweet, sour, bitters, and salt. He even provides templates and recipes for the readers to try. The introduction also explains equipment, bar tools, glasses, and how and when to use each item.  This book is quite informative and would be great for those new to the cocktail world, as well as those who have been mixing for years. In this book the recipes are inspired by modern culture.  For example there is a White Russian from The Big Lebowski, a martini from the James Bond movies, as well as drinks featured in Mad Men, The Simpsons, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Game of Thrones, The Office, and even Harry Potter.  Now, for me, it was obvious that the author and I have different tastes in movies and TV shows as the only ones I'm familiar with was Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.  However, I still enjoyed the introduction at the start of each drink, and the drinks themselves stand on their own (which is what this book is all about after all).  The author also gives several different variations for each cocktail, and explains certain terminology (like the language of the martini: Dry, Dirty, etc.), which was nice.  I tried the White Russian from The Big Lebowski, and also a Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned.  I admit to being influenced into buying a few new ingredients so that I could try some of the other recipes. I mean I just HAD to try the AMF, which a variation on the Long Island Ice Tea using blue Curacao.  The look of this drink is amazing, and it tasted really good, also.  So while I was ever-so-slightly disappointed that I didn't get all the movie references (and that's on me), I can't hold that against this book, which provided me with a lot of great information, as well as fun new recipes..  Definitely worth the read!
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