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As soon as I began to read this artbook/autobiography/feminist statement I instantly fell in love with Laetitia Ky. Her art is playful and powerful at the same time. Her story is simply told and yet full of complex observations. Her outlook is rich with empathy for others as well as insights about her past. I feel honored to have spent time in her presence. I feel changed from having spent time with her work and her words.. Her hair art is a frothy delight on one level--humble and humorous--and then all at once its deeper meanings take hold. A series of visual statements about women's breasts floored me--fantastic. I'll never forget this book
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Leatitia Ky's hair sculptures are incredible! Artistic brilliance. And this book is filled with photos depicting her with all sorts of different sculptures on her head. The pictures are accompanied by short essay like texts discussing (Western) African problematic views on hair and physical beauty, colorism, what Ky describes as an inferiority complex in African people, misogyny and feminism, the history of hair in West African culture and much much more. It was an enjoyable and fairly quick read, and one that I would recommend to others - even just for the pictures of those truly incredible hair sculptures.
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This is the book I didn't know I needed to read. The message is powerful and shows the author's beautiful spirit and resistance. Ky shares her journey through essays and photographs that illustrate her unique style, which encourages other Black girls to not only walk in their power but own it. Loved this one!
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Book received for free through NetGalley. 

I came across the author on Instagram and jumped at the chance when I saw she had a book. Her images both on the social media platform and in the book are amazing, innovative, and just plain kick-ass. This is a book I keep picking up, reading a bit, and then forgetting for a bit so I've only read 35%. That said the subject matter is important and I could see buying a physical copy for when my girls are bigger. Figured I'd review based on how much I read so far but will definitely slowly read away at this for a bit.
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Laetitia is an Ivorian artist, activist and fashion designer who uses wool, wire, and thread to sculpt her hair into compelling art pieces that spark conversation around social and racial justice issues. 

Her art book is part memoir and reads like a feminist manifesto shining light on misogyny, harmful beauty standards, rape culture, reproductive rights, women’s mental health, racism, and more. I enjoyed the essays paired with the captivating visuals of hair art like I’ve never seen before. 

Laetitia is a bold storyteller who offers readers encouragement and sends a message of self-love by showing how she cultivates this for herself via her artistic practice.
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Where do I even begin with this book? Love and Justice display Ky's creativity with her crown (hair) and outlines the background of her life. While celebrating the joys of her life experience, Ky does a great job of contrasting with some of the hardships/oppressions that exist in society. This is an easy read and is filled with important topics related to Ky, and others in the Black community.
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This is a fantastic book that is half personal essay and half photography, although some of it feels like a textbook or a magazine, with little callouts of blocks of texts with facts about the Ivory Coast or explanations about African culture. Laetitia Ky’s hair sculptures and modeling is absolutely magnificent, and it’s laid out well throughout the book. There’s one where Ky is lying on the beach and her hair acts as the head of the alligator — I thought this was supremely clever and quite funny. I think this would be a lovely book to keep on your coffee table. Four stars.
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Thank you to NetGalley and to Princeton Architectural Press for this eARC.

Laetitia Ky is a feminist Ivorian artist who makes sculptures with her hair. Amazing, right? I first came across her on Instagram, where I am one of her 494,000 followers. I am always blown away by the uniqueness of her chosen method of expression, and inspired by the power of her images. (Seriously: go and see that Instagram account.) I was excited to get an ARC of her book, out April 5, in which she shares her journey through essays with accompanying photographs in her inimitable style.

The book is divided into three sections: Celebrating My African Heritage, The Fight for Justice and the Equality of the Sexes, and Self-love. The essays are short, and written in Ky’s usual direct and unapologetically feminist voice. The photographs are fantastic. (I wish I could share screenshots, but you’ll just have to wait for the book.) I savoured it over three days, and pre-ordered my own — Kindle — 1copy halfway through, although tbh I’d do many things to get my hands on a hardcover copy for my theoretical coffee table.

Buy this book! Read it, then buy it for young women, and for young Black women especially. While its message will be most powerful for young women like Ky, it is also for any woman who needs to be reminded about how to be resilient in the face all that women go through. It is a wonderful celebration, and a defiant shout.

Rated: 10/10.
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