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David Rose has created an amazing book with SuperSight.  Rose has also made me very excited about the future and what that could look like for us, as each experience will be different I cannot fathom the ways in which SuperSight can impact and influence each individual.  The book SuperSight has an incredible feature which I will not spoil for the readers, but it gives you a small idea of what David Rose is proposing our Augmented Reality will look like in the near future.  I am still a bit unsure of the privacy measures and of AI as a whole because it could still lead to bias depending on who is providing the data.  That aside, and hoping that regulations are put in place for the near future.  David Rose knocked it out of the park, the way things in our surroundings could look to us, for everyone to want to see something different, it's such a unique experience that we will have the ability to choose from, I'm excited.
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It was my pleasure to feature this title in my annal holiday gift books guide for The Globe & Mail national newspaper (Saturday Nov 20, 2021 print edition; also on AppleNews), organized thematically by giftee archetype. Feature online at related link.
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This was an interesting read about the potential future of the intersection between augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and wearable tech as glasses. The book dives deeply into potential use cases throughout our entire society and demonstrates that a lot of the technology needed already exists today, rather on a mobile device instead of wearable glasses.

The author goes over the many positives technology like this can provide, but also goes into potential pitfalls and problems such as only wealthy people being able to obtain "SuperSight" or machine learning training biases. 

Overall, this was an intriguing look into a potential future of how society will interact with the world around it. 

A really neat enhancement to the book is the app that pairs along with it and can be used throughout the book to scan certain images which allows the reader to view videos, explore pictures and diagrams. This is a really interesting feature that added a whole additional experience and would really enjoy this feature with other books. In retrospect, this made the author's point without blatantly saying it, as augmented reality will provide a lot of value to our everyday experiences..
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A useful book for understanding augmented reality. Jam packed with research, examples, and written in an understandable style.

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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