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Navigating Ambiguity

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Navigating Ambiguity is an attempt by a group of artists to share their perspectives on how we can thrive when we don't have a full picture of what is in front of us or what to do next in our lives and endeavours. This is a book that tries to help manage life uncertainties and ambiguities by teaching us the right kind of mindsets to adopt and how to adopt them.

This is a book by designers and it shows. The graphic designs enhance the understanding of the subject matter. It makes reading the book easier and fun to navigate. More importantly, this is a book with lots of real-life examples of ambiguities and how to live with them.


This is a self-help book by designers for everyone. These are professionals with something to say about life and their experiences are worth listening to by every adult grappling with the unknown.
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Dreamy, mystical advice primarily for designers but useful for anyone working in a field where options are open and creativity can be a curse when there are no constraints.  The art was loose and opaque and hard to really understand, which is fitting given the theme.  Almost a dreamy advice book, if that makes sense?  It was the dreaminess that ultimately put me off; for me the book would have been better with a few more concrete examples.
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I got a digital copy of this book via Netgalley. With the current circumstances that we are experiencing around us, I think this book couldn't have had a better timing. The book talks about a designer's perspective of navigating the  ambiguity all around us and does a brilliant job at that. 

What I really liked is that the book is to the point and crisp, making it a quick read. The book also speaks about the importance of balance between opposing forces in order to navigate through ambiguity. 

This book is a great companion and reminder for all leaders who are tasked with leading their teams through the current ambiguous environment.
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