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Falling for the Baldasseri Prince

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This one was one I just couldn't finish because I found it repetitive. 

I do not recommend this one.
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Francesca Viscontis goes to Scoul, Switzerland, to work as a veterinarian for a renowned doctor in the field. She is part of the branch of the Royal Viscontis family that is estranged. Her cousin Valentina is engaged to Prince Vincenzo Rodicchio Baldasser. She changes her name so as not to cause problems, but it seems to do the opposite. When Prince Vincenzo brings his dog in to be treated, his normal vet is busy, so Francesca takes care of Rolf. He eventually has to be put to sleep and she helps the prince deal with his loss. They begin a friendship that can’t be any more than that until Valentina breaks off their engagement. They quickly become an item albeit in secret as his mother still hopes Valentina will change her mind. During the time the get to know one another, Vincenzo doesn’t know that Francesca and Valentina are cousins.

This is a modern day fairytale so you know that even with all the angst, there will be a happily ever after. Francesca and Vincenzo’s romance is quick but believable and very beautiful. They have chemistry right from their first meeting, so it doesn’t seem to go too quickly. I loved both of them as they were both caring, loyal and honest about their feelings. Family comes first for both of them. If you love Bernese Mountain dogs, they play a huge role in this story. This is a very quick story that was a sweet, enjoyable, clean story that would make a perfect Hallmark movie.
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3.5 Stars

Francesca goes to Scoul, Switzerland, to work as a veterinarian for a renowned doctor in the field. It is there where she meets Prince Vincenzo Rodicchio Baldasseri, who brings his dying dog to be cared for. She helps him in the process, and a friendship begins that immediately turns into love. However, there are two problems: 1) he’s forced to marry Francesca’s cousin, Valentina! and 2) Vincenzo doesn’t know that Francesca and Valentina are cousins…

Francesca and Vincenzo’s romance is fleeting but believable and very beautiful. The chemistry is noticeable from the first meeting. However, the sense of loyalty of both prevails at all times.

This story goes at a fast pace. In a relatively short period of time, everything happens; from the moment Francesca decides to fill out the job application to the ending of the book, everything goes at lightning speed. That said, the pacing of the story is inconsistent. The first half of the book goes at an almost stopped pace, while the rest of the story flows at an inexplicable speed and then falls into the slow rhythm of the beginning. This, and certain uncomfortable scenes, doesn’t allow a smooth reading. Contrasting is the fact that the book can be read in one go, although it’s difficult to connect at times due to changes in rhythm and events.

What I can say is that the author was able to surprise at times. What do I mean? When you find something in the plot and imagine “oh, now THIS is going to happen”, it turns out that it isn’t so. This was the best thing about this story, it didn’t drive the plot towards the predictable. Thank you very much, Ms. Winters!

With an idyllic ending and an epilogue as good as Francesca an Vincenzo’s story, the second installment of Baldasseri Royals is a beautiful story.


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Falling For the Baldasseri Prince is an engaging clean romance with a couple you genuinely want to root for. Of course, Francesca and Vincenzo have some hurdles to jump, including a feud between their families. The story feels a bit like a Hallmark movie that leaves you with a smile. It may not be totally believable, and maybe it's even a little predictable, but it is well-written, entertaining, and it's perfect for a weekend getaway, especially after a long, stressful week.
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Falling for the baldasser Prince by Rebecca Winters.
Vet Francesca has started a new life in the Baldasseri’s kingdom. But she’s hiding a sensational secret—she’s really a Visconti princess! And the Viscontis have been feuding with the Baldasseris for generations… When handsome Prince Vincenzo Baldasseri brings his dog in for treatment, there is a powerful connection between them from the get-go! Dare Francesca reveal the truth? And is their love strong enough to overcome all their obstacles?
I really enjoyed this book.  Great story and characters.  4*.
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When vet Francesca treats the aging dog of handsome royal Vincenzo, she hides her identity. She's secretly a princess and the cousin of his fiancée. When his betrothed ends their arranged engagement, he's thrilled—it means he can pursue Francesca after all. Will a family feud stand in their way?

I loved Francesca and Vincenzo so much! They're both sensible, down-to-earth, yet romantic people doing their best to make the right decisions. They're dealing with a lot of family drama, though, and that can be difficult to navigate sometimes. It's sweet to see them get their well-deserved HEA.

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.

CW: death of a pet
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This is a fast paced romance story about a woman from a rival royal family who falls for the prince of Switzerland. These two are brought together in the vet's office where she's working under a false last name and he needs her assistance for his much beloved, aging and ailing dog. It was sweet to see the role that animals, especially dogs, brought these two together. This was an easy read, a bit predictable, but an enjoyable "getaway" for a few hours. 

Many thanks to netgalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book, all thoughts are my own.
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This is the typical almost forbidden romance that I can imagine in a light movie to rest my mind. I really liked the characters and how love emerged between them, but I thought that some information was repetitive and this ended up making me take a while to read.
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Francesca is about to treat Prince Vincenzo Baldasseri's precious dog. As a vet, she intends on things being strictly business. However, she finds herself more than drawn to the handsome prince. There are two strong reasons that she cannot even think of acting on it. For one thing, he is engaged - to her cousin. More importantly, she is actually a Visconti princess and the two families have been feuding for decades.

It doesn't take Francesca and Vincenzo long to realize how very much they like one another. In fact, when Vincenzo reveals that his engagement was called off - and that it was an arranagement that did not include personal feelings - Francesca's resolve to resist her growing feelings weaken. However, how will they get past the feud that neither of their families intends on letting go?

This clean romance story of forbidden love showed two hearts destined to be together. both finding a way to overcome the obstacles facing them. This enjoyable story was a quick read from start to finish, with a lovely tale of love that did indeed bring two families together.

Many thanks to Harlequin Romance and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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Solid, Short, Semi-Questionable Ending. This is a fairly standard-ish modern royal romance ala a cross between Hallmark and Princess Diaries. And along that vein, it works quite well and particularly given its short-ish (18o ish page) length, manages to pack quite a bit of story into this tale. My biggest question is whether or not the author put too much sex in the tale - even if in just about the most chaste way possible - for it to truly qualify as a "clean romance". Beyond that particular point though, truly a well told story with arguably extraneous ending material. But even with these last two points... read it for yourself and decide for yourself. ;) Very much recommended.
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