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Not for the lay person. Gravitomagnetism is part history, part deep dive into the hard science behind the search for the ultimate understanding and control of gravity. Mathematical equations intertwine with historical accounts of past theories and experiments. This book, by admission, is the author's attempt to prompt other scientists in the field of physics to undertake and expand on some of the theories and experiments done in the past. It is hard going for the lay person or casual reader interested in the highlights of the theory of gravity and the cutting edge attempts to control it. If you have a very solid understanding of physics, you may find something that expands your knowledge. If you are only trying to explore the concepts instead of reading about the mathematics, this may be too daunting.
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A very readable (and helpfully illustrated), explanatory introduction to "Gravity's Secret," the magnetic component of gravity. The author believes this comprehension may eventually result in gravity control (not to be confused with, " anti-gravity.")
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