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Here’s another book for book lovers that was recently released from the author of The Library Of Lost and Found and The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper. Liv Green is the housekeeper of a famous author. She's always dreamed of being a writer and publishing her own book. Now it looks like she'll get her chance when her employer's last wish is for Liv to complete her final book.
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This was a very enjoyable book, however, I had a few quibbles which made this a less than a 5 star read.  The overuse of similes had an amateurish feel to the writing. Such examples as " her round glasses had lenses as dark as licorice" .  I was also irritated that Chloe continued to use the term "hon" when talking to Liv.  The ending was wrapped up much too happily ever after.  Aside from these complaints, I liked the mystery about the "love of her life" of Essie and the scenery descriptions of Croatia.  Thank you NetGalley for an ARC of this book for my honest review.
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This was my first Phaedra Parker book so I went into this not knowing her writing style.
I was happily surprised to have enjoyed my experience..
This book is a sweet look at how a bit of faith and enouragement from others can truely change one's perseption of themselves;in this case for the better.
I enjoyed reading how people of all ages and demogrphics unified,despite some differences,for the sake of a beloved friend.

The only disappointment was that the pace of the book took a hit the list quarter of the way through. However,I did love the growth of the heroine and her refreshed outlook on the future of her family and career.
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What a wistful read. Liv is a cleaner and treated disdainfully by some and used as a general dogsbody by others. The one highlight to her job is cleaning for the elusive hermit writer, Essie. Liv has lived and breathed her books for most of her life. She gets the opportunity of a lifetime, but it comes with a heavy burden. Can she complete the task and keep a snoopy reporter at bay and keep the secret?
I thought Liv was very noble and I liked how determined she was to uncover the secrets of Essie’s past. Even I didn’t see the complete story arc until it was revealed. It was a very clever plot twist. 
I loved all the literary references and Liv’s love for words and books amd her passion for writing. Doesn’t every reader secretly fantasize about becoming a writer?
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I so enjoyed this author’s last book, The Secrets of Love Story Bridge, and I was very eager to read The Messy Lives of Book People. This latest book is at least as good as that one was.

This is a kind of fairy tale story for those who love books and book references. I enjoyed meeting the famous, if autocratic author, Essie and her cleaner Liv.

Essie is the author of a very popular book series. It is one that Liv has enjoyed since childhood. Liv is thrilled to work as Essie’s cleaner and to spend time with her favorite writer. Readers discover that Live adores books and would have studied English at university had that been possible. It was not. So, Liv married, had two children, put her dreams of writing away, and keeps busy earning money as a cleaner.

The story is predicated on an unexpected request that Essie makes of Liv. Can Live do what she is asked? Readers will surely hope so as they turn the pages of this novel.

I was charmed by this book. All credit to the author She has a wonderful talent for creating characters for whom readers will care.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Harlequin for this title. All opinions are my own.
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I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

Liv is not sure what she wants in life. She wanted to be a writer, but the closest she has gotten is as a cleaner for her favorite author. When Essie passes away, and Liv is given the opportunity to finish her last book, can she change her future?

I enjoy this author, and I usually enjoy her books more. Liv was not my favorite character. She was unhappy with her life, but is he things just plopping herself into Essie’s life will make it all better.  Just not one of my faves.
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As a book lover I really enjoyed this book. I loved the character development and the way the story flowed. I didn't see that twisty twist coming and it was a nice surprise. Definitely recommending for readers advisory!!
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Light, easy read with lots of references to favourite books and the joy of reading. I will certainly handsell to some customers but won't staff pick it. I enjoyed this book more than the Library of the Lost and Found.
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Phaedra Patrick is back with another charming title. In The Messy Lives of Book People, struggling housekeeper Liv Green lands a job working for her favorite bestselling author, the reclusive Essie Starling. The two develop a unique friendship. After Essie passes away, Liv is named to finish her latest novel. Now Liv’s dream of becoming a writer is coming true but not without some secrets being revealed.

The novel builds to a heartwarming and charming conclusion. I loved the references to the books that Liv was reading. A great title for this fan of books about books!

Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Trade for the opportunity to review this book before its release.
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“The best day of my life was also my worst.”
Overall, a so so read for me. The story really hit for me the last ¼ of the book then I found that I appreciated the entire story. A bit of a mystery to solve. Secrets about the authors past come to light. I thought it was a clever read and the mystery man was quite a surprise. Very descriptive writing and enjoyed the twists and turns the plot took.
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I really like this book. It started out slow but it was easy to get hooked after a few chapters. Liv Green is a house cleaner for a best seller Essie Starling. After Essie unexpectedly dies after an operation, Liz learns that she was instructed to conceal Essie’s death and to finish her manuscript within 6 months. I love how this story is about self growth and how unexpected circumstances can help a person find their purpose and passion in life. It is such a charming and heartfelt story!

Thank you to NetGallery and to Harlequin Trade Publishing for giving me a copy for.a honest review.
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This book has a great idea, a super title and a fantastic cover. Unfortunately for me it was just an okay read, which could have been entirely my mood. I thought the writing was good and the characters interesting but the story itself just didn't draw me in.
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The Messy Lives of Book People by Phaedra Patrick is the story of two women whose paths and lives become surprisingly entwined. Surprising, because Liv Green and Essie Starling lead completely different lives. Liv is a married mother of two boys in their late teens. She works at three jobs as a cleaner to make ends meet. Essie is the reclusive author of a popular series of books who lives alone in a penthouse apartment. The relationship of these two women is at the heart of this charming novel. I must note that I don’t often read “charming” books but this one captured my interest from the very beginning.  This is a story with a good, solid plot and the characters are well-drawn, exposing their flaws, their problems, their joys and their tribulations. Phaedra Patrick now has me as a fan and I look forward to reading her other novels. If you are looking for a good, simple yarn with a lot of heart, The Messy Lives of Book People would be a good choice. Highly recommended. Thank you to Harlequin Trade Publishing, NetGalley and the author for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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What an enjoyable story.  As Liv's children are going off to college and her husband is spending more time with his failing family business, Liv gets to secretly live her dream of becoming and author.  Liv is a cleaner and when Essie, her famous, reclusive author client dies Liv has six months to secretly complete the authors last book.  Liv struggles with how to make sense of the well loved book character's last adventure, her own life and marriage, and the secrets that Essie was keeping from her.  The book character gets the ending I wanted for her and what she deserved, and Liv got a bittersweet but happy ending too. A story full of rich detail including a great list of books that Liv was reading or listening to.
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Books about books are some of my favourite, but this was about so much more - i.e. people, and the messy lives
we live. I truly enjoyed it and the author graciously helped me with the niggly question I had about the significance of something - blame it on
early morning reading and trouble recalling details or sleepy confusion.

I enjoyed this one so much it was an immersive one-go read-through. Once I got into it, I absolutely couldn't put it down. In many ways I could relate to the main character, Liv, with teenage boys growing older and having been a
stay at home mom who dedicated a lot of time to my children instead of myself when they were younger. (I personally wouldn't change that for the world!) In other ways I got annoyed with the characters,  but regardless they all felt "real" to me - it wasn't a particularly fast paced thrill ride, but it was moving!
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Liv Green is a married, mother of two who works as a maid/housecleaner to help the family financially. She loves reading books to escape and secretly wants to be an author. When she is hired to work for her idol, best selling author Essie Starling, she is thrilled. Essie is a recluse and not one to impose upon, but it turns out that Essie talks to Liv, they almost become friendly. Liv stumbles upon Essie's latest unfinished manuscript, and gives Essie suggestions, which are received without rancor. When Essie dies while having a secret procedure, Liv finds out that she was named to finish the last book, and, that her death is not to be announced until after it is finished. Liv's life is about to change in a big way. In order to finish the book, Liv wants to know about Essie's past, but in doing so, uncovers secrets that will change her life.

I enjoyed this uplifting story. I have never wanted to be an author, I know my limitations, but can only imagine what an offer to finish a book would mean to a budding author, especially a book by your favourite author. Liv was a great character. She had a tough time keeping this huge secret from her husband and family. The experiences she had after the request/offer to finish the book were great, especially the trip to a book conference. This is a book you need to experience on your own, not through my review. All I will say is that I enjoyed this story with it's secrets, great characters, self-reflection and family issues. If you enjoy bookish books and uplifting stories, I recommend you pick up The Messy Lives of Book People, also known as, The Book Share in the UK.
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What immediately drew me in to this novel was the BEAUTIFUL cover. 💜 

This books is about Liv Green, who is a housecleaner, and has the amazing opportunity to finish the last book by her favorite author. Seems pretty straightforward right? But things don't always go quite as planned...

This one is very well written, and interesting too! This is a slower opced, cozy mystery which is perfect when you're in the mood for that! I absolutely loved the main character Liv! Overall, a heartwarming and charming, cozy mystery that I think many readers will enjoy!

Thank you Park Row Books / Harlequin for this gifted copy!
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This is my first read by this author. I found the writing to be very interesting well done! I love to see and live grow into a strong woman. And I would highly recommend it to others.
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Thank you Netgalley and Park Row for the chance to read The messy lives of Book People by Phaedra Patrick. I have been a fan of the author's since reading The library of lost and found and jumped at the chance to read her latest book. I was not disappointed! Liv Green, wife and Mom of two, works as a cleaner while hoping one day to become a writer. She allows her clients to take advantage of her because she is kind-hearted and doesn't believe in herself. So she can't believe it when she lands a job as a housekeeper to her favourite author and personal hero, bestselling author Essie Starling. Liv and Essie start a friendship when suddenly Essie dies, leaving a strange request for Liv which takes her on a journey that will change her life forever.  This is one of those books that will stay with me for a long time. I loved it!!! As Liv makes her way through her journey, I found myself cheering her on, and getting emotional at the end. I totally recommend this wonderful read!
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A maid and aspiring writer gets tasked with finishing a famous author's twentieth (and final) novel when she suddenly dies unexpectedly. Olivia, 'Liv' has been a long-time fan of Essie Starling but has no idea where to start to finish this last book. Digging into her idol's past uncovers deeply buried secrets and brings her closer to a woman she thought she knew. This was just an okay read for me. I liked it but was hoping to love it and I just couldn't get super invested in the characters/storyline.  Much thanks to NetGally and the publisher for an advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.
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