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This was a page turner filled with history, suspense, and a little romance.  I loved it and what a ride.  
Many thanks to Stonehouse Press and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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1980's treasure hunt good cast of characters with a plot that moves along nicely. Another good read from Warren Adler.
I received this book from the publishers via Netgalley for a review.
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This book is a work of fiction but is heavy with history.  Adler takes you on a treasure hunt to the haunts of Auschwitz.  There is so much racism, sorrow, anger, and duplicity between the characters.  Milton is a pretty unsavory character at the start, but his commitment to seeing his job for Karla through wins you over.  There are so many characters that move this journey along, and it is a vivid mind-trip.  I found my heart hurting a lot toward the end of the book because that time in history was such a brutal one.  But the story is true to history, and takes the racism head-on.  The story is incredible!  It will stick with you long after you put the book down.
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For me this story was ok I gave it 3 stars which for me is a book I think is just ok. Nothing new or exciting really gripped me in this book....I struggled to get through the first half.....and I was not sure I loved the way the different races were portrayed. I enjoyed the second half of the book more was a bit faster paced and the storyline finally seemed to move forward to adventure, mystery and suspense. I wanted to love this book like I did war of roses but just did not get there.....that being said I would still recommend that it be read by friends . 

I received a free advanced copy from NetGalley, all opinions are my own .
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Warren Alder's Heart of Gold is an espionage thriller following a Holocaust mystery. The book itself did not do it for me. The mystery itself wasn't bad, but the novel is filled with stereotypes and to me lazy writing. It's a bit predicable and didn't leave me loving it.
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Heart of Gold is the search for buried treasure from the Holocaust.   Karla is the daughter of an Auschwitz survivor.  Before he dies he tells her of a treasure in gold coins hidden in Poland.  She hires lawyer Milton Gold to help her retrieve the gold.  
This book has an interesting story.  However, it uses every negative stereotype of a group of people.  Some people may consider this offensive.  I believe the story could have been written with out all the negative stereotypes.

Thank you to #netgalley and @WarrenAdler  for a copy of this book.
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Warren Adler’s Heart of Gold is a top-notch crime/espionage/thriller that has a slumlord trickster of a New York lawyer matching wits with thugs and spies and others for ten suitcases of gold hidden away in Communist-controlled Poland in 1980 for forty years. Milton Gold reluctantly agrees to meet with Montana-bred Karla Smith in a New York deli, finding her tale of hidden gold almost too much to believe until he finally becomes convinced something’s up when a group of thugs start trailing her. Even then, he has no idea how he can help get the cold out from behind the Iron Curtain. But, Milton’s schemes and skimming are co,I got to a head and he has little left besides chasing Karla’s impossible pipe dream of finding her father’s hidden cache, estimated in value at $100 million, enough to have more than one spy agency and a band of revolutionaries sniffing around.

What separates this novel from every other one with a horde of treasure seekers matching wits and swords for a secret cache is that Adler has made this more than just another wild adventure. It has at once a story of a treasure hunt and also a story of how much we are prisoners of our pasts, of our legacies, of our heritages. It is furthermore a story about how much we bear the collective guilt or victimhood of our forbears.

Milton and Karla are as different as can be, even to the fact that he is a Jewish deli-going lawyer from New York descended from a Jewish family who had dwelled in the Pale of Settlement at the edge of Poland and Russia and she a Polish girl raised to hate Jews by her Polish-born father who secreted away a fortune while surviving World War Two. Milton doesn’t forgive the scars of the betrayal of his people by their Polish neighbors and centuries of hate before that. But it is their past in a world swept up by Nazi evil after Poland fell to the blitzkreig that haunts them both. Forty years later two people who hadn’t even been born bear the scars and enmity of that time. Moreover, despite the explosive attraction between them, Milton can never fully trust femme fatale Karla, always asking if she is for real or if she is just using him to get at the fabulous loot.

Thus, Adler at once offers us a treasure seeking adventure, a star-crossed romance, and a story of international intrigue. Well done!
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