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Flanagan's Strings

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An Intriguing Puzzle..,
Emily and Josh Flanagan, antiques experts extraordinaire, use their unfailingly precise powers of prowess and determination in a matter quite different to their usual pursuits in this engaging mystery. A local professor of the arts has died. Was he murdered and if so why? The dogged amateur sleuths are determined to get to the bottom of it all. Nicely penned mystery with deftly drawn characters and an intriguing puzzle at heart.
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Flanagan's Strings is a story of love, friendship, crime, corruption, and a history lesson on the Jewish culture. It's written in a very easy-flowing language, with beautiful descriptions of people, music, and places of a very special relationship between a husband and wife. This book provides the reader with a few good hours of relaxation and entertainment!
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A strong plot with interesting characters is made more appealing by a slightly unusual setting.  This is amateur sleuth time and it is great to see them go back to basics in solving the mystery without the trappings of forensics and the like.  I enjoy this author’s writing and this book did not disappoint.
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The Flanagan’s are antique experts, and their expertise is needed when a very valuable violin is damaged at Laklandia, the liberal arts college. However, one of the beloved professors died in the incident. Was it an accident, or a cover up? Josh Flanagan is only hired to determine the value of the damaged violin, but he can’t help but investigate what else may have happened.

I’m rating this story 3 stars. The story did keep me hooked throughout and I finished it rather quickly. However, there was no real exciting ending, and things could have been explained in more detail. This had the potential to be a really interesting story. The flow was off in some parts as well, I found myself wondering a few times if I accidently skipped a page because I felt like things jumped ahead too quickly.

Thank you to NetGalley and Stonehouse Press for the ARC.
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