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Thank you NetGalley for the eARC. I am a huge fan of MC books but this one was different. I didn't like how quickly all was forgiven and forgotten. I did like most of the story but some of it was just too far fetched for me.
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This is the first time that I've read an MC book and I think it was a mistake for me to pick it up. I am not their target market. I found the alphas overbearing... definitely not for me, but that isn't the book's fault.
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Decker's Dilemma is book 1 in the Knights & Dragons MC Series! This is a spin-off from two previous series but it totally can be read as a standalone!

This was a great start to a new series and I some familiar characters showing up! Cara and Rhett have been friends since childhood and always assumed to be destined to be together. Their relationship is a little rocky and it has become more of a comfortable thing vs really wanting to be together. Decker is an ex-cop turned PI who has been hired to find his client's half-sister, Cara. He finds her easily and immediately is drawn to Cara. This gets a little angsty with the love triangle but although Cara really cared and loved Rhett, I felt she forgave him way too fast and let him off for his actions. Decker is a known player but he came through when needed and was there to protect Cara and really fall in love with her. They definitely had some great chemistry on the page.

I would definitely recommend Chantal Fernando's MC books as they all have a unique storyline and she writes some beautiful romance stories!
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Loved it! 
It feel like a while since I’ve been in the wind dragons world even though I just reread Dragons Lair last week  

When I first heard Cara didn’t end up with who I thought she would I can’t lie I was disappointed but the story were explained so beautifully and that disappointment turned into admiration. 
All up incredible excited for more
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Chantal is a can’t miss author for me- she’s the best and her books are amazing. I love her new series- you’ll see some old friends and it made me smile and those scenes- sooooo good!!
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I know I can always count on chantal Fernando for a book that I won’t be able to put down! I loved the start of this new series and I cannot wait for more. 5 stars
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If you are new to the Knights and Dragons world, let me tell you that you won't be lost. This is the first book of that series, but it does bring together two clubs from the previous series and some of the characters from them. There is more than enough background here to have never read any of the other series, though, which, in my opinion, is the best way to start a new series. Good lord, could I say series one more time? This is the story of Decker and Cara, and while I thought she would end up with someone different, I'm glad she ended up with Decker. 

A former cop turned private investigator, Decker's first case leads him to Cara, who is a high school teacher. Of course, she is also the daughter of the former Wind Dragons president. I mean, talk about awkward! She is in a relationship with Rhett, who I thought she would end up with. However, Rhett is more than a bit of a douche. I was actually glad that this relationship ended. My hope is that he is being set up to become a better man down the line. 

You just can't go wrong with a Chantal Fernando book, honestly. I love everything she writes, and this one was just as wonderful as all of the rest. I will say there were a couple of moments that seemed a little forced, but they were easy to overlook. All in all, this was a great read!
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I know a lot of readers who picked up Decker’s Dilemma have read both the Wind Dragon and Knights of Fury series. I’m not one of those readers, although I have read the Knights of Fury series. Even so, I don’t think you have to have read either or both series to start with this book. I do have to admit that I’ll probably go back and check out the Wind Dragons series at some point though. You know, just to be a totally informed reader. 😉

Decker’s Dilemma is a book about a man who isn’t a part of a MC and a woman who’s trying to distance herself from one. Cara is a strong woman who stayed with a man who put her on the back burner longer than she should have. Her relationship with Rhett is a whole other story in itself and like other readers, I felt like she forgave him for the way he treated her way too easily. The difference between Decker and Rhett was night and day and with him she finally got the respect she deserved.

There was little or no down time and a lot of tension coming from different directions. Cara was coming to terms with distancing herself from the MC she grew up in, finding out she had a sister she knew nothing about and facing a danger that she shouldn’t have had to deal with. Through it all, Decker was there to support and protect her – something neither one of them expected.

This was the first book in a new series that was built off of two previous series, so there was definitely a lot going on. There were times that I found the dialog kind of awkward, but not enough to distract… just enough for me to notice. The next book in the series is Rhett Redeemed. I love it when an author takes a character that I didn’t like and turn them into one I can learn to love. To be honest, she has her work cut out for her with Rhett, but I’m willing to see if she’s up to the task. 😉
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Now, bear with me it's been a while since I have been in the Wind Dragon world, so I had completely forgot just who Cara was, the moment I realized just who she is, I was shocked at the turn of events (if you had read the Wind Dragon's you will understand why I said that). Anywho, Decker is a private investigator that is hired to find Cara, he is surprised to find out just how small the world is when he finds out they have friends in common. From that first impression, Decker knew that there was something about Cara, but he is not sure if the timing is right for everything he wants to explore. Is it better to be just friends and then after a time passes become lovers? Or is it better to not let a moment pass them by?

I loved being back in the Wind Dragon world and plan on doing a reread soon. This was the first of the Knights & Dragon Mc series and I am excited to see just what Chantal Fernando has up her sleeve. This has everything you want, hot naughty bits, drama, danger, violence; I give this 5 stars.
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ARC received for review

A series that brings together two MCs, The Knights of Fury and the Wind Dragons. Seth and Cara are meant to be from the beginning even with all the drama surrounding them. Loved seeing all the peeps from the previous MCs. Can't wait to see who falls next.
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The queen of MC is back, there is just something about Chantal Fernando writing that just keeps a hold of you she write pure-gold. This story was so compelling I read it all in one setting the characters had me spellbound! I was obsessively swiping at the Kindle pages, I couldn’t get enough I can’t wait for more this series… 

“5 stars!”
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4 stars

Decker's Dilemma brings together two of Chantal Fernando's favorite MCs and then amps up the sweetness. 

Former cop turned private investigator, didn't expect to fall in love, ever, much less in his same friend circle. But that's exactly what happens when a new client he's him to find her long lost sister! Sparks flew between them and he falls deeper everyday. When she's threatened, he'll pull out all the stops to protect her. 

Cara grew up in the Wind Dragons MC, she knows almost every person there and they're family. Now that she's single again, a new scenery is in order. Soon Cara and friends will be faced with a new threat. Alongside her friends and the MC, Decker assumes the protector role and man oh man, is it hot!

Fantastic start to a new spin off series! Decker and Cara were pretty perfect together and we got to see Felix and the love of their life. Decker was everything you want in an alpha and now!

AnnMarie - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
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I love light MC romance. I was recommended Chantal Fernando a couple of times and when I saw this book on NetGalley I requested an ARC.

Wow! I loved it! I hadn't previously read the other two series, but it was easy to understand what was going on and who was who. Ms. Fernando's writing is easy to follow and it engages you right away.

Decker is a PI who is now in charge of protecting Cara, the club princess who in the past hooked up with a brother from another MC and now is threatening her life. Cara has grown up in the life, is no shy miss, and literally kicks ass. I love how protective yet open was Decker - he make an incredible hero for a feisty heroine. 

I am not interested in reading the other series by the author -!
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Evelyn’s review of Decker’s Dilemma (Knights & Dragons MC, Book 1) by Chantal Fernando
Romantic Suspense published by Carina Press 22 Feb 22

To be honest, I thought this was a paranormal romance based on the name of the Motorcycle Club involved in this book. That is why I started reading it, because PRs are my jam, but it turns out this book is just a good romance book.

I could tell I like Ms. Fernando right away. She is really good at details. I’m a stickler for background info. I need to see the whole story, and this author fills that in well. It’s a slow buildup and it took me a little while to truly invest, but once I did, the book was hard to put down. The characters the story wraps around are Decker and Cara. The supporting characters give a little more insight to the two of them and their personalities by association.

Decker is an ex-cop turned private investigator. His story starts with an explanation as to why he left the PD to become a PI. Then his first case leads him to Cara.

Cara is a high school teacher and daughter of an ex-president of their local motorcycle club (or MC). She grew up in the biker gang lifestyle but chose a different path for herself. Her story starts in a sad relationship with Rhett, a man who is soon to be president of the MC she grew up in. Unlike her father, who put his family first, Rhett puts the MC first, along with open infidelity. The end of that relationship is a long time coming, and right before it ends, cue the hot ex-cop Decker.

Cara and Decker get to know each other through a series of events that include Cara as the center of attention of a rival gang. She is their target because of the ex-boyfriend, and the funny part is the ex doesn’t want to let her go, but his actions drive her straight into Decker’s arms. Their relationship is fire from the gate while they navigate obstacle after obstacle. They are cute, awkward, and sweet. This one is definitely worth the read.

There are some moments in the book that seem a little corny, you know the moments that seem a little unbelievable or forced, which is a pet peeve of mine, but it did not deter from the story line. I still enjoyed the book and the ensuing romance within. If you’re into heroines who can take care of themselves and heroes who want to worship them, then this is your book.

Grade: B
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Oh I loved the blend of the two MC worlds that Fernando has created for us in the past. Seeing Cara in her own story was everything as well. And pairing her with Decker leads to a whole new level of insanity. There are a lot of twisty moments and lots of sizzling ones that will keep you fully engaged from start to finish! This is a wild ride worth taking!
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Story: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Trope: Protector
Angst: 😱😱😱
Smexy: 🔥🔥🔥

Decker's Dilemma is the first book in a new spin off series by Chantel Fernando of both her Knights of Fury MC and Wind Dragons MC series. I've read one of her books before, but that was it and I had no problem following along.

What a fantastic start to the series! This book was a little more angst/other man drama than I typically like to read, but Chantel did a great job and I really enjoyed it! The book was well written, the storyline interesting, and the characters likable and relatable. I liked how the women are all bad @ss and their men are not intimidated by that. They're still alpha, yet support their women in their endeavors.
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I have conflicted emotions on many things. This is definitely more angstier than some of Chantals books but it typical mc fashion, it does have a way of making things right again.

For a first is the series Cara and Deckers story definitely sets the foundation ready to build for here.

I enjoyed Cara and Decker together. I feel like they had great chemistry and neither actually needed the other which created a nice balance. Cara is a badass I'm her own right and a woman who can and will look after herself. Decker is the typical hot alpha with a side on genuinely sweet just for Cara.

Their journey is unpredictable and most definitely rocky but I really did love them for eachother. Their story had all the feels keeping me on the edge of my seat waiting, wondering what was coming next and it surprised me more than a few times.

I didn't like Rhett.
That situation peeved me in a way that left a bad taste because honestly he should of suffered more. I'm not normally one for wanting the angst but in this case he needed to do more sucking up.

As a whole it was a great start to the series.
I love the combining of the two MC's and what that holds for the future. I adore the strong female leads and the sexy men who aren't afraid of powerful women. The chemistry between the characters, the relatable qualities in the characters. It all felt right. And it has great potential which is exciting for me.

Now the wait for what's next
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Decker's Dilemma by Chantel Fernando 5 stars  
Decker & Cara 

He'd changed jobs from a cop to a PI. He still wanted to take down the bad guys but with fewer rules and regulations.  Working for a friend offered flexibility and allowed him to associate with his MC friends..  He had no idea where his next seemingly simple job would lead.  Finding a possible sister for the client was easy enough.  Resisting the client wasn't.

She was a school teacher and MC Princess.  The MC was not the same as Decker's friends but a threat to her would bring them together or would it?

A cheating ex broke her heart.  When she and Decker were drawn to each other would the timing ruin any chance for them?

Danger, steam, loyalty, and so much more.  I enjoyed it as I do all of the author's books and recommend it to MC and just good story fans.
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Still reeling from Samantha Wilde’s Unchained, I dove into the first of the knights & Dragons MC series.

Much to my surprise, I already knew part of the characters from the Fast & Fury series. Seth Decker is Nadia’s (from Custom Love) new partner in her private investigation firm.

We already met Decker there, when he was still working in the police force as Felix’ partner.

In this story, he has just started working with Nadia and is working on a case of finding a missing half sister. This turns out to be Cara, Felix’ wife (Clover)’s BFF. What seemed to be a very straight forward case, turns into a few complications when Decker feels attracted to Cara.

Cara’s life has been turned upside down: first she finds her boyfriend with his tongue down someone else’s throat. Then she is followed by a sexy guy, Having grown up as a daughter of the Dragon wind MC members, Cara has always been taught to be careful and independent. So, after she pulled a gun on the sexy guy, he tells her he is a PI, working for her half sister.

Suspicious of this unknown sibling, Cara decides to hire sexy PI Decker to find out why this half sister is looking for her all of a sudden. Decker feels conflicted: not only did he complete his first case, Cara has now hired him to look into con, her half sister. But he also feels attracted to her. Knowing that Cara has just broken up with her high school boyfriend (who is going to be the next wind Dragons MC President), he doesn’t want to be just her rebound. So he tries to keep his distance.

But when Cara’s connections to her ex may threaten her life, Decker can’t keep away. And he will do anything to keep her safe. Full of suspense, romance and sparks flying.

A wonderful start of a new series. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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I really enjoyed this one. Cara was a strong character and I was happy she stood up for herself. This wasn’t as gritty as some of this authors books but there was enough action to keep me happy and I loved her HEA with Decker. Looking forward to more stories in this series.
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