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The Landscape Painter's Workbook

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Incredibly detailed and thorough with plentiful examples. More appropriate for experienced artists. Certainly above my own beginner level, but a lovely reference nonetheless. 

Thank you to NetGalley & the publisher for providing an eARC for review.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Publisher for providing the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
First of all I would like to start with saying this book is for advanced artists.  The book is a wealth of information on techniques packed with exercises.  Mitchell Albala teaches a variety of styles from a variety of artists including beautiful landscapes from accomplished artists to his own accomplishments.
I would suggest this book for intermediate to advanced level artists to perfect their techniques and nuances.
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This really is an excellent book for any artist, let alone a landscape painter. I very rarely paint landscapes as I am overwhelmed with the subject matter, but right at the beginning of this book there is a sentence which states 
"One of the recurring themes throughout this book is that landscape painting is an interpretation."   
How very sensible and straight to the point and liberating. 
Some of the chapters that  are included are Shape interpretation, The picture window format, Composition in action, color,  Noton and composition study,  color precepts  color paradoxes, complete col0r strategy. color grouping and much more. 
All is written in easy to understand language and well illustrated, I really think I may have a go at a landscape in the near future.
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A very informative book filled with various techniques for the reader to apply to their own work. I struggled a little, but that is due to me being an amateur artist, and this book feels more suited to a more advance audience. However, I feel this book will help me produce better art.
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The cover of this beautiful painter’s workbook is what drew me in to read it. The author has created a very readable guide to improving landscape paintings. Probably more suitable for intermediate and more advanced artists, the book is full of ideas. I like that there are questions throughout to make you think about your technique in more detail. There are plenty of inspiring examples of paintings too, by forty five contemporary landscape artists,  in a variety of mediums. A very useful resource for any artist. Thank you to Mitchell Albala, Net Galley and Rockport Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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5/5    Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

I love this book full of detailed descriptions and gorgeous pictures.  Very inspiring!  Makes me want to pull out my paints and brushes and give it a go, (even though I have less than zero talent).  

This is not just a beautiful book.  It has very practical exercises to guide any budding artist through different techniques on how to approach landscape art including shapes, focus, composition, balance of light and dark areas, and many different techniques on colour use.  

This is certainly a book that many artists will want to have on their shelf to refer to often.
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I really liked this one! :-D  Great information, solid instruction, and lots of beautiful artwork to help bring home the author's points.  This is like reading James Gurney's blog in book form but all on landscape painting.  The focus is primarily on acrylic paint, but watercolor and pastel art are briefly mentioned also.  However I think all of the information here could be applied to other mediums as well.  

This is a notch art book, I was glad to read this one from Netgalley.
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What an excellent resource! This book is packed with advice, exercises and example paintings of everything Albala teaches in a variety of styles from a variety of artists. This is not a beginner's book, but beginners may be inspired by some of the advice. Very helpful.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for review.
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Mitchell Albala has had years of experience in conducting workshops on landscape painting and it shows in this book. The difference from other books on the same topics include the exercises and what questions artists are to ask themselves as they paint.

I feel that this would be suitable for intermediate to advanced painters. I love the many gorgeous paintings that are used as examples, some executed by Mr Albala himself and also some by other obviously accomplished artists. What a joy just to leaf through the pages!

The author's first book has been a bestseller for many, many years and I won't be surprised if this one becomes a hit as well.
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I enjoyed this book. It’s shock full of theory about landscape painting, and I learned a lot of new techniques and strategies that I’ll try to implement in my art going forward. I would say that this is not really a book for beginners. At least for me, I think I would have been very intimidated and overwhelmed if this has been my first introduction to landscape painting. Still overall an amazing book and for sure a great addition to your art book collection.
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Wonderful. It has lots of information. It is a collective book with all techniques for improving painting landscapes.  Each chapter is dedicated to a topic to keep in mind and provides good explanation with reference paintings. Beginners can understand how masters think. It has good exercises with steps for understanding and practicing the topic discussed. A must have for a true landscape artist irrespective of the medium. But may be complicated for true beginners.
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The Landscape Painter's Workbook is a technique book aimed at the intermediate to more advanced artist.  It is full of illustrated studies and exercises on a variety of more in depth techniques such as establishing a composition and applying colour strategies.  It encourages you to study underlying shapes and patterns of a composition and its overall format.  A really interesting and useful guide brimming with information that will help you produce better pictures.
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The Landscape Painter’s Workbook is jam packed with techniques, theory, master studies and exercises. I’d place this into the advance category. Beginners without any knowledge or background will have a hard time and I wouldn’t recommend it for them. I especially loved the focus on reductionism and I learned a lot about notans and how to improve my compositions.
I can highly recommend this for advanced artists!

Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Wow! If I could give this book more than five stars I would. The author Mitchell Albala has succeeded in explaining in great detail, and illustrating, through wonderful examples and exercises what is a very complex subject. This is a fabulous, almost encyclopaedic book, for landscape artists of all skill levels. Highly recommended and it is now on my wish list. I’m sure it will become a coffee table favourite as well.
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