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This book was a fun read as I have grown to expect from Lily/Sandhya Menon. The characters were adorable and lovable. The plot was expected, but in the way that all HEA’s are. Definitely a fun read to just enjoy.
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read time: March 08 - March 09 2022

i am not embarrassed to say that i shed a tear at the ending :’) this is like an excellent contemporary romance for me! it’s super light, swoony and made me giggle a lot!! on top of that, it’s a stem romance?! like if you love the love hypothesis you’re gonna like this too!! except this one is a couple of besties, goin on a fake date (research purposes) not to impress anybody, but to learn from each other. they suck at dating apparently especially Lyric (awesome name i know) hahahaha omg you wouldn’t believe how she behaved during her dates she’s so awkward and weird 😆 she tends to talk like a geek around hot guys who’re clearly attracted to her, and there she goes, talking about ducks’ penis to the recent guy (Benedict Cumberbatch’s clone). she messed up big time y’all. now as for my (idk how many) husband, Kian Montgomery, a well-known hottie, soon-to-be doctor, he’s awesome in dating. but the spark wasn’t there anymore. he thought he’s getting bored of dating the same type of women so the besties paired up to find out what’s wrong with them. until.. the fake dating stuff went… completely opposite of what they have intended. there u go, a nice and light contemporary romance. honestly i don’t get why the rating is pretty low, i think it’s awesome. well who am i to say maybe i’ve only read a few romance books, but anyway this book is everything i need to get out of my reading slump! it’s witty, swoony, and cute! 

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Graduate students Lyric and Kian have been best friends for years. They have helped each other navigate undergrad, grad school, and the crazy world of relationships. With less than a year before they head out to the real world, the best friends decide to research Lyric's thesis--the Sizzle Paradox. As they fake date and Kian tries to help Lyric figure out how to "do dating," they grow closer and closer until they need to decide if they want to fizzle out or let things sizzle.

This book was marketed to a similar crowd as The Love Hypothesis, though to me they were drastically different. This novel builds the friendship and sexual tension between the main characters in a completely separate way. While I enjoyed experiencing Lyric and Kian figure out how to get over their neuroses, I did wish for a bit of a curveball thrown into the plot as I never actually believed they would not end up together.
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This was a cute friends to lovers story with a sweet HEA. It was a quick and easy read, but I did struggle with parts of it. The majority of this story exists because of miscommunication/lack of communication between the MCs and it’s absolutely INFURIATING-if they just TALKED to each other everything could’ve been solved without the obnoxious run around. I usually don’t mind the miscommunication trope, but for some reason this one seemed unavoidable and just got under my skin. I wanted to like Lyric, I really did, but I felt like she just kept making stupid decisions and avoiding her problems.
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The Sizzle Paradox is the perfect little read for fans of academia romance.

Lyric Bishop is a scientist studying sexual chemistry, but she feels like a fraud because she has little *real-life* experience to back up her work. So she asks Kian Montgomery, who just so happens to be her best friend and roommate, to help her find a good match. After all, Kian is very successful in his personal dating life, so this should work, right?

This was basically The Love Hypothesis meets The Hating Game, only they weren't enemies - they're actually best friends. But don't get me wrong: it had all the sexual undertones. I love the classic "let's-have-sex-once-to-get-it-over-with" because it sets up a whole lot of tension, and Menon executes that plot perfectly here. Plus, we also get a sex dream that sets Lyric up for a whole bunch of awkwardness. It was amazing!

The plot moves along quite nicely and kept me entertained with being over the top. But really: it's the tension between the characters that made me stay. I can't overemphasize how well Menon does these two MCs! Plus, the dual point of view gives us a great glimpse into both of their minds, which is helpful since they aren't always the best at communicating. 

If you're looking for a good read that feels real but is still sweet and well-paced, you should definitely give The Sizzle Paradox a read.

*I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
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Lyric and Kian are perfect for each other, and everyone can see it but them. After seven years of friendship, Kian offers to help the always unlucky in love Lyric learn the secrets of romance, but their very real feelings get in the way. This book was a joyous and tropey romp of a love story, and is destined to be the perfect summer read. If you like fake dating, friends to lovers, and a sprinkle of angst--this is the book for you! ]Thanks to netgalley for the ARC!
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I mainly picked this up for the book cover but god DANG this was such a fun ride! It was great curling up in my bed while doing online school and just getting sucked into the characters’ world and their relationships 

I do wish the author’s writing wasn’t so overly...mediocre? I can’t quite explain it but the way she writes dialogue and internal thoughts just don’t make me believe that the writing is as polished and professional as it should be.
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It was a nice book, but not as great as the author’s other books. The relationship between the two main characters evolved somewhat predictably,  so nothing too stand-out about this book. But it is a nice fun read.
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Lyric and Kian are best friends and nothing more. Studying sexual chemistry requires Lyric to rely on her best friend to help her crack the Sizzle Paradox, and Kian is just the man to help her. Kian begins to tutor Lyric on how to date and find a good match and Lyric is happy thinking this will solve all her problems. Until they both start to realize that maybe this test is proving to be more than both of them bargained for. Maybe the Sizzle Paradox is telling them something that they have known all along and maybe, these two best friends are actually something more.

This was a REALLY slow burn for me. I was just dying and waiting for these two to finally get together and felt like we waited a long time for it. There was also too much focus on the science part for me and not enough on the relationships. I wanted to see it through because I KNEW what would happen and was so happy when it finally did. It just took a little bit for me to get there.
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This was a really cute and quick read. The storyline is your classic friends to lovers with a bunch of miscommunication and some spice mixed in.  The story highlights how sometimes we can be really smart but miss the things right in front of us. 

Lyric is a doctoral student working on her thesis in sexual chemistry (on her theory of the sizzle paradox) but is struggling to finish.  She wants to find a serious relationship to better help her interpret her data but Lyric is a hot mess around guys she finds attractive.  Kian, her best friend, roommate and fellow grad student, offers to help by being her dating coach.  Can their friendship survive testing the sizzle paradox?!

Overall this was an enjoyable read. I wish the characters had a little less miscommunication but nonetheless we get a very sweet HEA.

This was a 3.5/5 star and a 2.5/5 for spice read for me.

Thank you to NetGalley and the author for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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While I liked the premise of this book, the relationship fell a bit flat for me. I just didn’t quite buy this shift from friends to lovers. It seemed a bit stilted, and then the final resolution felt a bit rushed. It was only ok for me.
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I was drawn by this cover and excited to dive in. In practice, though, I struggled with the writing style, as the story or chemistry felt forced and unrealistic. In the end I did not finish the book. Thank you for the arc in exchange for an honest review.
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We have a friends to lovers trope here people! It was definitely a sweet story that I enjoyed. I didn't want to go anywhere until I finished certain parts of this book for sure. I would rec. this book for friends and a book club
I gave it 3.5 stars
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What a wonderful story! I love friends to lovers so much, and this really blew me away. The academic setting reminded me a lot of "The Love Hypothesis" in that way. I would really recommend this book.
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The Sizzle Paradox by Lily Menon was great! After reading Make Up Break Up by this author, I knew I would love the Sizzle Paradox and I actually liked it more! The writing captures you from start to finish. The characters are smart, cute, and funny. Highly recommend!
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This book was SO CUTE! I loved the relationship and the friends to lovers trope is one of my faves! The way it was written was so well done. I felt the tension and it really made me wanna speed through reading this book so I could get to the HEA. 

I also really enjoyed the various rep (gay, bi, multi-racial, and even Jewish). It didn’t feel forced. It felt natural to the story and the setting (grad schools tend to be a hodgepodge of everyone you can imagine!)
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not my favorite friends-to-lovers, but good. you could tell lyric and kian had a strong base to build upon. i didn’t care for lyric’s whole research roadblock, though. the tutoring was a little disappointing; i’m used to fake dating being played up a bit more and i think i prefer that.

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If you enjoyed the representation of STEM and academia from The Love Hypothesis, I do recommend this book. But at the same time, this book fell flat. I wanted more reference to science, more development of the relationship, overall just more! The writing was quick and witty but lots lacking in the actual plot of the story.
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I wish I could say that I liked this book more than I did. The blurb had me super excited for it but I found it lacking in a lot of different ways. It felt like every other page we had to be reminded that the main and supporting characters were doc students. It was a little excessive. Then they were constantly talking about not having money and needing to live off ramen at points but they were able to pick up randomly (without saving) for a trip to London. Credit cards or not, that’s still a big expense and wasn’t even thought over really.

Lyric was all about science and firm in that (she constantly talked about it) but then was crazy into her crystals—I’m not knocking it by any means, it just didn’t make sense. Her personality was all over the place and she was so wish washy about things (her major, what????). 

I also felt that there was no connection between Lyric and Kian. It felt forced, especially in the beginning. And the issues with the sizzle paradox were just amusing to me to the point of absurd. 

Either way, the book itself wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t for me. I’m sure other would really enjoy it, which is why I didn’t rate it lower.

ARC received from NetGalley and the author for an honest review.
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Lily Menon does it again! I absolutely adored this book! It was so much fun to read and I found myself smiling the entire time! The characters have so much chemistry and honestly, I couldn't put it down! I can't recommend this book enough!
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