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i dont even know what to say the love story is so good .I think i also learnt that love takes time and we have to fight for those we love and its going to be hard .The way  he  loved hear and the way she loved him back despite all her problems at home .It also taught me that when it comes to your dream you never have to give up  even though those around you discourage and mock you.It taught me always  be true to yourself believe you can make it despite the challenges life offers or throws at you .Definitely love this book !! personal favourite
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5-Star. Well written, excellent story line, characters interesting. Must-read for book lovers who likes to follow main characters beyond the first book. Highly recommend, suspenseful , hard to put down once start reading.
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Sorry, I stopped reading this at 25% because I couldn't get into the story at all. The setting doesn't feel genuine and the characters all have such a strange way of speaking that I couldn't believe they were Londoners. I think the book needs more depth and a lot less angst.
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This story was based in Indian culture mainly and I have to say that the author gave the exact description of that culture. As I am also an Indian, I know the restrictions here. We definitely are not allowed to take any decisions on our own. And it's also true that there is many of us who still want boys over a girls. But yes, that doesn't mean that everyone is same. In this situation, I want to quote author's line, " I don't want to be judging anyone because I know there are many who would be different." 
 Coming to the writing section, I just love the structure of writing where you can see both of their lives in one book. But here, the author not only covered the two main characters, but he also covered two side characters as well. Also their thoughts seem so realistic to me that I literally growled when Abbie tried to take revenge on Ishaani. I mean it is rare for me. Even Ishaani seems annoying at some point where she refuses to take any decision for herself and stand against her family to live her dream. But then I get it what is stopping her. The responsibilities for her family. The characters were too amazing. Everyone seems like so real to me. 
 I was totally lost in the story that I had to take a night off of sleeping to complete the story. The book is kind of addictive to me. It was so amazing. I want to suggest everyone that don't hesitate to read this book. Read it so that you can get a chance to see a struggling life of an Indian female football coach and a sweet romantic life of them. So read it so you don't miss that. 

P.S: All Indians are not same. As you know that there is always a difference between every people in the society. So don't take it otherwise.
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