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Thanks to #netgalley, Riverdale Books and Marc Shapiro for sending this ebook for review.
Through extensive research and archives, Marc Shapiro has definitely given us a look into the lives and loves of the Beatles. To see beyond the famous names of the Beatles, and turning the attention of their wives. Included are nine chapters, each one devoted toone of the wives of one of the Beatles. Cynthia Lennon, Maureen Starkey, Patti Boyd Harrison/Clapton, Linda Eastman McCartney, Barbara Bach, Yoko Ono,Olivia Harrison, Heather Mills McCartney andNancy Shevell McCartney share their lives and time as a Beatles wife, the info mostly culled from previous inteviews and articles that have been published, but never before culled to give us a story of all of them in one book. Patti Boyd is still my favorite Beatles wife, and the only survivng first generation Beatles wife. 
This was a fun, and personable read, a nice look into the ways these women romanced, and also, possibly, influence thier husbands legacy.
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A good quick read.  Somehow I missed the heyday of Beatlemania - but was always aware of them and their lives as told in pop culture.  It was nice to read about the women behind the men.  It renewed some information, corrected some misconceptions and was very entertaining.

Thank you for this ARC.
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My thanks to Marc Shapiro, River Avondale books and Netgalley.

I am a Beatles fan, thanks to the constancy in my life of their music from my parents. Hard days night being my mum and dads ‘growing up album’. 

The book reads likes 9 bios. That worked for me given the subject matter. It made it a lighter and easier read. I didn’t read it in order, I skipped to my ‘favourite wives!!’ The bonus in the book is that it is not just Beatles wives, but also some facts about the Beatles lives during that time. 

Thoroughly enjoyed the book.
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There wasn’t any new information in this that I hadn’t read or seen before. As a huge fan of the Beatles, I was shocked that I didn’t like this as much as I hoped. And the editing needs some work.
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This book read like 9 short distinct biographies. Although, I sometimes wondered if the numerous quotes were factual, I did learn a few things about the Beatle wives. I was looking for a short book and it felt like reading a rock n’ roll magazine so it met my needs.

Thank you to Netgalley and the producers for granting me an e-arc in exchange for my honest opinion.
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**I purchased this book after not receiving a NetGalley request response for weeks. The request was approved over a month after I purchased and read the book. The below review is my review for the book I paid for on May 17th, 2022**

I requested this book from NetGalley, but I never received a response, so I went ahead and purchased it on Amazon. I paid $10.62 for the Kindle version, and it is RIDDLED with punctuation and grammatical errors. If this were an ARC, I wouldn't comment on such errors because I would assume they would be taken care of before publishing, but that is not the case. I paid ACTUAL MONEY for a book that reads like it was written by an 8th grader, and that pisses me off.

Crappy editing aside, the book itself is just ok. There's nothing new here about the nine wives of the Beatles. The majority of this book is made up of quotes taken from various websites, magazines, and television interviews. The author simply compiled quotes and interviews in the order they happened for each wife, then padded the rest of their chapters with their background and some speculative information.

If you don't know anything at all about the Beatles or their wives, then this may be interesting for you. I'm certainly no Beatle expert, but even I found this to be lacking any substance, and I really am disgusted that this has been published with so many errors. Words missing in a sentence...the wrong word used in a sentence...missing commas, periods, and quotation marks. It's bad. If this book DID have an editor, they should be fired because they're terrible at their job.

My recommendation? If you really want to read this, do NOT purchase it. Request it from the library or borrow it from a friend, because this is not worth your money.
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Do not waste your time or money on this copy-and-paste job. It's nothing more than information taken from other people's articles and blog posts. I'd be ashamed to say I'd "written" this.
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Thank you to Riverdale Avenue books and to NetGalley for an ARC of this book.

I am a big Beatles fan, so when I saw this book I knew I should request it.  

This book was just ok at best.  There really wasn't any new information in the book, or information that hasn't been told previously.  It was nice to have it all compiled in one book though I guess.  I would recommend this book, if you were just starting to like the Beatles and wanted additional information about their personal lives.  I guess it was nice to have all the information compiled in this book though.
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As Marc Shapiro notes, there are plentiful books about the 4 members of the Beatles and their lives (including a couple authored by Shapiro himself), but very few talk about the women that married these four men.  In this short but well put together book, Shapiro focuses on each wife in chronological order and devotes each section to who the woman was as a person as well as how they cope/coped with the insane lives lead by the band.  Shapiro lets us into the lives of these women, often using their own words culled from autobiographies, articles and interviews and gives them a voice to explain their love of these men, the difficulties of their relationships and how they handled being thrust into the spotlight.  I really enjoyed this book and is a great supplement to all of the other books written about the Beatles, both for fans of the group and those casually interested in the group.  Thanks to NetGalley and Riverdale Avenue Books for the free ebook.
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I was really excited to read a story about the wives of the Beatles group! However, there wasn’t any new information that I had already read about from news articles and blogs. Thus, I recommend this for fans of the Beatles, but a disappointing book about the women behind the famous men.
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Beatle Wives by Marc Shapiro is a light read but one that fills a void. Well-written and mostly even-handed, this will entertain and either fill a few information gaps or bring back things you'd forgotten.

First, I know there is a temptation, especially for those of us who grew up on The Beatles, to run out all of our Beatle credentials. When we first heard them, which of them we may have met, how many of the volumes of books, good and bad, we've read. Fine, yes, I qualify on all counts as a big fan, enough said, who cares. 

This book is less about being full of startling new information (did anyone reasonably expect that?) than it is about bringing together all of the little quotes from various sources, almost exclusively as footnotes to the stories about the band, into one (or several) coherent narratives. Shapiro succeeds quite well at this. Many of us have probably heard or read most of the separate pieces of info. But most of us couldn't have given useful biographical sketches of most of the women. Thus the void this book fills, they are front and center even in the sections that highlight what one of the band members did.

I enjoyed learning and/or being reminded of things and looking back at those years from a different perspective. I was particularly interested in learning what some of these women did once they managed to escape the craziness of Beatlemania, well, to the extent an ex-wife of a Beatle can escape it.

I would recommend this to Beatle fans who are more interested in reading about the wives and less concerned with posturing as Beatle know-it-alls. I would think that for those who only know the group from their music as oldies that this would be an interesting glimpse behind the scenes (so to speak) of what superstardom was before the advent of social media. The things that could be kept secret and the news that spread considerably slower.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.
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I was looking forward to reading this book but after reading it I'm feeling a bit let down. I was hoping for new or interesting information about all of the wives. That didn't happen. Instead it was a rehashing of the relationships that honestly you can look up online. Some of these relationships were sad, at times nasty and again sad. Overall, I ended up feeling sorry for some of the wives, they deserved better treatment, love and commitment. 
I received this ARC from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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I enjoyed most of the chapters, however I found I already knew a lot of these stories already. I found the writing easy to follow and enjoyed the concise writing style. However, I expected newer, fresher perspectives and sources. Overall, an easy and interesting read.
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As a lifelong Beatles fan I was looking forward to reading this book. Unfortunately, it was extremely disappointing. Completely culled from previously released material, this was mildly entertaining, minimally informative, and very gossipy. The author seemed more interested in the women’s love lives and when they lost their virginity than any substantive look at their lives overall.  Better suited to. a People Magazine or Hello article than a serious book. Not recommended 

Thanks to NetGalley and Riverdale Avenue Books for an advanced reader copy.
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I thought this was an insightful look at the Beatles inside relationships and the turmoil that fame caused.  It was very raw and not glossed over to protect reputations of the Fab Four.  I really liked it.
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Let's see... The Beatles reached their peak as a working band almost 55 years ago and still we can't seem to get enough of them.  I wonder how many new Beatles-related books are still published each year.  They broke up as a band well over 50 years ago, never had a reunion tour, two of the members have passed away ... what more can we write and publish about them?

Answer: Who cares ... just keep 'em coming!

Author Marc Shapiro digs deep to come up with a new twist on Beatlebilia - let's look at their wives.  

Why didn't anyone think of this before? A spouse has considerable influence on an artist (or at least often can), as evidenced by so much hatred by many Beatle fans for Yoko Ono and the sometimes tepid reactions to Linda McCartney.

The book isn't really written so much as it is pieced together. Shapiro has researched old interviews, and visited a good number of Beatles-specialty websites to gather a clear snapshot of the former and current Beatle wives. Because of this, it's little more than window dressing. But for those of us not really willing to put in the time to do even this much research this is a nice, quick look at these women who are generally (not always) famous for whom they were married to, rather than for who they themselves are.

I'm not a super-knowledgeable Beatle fan but having read a lot of the books about them, I feel I have a better than average understanding of the lads so it was nice to learn a few new things through Shapiro's work.

While I know this is specific to the wives, I wish Shapiro had found a way to include more information about Paul McCartney's long-time partner Jane Asher.

Looking for a good book? Beatle Wives by Marc Shapiro is a quick look at the various former and current Beatle wives - a work of piecing together of available information. Consider it a Polaroid™ snapshot of these women, rather than fresh, in-depth essays, but it's still a valuable (for Beatles fans) addition to a Beatles library.

I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.
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There's countless of books on The Beatles and their individual careers after the band broke up, but what's to say about the women they wrote these song's about?

As a massive Beatles fan, most of the info in this book about Cyn, Linda, Maureen, Yoko and Pattie wasn't new to me, but I did appreciate learning about the women from the band members later years. I know the books called "Beatle Wives," but I don't think you can talk about the women who meant so much to these mens and not mention May Pang or Jane Asher. 

For the most part, I enjoyed this book, but I do wish there were more solidified sources. 

Thank you to Riverdale Books, Marc Shapiro and NetGalley for the ARC!
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Marc Shapiro, Beatle Wives The Women the Men We Loved Fell in Love With, Riverdale Avenue Books 2021

Thank you, NetGalley, for providing me with this uncorrected proof in exchange for a review. 

Marc Shapiro has been effective in providing more of the stories of the women who became part of the Beatles’ lives, as wives, lovers and supporters. Although the Beatles’ contribution is quite an important part of the material, they do not take over. Shapiro has been effective in giving the women a voice. Their voices are heard through others’ interviews with the women and reports, rather than first-hand through Shapiro. However, despite the shortcomings of this method – personal interviews (where possible) would surely provide a livelier text based on Shapiro’s own questions, responses and follow up research – this is a useful collection of information about women whose lives were impacted by their relationships with the famous men whose music and lyrics were such an important part of the music world. 

The book is chronological, so the young Beatles and their young wives personalise the extraordinary world into which four young men from Liverpool and Cynthia Lennon, Maureen Sharkey and Patti Boyd/Harrison/Clapton were swept into lives they could only have imagined. Although Linda Eastman/McCartney is part of this early period, her role was somewhat different from the other three wives. They were young, with little formal education and few career aspirations of their own.

Linda Eastman was an older early wife, had a career, and the marriage lasted until her death. Her experiences provide another aspect of the impact of marriage within this group impacted on a wife. Second wives, Barbara Bach/ Starkey, Yoko ono and Olivia Arias/Harrison, and later, Heather Mills/McCartney then Nancy Shevell/McCartney also had careers, were older, and, in some cases were dealing with the drug and alcohol problems of their husbands as the Beatles as a group disintegrated and the men began their independent lives. 

Whether experienced, older, focussed on lives other than those that were the focus of the young wives’ lives, all the women had to deal with fans, and the requirement that they put themselves second to their roles in their husband’s careers.  The impact of this on even their marriage ceremonies makes instructive reading. The women’s lives under public scrutiny, and the attendant criticisms and cruelty to some through the press comes to life through their stories. 

The wives’ and Beatles’ shortcomings that are raised in graphic detail in the book are not necessarily peculiar to them, but the publicity attendant on being a Beatle or the wife of a Beatle make them even more prominent. At the same time, the dedication and support provided by some of the wives is also described – possibly receiving less publicity than Shapiro has provided. Shapiro has dealt with the material he has accumulated with a sensitive short chapter at the end of the book, where he is keen to give the wives their due. 

The sources used in discussing each wife are listed and are noted where relevant throughout the text. 
I would prefer the more engaging material that I believe would be obtainable through more personal observations and analysis by Shapiro where possible, rather than complete reliance on other interviewees’ source material. However, this is just an observation and Shapiro has certainly produced and informative book with a commendable purpose.
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My feelings about this book are kind of scattered. Reading it was an opportunity to learn more about the women in the lives of The Beatles. I don't know of another book that is limited to the wives of the Fab Four. What I found though, is that the reader could not have known what kind of women married each Beatle unless you knew each Beatle, so the book was almost as intent on showing us those four men as it was the women they married. 

Almost to a woman, they seemed much more accepting of their husbands' roving eyes than women today would be. It must have been cultural or a sign of those times. None of the members of The Beatles seemed able or willing to resist the temptations of groupies or, indeed, wives of other musicians, while married to their long-suffering wives.

All that aside, we learn about each of these women in fairly complete detail, at least as completely as we can. In the end, these women gave up as much information as they saw fit. The rest of what we read here is gleaned from second parties, interviews and books. If you're interested in the wives of The Beatles, their relationships with their husbands and the husbands themselves, this is a pretty good book to read. 

Unfortunately, the book could have used an author and an editor who are familiar with the definitions of a few simple English words. I don't usually include these kinds of things in a review, but it became a distraction.
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Great topic.  Well organized chapter and prose.  The downfall lies in just how the sources were incorporated. This downgrades the readability of the book for me.
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